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Are Air Purifiers Worth the Money

Posted by admin on February 7, 2011 in Air Purification with No Comments

For more and more people the answer is “Yes”. With research showing that most people spend 90% of their time indoors, about 60% of that time at home, and with agencies like the World Health Organization giving figures like 2.7% of the entire global burden of disease is caused by exposure to indoor air pollutants, it is easy to see why the answer is “Yes”. Some estimates are that allergens with adverse effects on indoor air quality such as pets, house dust mites, and perennial (year-long) allergens can be 10-to-100-fold higher indoors than outside.

If you do not own an air purifier, there is a good chance that you will own one in the future. Just as people want and are willing to pay for cleaner water, air purifiers are becoming more popular as people are becoming more aware of how important making indoor air cleaner is for their overall health.

Air purifiers may seem expensive at first glance but, after people look closer and do a breakdown of cost versus benefit over time, they start looking like a very good investment, an investment in quality of life and enhancement of health for themselves and their family. People are often shocked by the amount of bad particles they breathe in every day. Pet hair, smoke pollutants, allergens people bring in with them on their skin, smoke from cars, dirt from the outdoors, and other bad things can all be dragged into a room with a person. Just having some peace of mind that you do not have to breathe all those disgusting particles makes an air purifier a great investment for many people.

Another factor to take into consideration when buying an air purifier is one that requires a filter versus one that does not. A high quality air purifier that uses a filter will last for many years so replacement cost for the filters must be added to the cost. Also ask yourself the question, “will I change the filter as often as it needs to be changed”? We are all full of good intentions but even the best air purifier that requires a filter is only going to be as good as how clean its filter is, so if the filter is not changed as needed it could possibly compound the problem making the air even worse.

Not only does an ionic purifier help clear-up and make your air healthier, it has an extra bonus feature; for many people it has the ability to lessen overall stress, headaches, and reduce the effects of insomnia. It can, in a very natural way, enhance a person’s mood. When people understand all of the benefits of an ionic air purifier, it becomes something they just cannot say “No” to and they begin to believe the purchase of one becomes quite a bargain.

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