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Air Purifier: How About Just Some Air Please!

Posted by admin on March 21, 2011 in Air Purification with No Comments

Several years ago I had a cold that progressed into walking pneumonia. The usual scenario. Got an x-ray, which lead to a diagnosis, then the usual antibiotic and voila…no more pneumonia! Unfortunately, I became asthmatic. I never had “go to the hospital” asthma, but it was bad enough that I had to make sure I had an inhaler with me whenever I left the house. At home, I could always breathe easy because I purchased an Alpine Air Purifier; no surprise there, as that relates significantly to my profession. My asthma lingered for several years. Doctors would not take any time to try to remedy my asthma. I had it and there was no medicine that would cure it. At my doctors visits, I would hear, “So here is another script for an inhaler, and I’ll see you next time.” 

I love to read and one of the things I do at least once a week is go to “my” Half Price Books store. If you don’t know about Half Price Books, they are simply the best used book stores I have ever shopped. One day as I perused the racks, in the health section to be exact, I found a book written by a well known character actor. I am sorry to say that I loaned out this book, as I often do with books which make an impression on me, and I do not remember the particular actor’s name. 

The book was about his lifelong battle with asthma. He described the struggle that he had with asthma throughout his childhood and how he determined not to let the asthma hold him back from becoming an actor. Since acting was his passion he engaged in acting lessons and voice lessons. Then I read the part of the book that would impact my life forever. When his voice coach found out he had asthma, he gave him a breathing exercise to do.

He had him breath in very deeply and then purse his lips like he was whistling and blow out as hard as he could. As I remember, he had him do it a few breaths several times a day. After several weeks of faithfully doing the exercises his asthma went away. Now do not hold me to the details of his book. As I said, I read it years ago and then let it get away, so I am working off memory.

Here is one personal fact that I can share with you. I gave the breathing “exercise” concept a try for myself. I had a rowing machine and after 5 to 10 minutes of rowing I was breathing deeply. Throughout my daily rowing routine I would breath out, purse my lips and blow out very hard. In a short time, I am thrilled to report that my asthma totally subsided and I am 97% free of any asthmatic symptoms to date. The cure was complete and still is amazing to me.

If any of you give this breathing exercise a try, please give me a post and let me know how it worked for you.

Air Purifiers and the Battle With Dust and Dust Mites

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Have you been told that you’re allergic to dust or that you’re allergic to dust mites, or maybe both? Maybe you have been wondering if there might be different kinds of dust particles which may cause an allergic reaction but others that do not. These are valid concerns. The fact is that different sizes of dust particles have variant levels of irritation. The source of the dust, composition of the dust and where you live geographically, contribute to how the dust may affect you.

The type of dust that comes from the atmosphere tends to be heavy and settle quickly. This kind of dust may not cause you discomfort because it is easier for the cilia (tiny hairs) in your nose and sinuses to catch this type of dust before it has a chance to get into the lungs. This is not true for the all too common “dust bunnies” found in your house and office. Dust bunnies are most complex. They usually are a disgusting combination of pollen, mold spores, bacteria, dust mites, dust mite fecal matter, pet dander, different fibers, hair, and shed skin cells. If you live in the city, you can probably add to the dust in your home particles of smoke and soot.

Doctors specializing in respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies very often specify that “dust mites” are contributing significantly to allergy symptoms. What are dust mites? They are microscopic, nest-building mites, creatures that live in damp, dark places like people’s beds and furniture. What do they live on? Your discarded skin cells. Actually, it is not the mites that are bothering you, it is the enzymes in their fecal matter that is the problem and they may be small but they make a lot of fecal matter. Each mite produces fecal matter about 20 times per day. So every time you walk, sleep, sit down, and move around on your carpets, mattresses, pillows, and cushions, the fecal matter is going to become airborne.
What can you do? Use a room air purifier to help control dust and dust mites. When you control them, you help control your allergic reactions to them.

In summary, there are always going to be innumerable types of dust and dust mites floating around, so an air purification system should be at the top of your list in controlling allergy and asthma symptoms.