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Ionic Air Purifiers Do They Work

Posted by admin on April 13, 2011 in Air Purification with No Comments

You have read enough about pollution. You fully understand that indoor pollution can be multiple times more contaminated than the air we breathe outdoors! It is time to start shopping for an air purifier. The first question needs to be, do ionic air purifiers really work? That is a fair question because in some ways they sound almost to good to be true. The fact is, yes they do and they work amazingly well!

Increasing numbers of health conscious people are turning to ionic air purifiers to clean the air in both their homes and places of business. What are some of the most important things an ionic air purifier can do to enhance the healthful qualities of your indoor air? If you have pets an ionic air purifier will remove dander. If you have a smoker around you can’t afford to not have an ionic air purifier to get the truly health threatening smoke out of the air. This is especially true if you have a new born or small child in the same living area as the smoker.  If you live in an environment that you have to deal with mold and mildew an ionic air purifier will help kill it before you take it into your lungs. In the cold and flu session an ionic air purifier will help kill the air born bacteria and viruses to help keep you safe.

As if the healthful benefits weren’t enough some people choose an ionic air purifier because of how quiet they are. No disruption of sleep or an additional source of background noise.

Ionic air purifiers work by creating or generating negative ions. These negatively charged ions cause the positively charged particles in the air to be attracted to each other and fall out of the air. In addition, these unwanted particles  are attracted to furniture and easily cleaned up and taken into your lungs.

Unfortunately some ionic air purifiers do not have fans and electrostatic plates so that when the activity in the room is high and some of the particles are stirred up, they can be pulled over the electrostatic plates and trapped.

As with any purchase, it is best to compare the different ionic air purifiers on the market.  When it comes to the air you breathe cheaper is probably not going to be better. That does not mean you can’t find one that has the features you want and need at an affordable price.

After you have done your research and compared different ionic air purifiers, Alpine Air  is absolutely confident that you will discover one of their nine different Living Lighting Air Purifier models to be the perfect ionic air purifier ensuring you breathe easier and live healthier.