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Your Questions About Fresh Air Living Air Purifier

Posted by admin on October 18, 2011 in Air Purification with No Comments

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Jenny asks…

Feng Shui Air Purifier Ionizer????

in my feng shui book, it says “no ionizer” “no purifier” for the bedroom (and I am assuming this would be the same for the whole house).

the only thing that i can figure is that it sends negatively charged ionized air into the room, so that’s bad chi? or is it because it’s too “yang” with the motor and blowing air and so forth.

i have an ionizer/air purifier, i spent probably $250 on it and yes it’s in the bedroom. i don’t want to get rid of it, can i use it in any other room of the house? or should i really get rid of it? or was my book wrong about that?

i don’t need it for smoke or anything severe. but i live in a construction zone right now so it helps alot. i’ll be moving in two months and not in a construction zone, so i don’t anticipate really needing it, but it is soothing to sleep with the white noise and the air is fresher.

sorry for the long long question.


admin answers:

Keep your purifier, you need it. Feng Shui books tend to be very black and white on some things. As long as you follow the general principle of feng shui you will be ok.

Donna asks…

How to cool a room with no windows?

Ok, so I lived in those loft buildings where some of the rooms has no windows in the basement. My apt is a duplex where the upper floor has huge windows with a spiral stairways leading to the rooms where they have no windows. I have a good standing fan with 3 speed that manage to cool some air but i am worried abt the lack of fresh air. what suggest would you give to get better air? Air purifier? Dehumidifier? Suggestions and ideas would be very helpful! Thanks!!

admin answers:

I would consider a pipeline with a fan (or a suitable equipment) to blow air from the upper floor to the room without windows. If I lived in a room without windows, I would like to feel the fresh air coming from outside, through the pipeline.
I would also use another pipeline with a sort of mirrors (or maybe fiber optic?) to bring light from the outer world, also.

These are two basic things: air and light from outside.

Note: I imagine the pipeline diameter to be about 1 to 2 m (a big pipeline, isnt’it?)

Hope you like these ideas.


Daniel asks…

What should we do to keep the house fresh and aired out from pet dander?

We live in a cozy suburban home with two domestic short hair cats, and two dogs,(a teacup chihuahua and a beagle/hound mix). The cats are strictly indoors and the dogs only go outside to potty and for walks. We keep all of our pets clean and they are all well taken care of but the shedding and pet dander are becoming a concern of mine because they are irritating my allergies a little. We regularly vacuum but seeing as it’s too cold outside to leave the windows open to help keep the house aired out I was wondering the best way to keep the air in the house and everything in it fresh from pet dander and odors. Are there any sprays or cleaners? And would an air purifier or something like that help?

admin answers:

I know how you feel about the pet dander and with allergies. My advice to you is this: Make sure you can take an allergy tablet suitable to your needs. Also, I find that the following grooming tools greatly reduces the amount of shedding and that smell. The shed ender, and a battery operated dog brush which helps keep the dog smelling fresh. There is a name for this brush, but I cannot remember what it is called.

When it comes to bathing, I usually give mine a bath whenever they get dirty, too itchy, or even to smelly. My favorite dog shampoo is Fur so Fresh. It has this aroma that makes the dog smell good for days afterward.

Most of that smell is likely to come from your dogs than your cats. So they are the main ones you should tackle. As for the shedding, if brushing doesn’t seem to be helping, it could be their diet or something in their genes. You can try picking up medicine to help that. In fact, Pet Smart has them available, either in the form of shampoos or something they can eat with their food. There’s even an allergen and dander reducing shampoo.

As for the smell, yes.. Definitely try Arm and Hammer for Pets baking soda. Leave it on the carpet for a couple hours. Use Febreeze. And get an AirWick plug in with the refills. This worked wonders for me and it lasts about two to three weeks.

As for an air purifier, if you cannot afford one of those more expensive ones, I suggest trying out any Alpine Air purifier. I did, and I was very happy with the results.

If you can try to get a vacuum cleaner that is specifically to the needs of pet hair. It should say Pet Hair right on it.

All in all, as long as you do what works best for you and your pets, keeping your house smelling fresh shouldn’t be a problem.

Lizzie asks…

How to Create Proper workshop Studio Ventilation?

I need better ventilation in my art studio. I would love to hear some ideas based off my layout. It is a 350 sq. foot work space. The space has two windows on either side of a brick wall. So only 1 wall has windows. The windows are 38″ wide and 10′ high. The tricky thing is… my art studio is right underneath an elevated subway track and I don’t believe the air quality is any good outside. It is very dirty outside my window. So, my thoughts are that fresh air intake isn’t the best idea.
I have a couple of fans in the space and I have an austin healthmate air purifier that is supposed to clean the air. I don’t think it does a great job. I live in the north east and it is cold (just a detail to help answer the question). I would be interested in a powerful exhaust system if that is a good idea. I don’t want to rip into the walls because I rent the space. Thanks

admin answers:

This is the kind we use at the shop. You could make a shelf to sit it on outside the window.

Steven asks…

Will installing a ceiling fan help with the downstairs neighbors smoke coming in?

I live in an apartment where the downstairs neighbors smoke… ugh. I don’t have a problem with smokers whatsoever, but I am really tired of tasting it constantly. Its gotten to the point where I have to take multiple walks just to get fresh air, and its darn COLD outside. (I live in New England.)

So anyway, I was wondering… if I install a ceiling fan, would it help push it away? I was thinking it would be more effective if they had a ceiling fan, since my apartment is over theirs and it would push their smoke back on them… however, I know they won’t. I would even pay for it, but again, they would have to pay for the electricity, and if anything happened to it they would want me to replace it I’d think…

Im just at such a loss! I have bought so many things…. air purifier, humidifier, cool mist humidifier, sprays, candles, I’ve put bowls of vinegar out, I’ve tried opening my windows… but I just cant keep them open all day and night, I just don’t know what else to do. Moving is not an option… and it isnt a “non smoking” apartment. I have never lived on a top floor with smokers below so this is all new to me, and I need some help.

So will the ceiling fan work? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

admin answers:

The ceiling fan won’t work. The fans are designed, based on which way you tip the blades, to either move air down toward the floor or up, down the walls and to the floor. Either way, the smelly air is just being recirculated.
What you need to do is find out how it’s actually getting in.
If you share heating ducts, for instance, you could start trying some filters on the air vents. (Some filters would let the air through but possible catch some of the particles that cause the smell.)
Or the smell could come up through an unlikely source, like shared oven ventilation.
Find the source, then work on the solution.
If you’re renting, this is a problem to pose to the landlord too.

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