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Placing your Air Purifier in the Right Environment

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You’ve finally purchased your air purifier in order to sanitize and oxygenate the air in your home so that you can breathe the air you’ve always desired.  Here are some general tips on where you should place your air purifier and the correct environment you should use it in.  Should you have any questions regarding your air purifier, please visit this FAQ page  where they had plenty of great answers to many of popular questions you may have.

Alpine Air Purifier

Are you wondering where you should place your unit for the best, effective output?  Generally, you should place the unit in an area and position that will permit the natural airflow within the environment to help in allocating what the air purifier is generating.   Additionally, you should place your air purifier as close as you can to your ceiling as possible.  Usually, five feet off the floor is a good distance for your air purifier to be fully effective.  You can also turn to the owner’s manual for your particular air purifier for further instruction on where you can place it. One place you shouldn’t place your air purifier is any location in or in close proximity to the kitchen.  Kitchens are usually busy often with food being cooked always which tends to have grease molecules, steam/moisture, and other remnants from cooking.  Ultimately, this could lead to the inside of the air purifier becoming contaminated, clogged, and as a result, it won’t be able to perform to the best of its ability.  You shouldn’t place the unit on top of any electrical appliances as well because it may result in interference with the production of negative ions.  An example of a place you should place your air purifier safely is your living room or a similar setting like an office room.  There is natural air flow and the air can easily pass through while the air purifier is on. Another tip you should know is that having you air purifier on while you windows are open is a great plus for having clean air indoors.  Open windows and doors results in enhanced air circulation in your home making the airflow more dynamic.  The better the airflow you can get, the better the air purifier will work.  This is because ozone is picked up naturally by the airflow in your home and thus gets carried quickly throughout your entire living area, giving you the best quality air as achievable. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have your air purifier on in the winter when it rains and the windows are closed.  You can still use it effectively!  It just means that the airflow is somewhat limited.  In the winter, run the ceiling fans or the heating system if you have either, or even portable fans.  Anything that creates airflow and helps it constantly going will improve the performance of the air purifier and maximize its potential to provide you clean indoor air. There are many air purifiers available online and at local stores which work great in removing dust, pollen, pollutants, allergens, etc. from your home or indoor area.  We recommend using Alpine Air Purifiers, one of the best quality brand air purifiers in the market today.  Just check out their great products on their website or visit them on Facebook!

Why you shouldn’t Oil the Fan Motor on an Alpine Air Purifier

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Alpine Air Purifiers all have a fan motor department built into them that assure the quality of machines are working as efficient and productive as possible.  No matter what Living Lightning air purifier (Fresh Air LA- 3500 v.2.0, Classic Air LA- 3500 v.20, RainFresh Breeze LA- 3500 v 2.0, etc.) you’re buying, each unit needs to be treated with care and be well maintained.  All Alpine air purifiers are great quality air purifiers that have shown repeatedly to be efficient and productive, given the user of the product maintains it well.

no oil  Fresh-Air-LA-3500-V-2.0

If one does not maintain his or her Alpine purifier, he or she may encounter some technical issues subsequently such as a noise problem from the fan motor itself.  That being said, it should be noted that users frequently mistake the fan blade for making the noise rather than the fan motor.  Almost every time, it is the fan motor that has an issue, not the fan blade.  If the fan blade is in fact the issue, and you’re positive of this, you can lightly oil the fan motor shaft only, where the fan blade is sitting on, in order to reduce the noise coming from it.  If you desire to clean the fan blade, you also may wipe it down with some sort of towel, damp or dry.  You can even use an air compressor to dust away any visible dirt you wish to remove.

In the case that the issue is the fan motor, which is almost all of the time, the noise is certainly coming from the used up bearings inside it.  Because the bearings already have enough oil on the inside, so adding oil to them will not help the noise issue of the fan motor, and it may even make it worse.  So what should you do?

The only recommended solution is to swap out the fan motor for a new one.  This will ensure the noise is gone, and your Alpine air purifier will be running effectively and productively yet again.  If you have the 3 year parts and labor warranty, your new fan motor is free of charge!  If this option is not available for you, you can buy a new fan motor from the parts page on Alpine’s website.

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Debunking the Myth of Ozone in Air Purifiers

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You just bought a new air purifier and you are eager to get it to use to sanitize and oxygenate the air in your new office at work, so that your employees can breathe an odor, pollutant, allergen, dust free atmosphere.  The air you provide for your employees is vital in having a great, hygienic work environment where they can feel safe, healthy, and comfortable.  You feel great once you’ve got the air purifier running, and a handful of employees were impressed and satisfied with the noticeable quality of new air they were breathing.  However, just one employee had a complaint about the air purifier and the technology in how it purifiers air.  He claimed he did a quick search over the Internet to make sure the air purifier they were being exposed to was safe.  He said he wasn’t sure, but read that air purifiers release ozone which is bad he read.  Little did the uninformed employee know that he was just another uneducated person who had little knowledge of ozone and air purifiers. Ozone

Did you know that wherever you may be on this planet, you are exposed to ozone?  Ozone traces are found everywhere, in sunny weather, at a beach, in a thunderstorm, no matter what the environment may be.  If ozone wasn’t safe, we simply wouldn’t be able to go out and theoretically, we would all probably be dead.  It is an unstable form of oxygen (O2) essentially, called O3 with three atoms instead of two.  Ozone is naturally produced by Mother Nature itself.  We’ve been exposed to it for centuries, and have lived through it.  So there is no need to freak out!  Ozone is also scientifically proven to be safely reproduced for sanitizing purposes such as cleaning air and water, and has been very effective, as claimed by many credible scientists.  It’s extremely effective, safe, economical, and eliminates dust, mold, bacteria, allergens, chemical gases, and other pollutants.  Proven over and over again, ozone has shown to be safe and effective in sanitizing by ozone experts.    According to Dr. Clark Thorp, “recent authoritative investigations have established, that pure Ozone is Nontoxic even in concentrations as great as 20 or 50 parts per milliliters of air.”  Furthermore, according to Dr. Philip Drinker, at the School of Public Health at Harvard university, “as a deodorant for orders and stenches of organic origin, ozone has long proven effective and we can only confirm this general opinion.”

As long as air purifiers release safe amounts of ozone, the ozone sanitizing the air will always be considered safe.  Not all air purifiers do this however.  So what do you tell your concerned employee? Well, thankfully you have an air purifier that releases safes amounts of ozone.  You tell your concerned employee what was just mentioned in the before paragraph, and he feels safe once again about the air purifier.


Where can you buy one of these air purifiers?  Visit to learn more about air purifiers and experience one of the safest and best air purifiers in the industry available in the market today.  Their machines release only small amounts of ozone traces, nowhere near the unsafe level that would cause physical harm and effectively combat the pollutants in your air.  Their machines are safe as they release low levels of ozone indoors, just as Mother Nature does outdoors.  Their machines are even pet friendly and even work in silent modes!  They even have an ozone control option on their machines in case the level of ozone may or may not be suitable for you.  Great quality for a great price value, I definitely recommend Alpine air purifiers.


Air Quality

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One of the best way of changing indoor air quality is to use an Air Purifier.

However, these devices can vary depending on the application they are needed for.

Alpine Air Technologies  has provided a way by which you can answer a few questions and depending on your selection an air purifier is recommended for you.

Please check out the link below for this application:


Ozone effect