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Will oiling my Air Purifier’s Fan Motor Help

Posted by admin on December 10, 2015 in Air Purification with No Comments

So you’ve started noticing some issues with your air purifier’s operating system. Either the fan is making some noise, it’s not working up to speed, or it simply doesn’t feel right. Well Alpine Air Technologies is here to help you with this issue! Many of people claim to oil their air purifier’s fan motor to improve the spinning of the blades and keep them going. But this is a huge no! Let us explain.

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Oiling the fan not recommended at all, and it is a waste of your time. If your unit has a noise problem, oiling the blades is not the solution. Noise from your unit does not come the blades spinning. Rather it comes from within the fan motor, usually from the worn out bearings. These bearings already have machine oil on it, so adding any more oil will not help the problem. Oiling it can cause other problems with your unit, and you may end up buying a new one.


When a fan blade is making noise, very rarely will lightly oiling the fan motor shaft help the noise issue. This is only if the fan blade makes the noise though, be aware of the difference. Almost every time, the noise from the unit will be coming from the worn out fan motor itself, with the only effective solution is to replace it. This falls true for almost all older air purifiers. If you persist on cleaning your air purifier, the best way we recommend cleaning the fan blade is to wipe it down with a damp cloth, or you can use a compressed air can to dust away any remnants on it. You can buy an air can at any local office supplies store for a cheap cost.


The only solution we recommend is purchasing a new fan motor to replace the old one. You can get a new fan motor from our parts page on our website. If your unit is under a three year warranty (which all brand new air purifiers come with), you can receive a brand new fan motor replacement, free of charge!