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How to disassemble my air purifier in order to clean it thoroughly

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Upon purchasing your new air purifier from Alpine Air Purifier, you’ve been pleased with your product purchase as it has been working efficiently to sanitize an area. Alpine Air Purifiers are one of the best purifiers in the market today, however there’s a key to these units performing so well. That key: cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re wondering how to clean your air purifier and maintain its valid warranty status through Alpine Air Technologies, as long as you do not break any part (inside or outside) upon assembly and dis-assembly, your warranty will still be valid. In the event that you break something knowingly or not, it is your responsibility on maintaining your unit and its warranty. In order to not break anything we recommend a brief set of guidelines to follow when cleaning your unit.

First, you want to disassemble the front panel grill by loosening the four screws which hold it to the unit, then removing it. Loosen each screw once at a time evenly so that you don’t unscrew one screw more than the other at any given moment before removing the grill. Next, dismantle the two knobs controlling ionizer/fan/sanitizer on the front of the unit by using the same method. Loosen the screws which hold the knobs with a screwdriver evenly, followed by removing the knobs completely. Then, dismantle the housing. For this, you want to carefully flip the unit upside down and loosen and remove the two bottom screws. Remove the housing and set the unit in an upright position on a hard surface.

Finally, you can clean your air purifier after safely removing the necessary parts mentioned above. As the chassis is exposed and easily accessible, we strongly recommend using a compressed air can to blow away any dust or other particles which may have accumulated within the area or inside the cabinet. You can purchase one of these cans from any local hardware store such as Office Depot, Home Depot, etc. You can also use a dry cloth to wipe out some of the components, however be extra careful while cleaning the machine. After you have cleaned your desired parts, assemble the unit back by following the instructions in reverse.