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Some common myths about an air purifier, you should know

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The indoor air quality can be same or even more polluted than outdoor air. Since, most people spend most of the time inside the home; they are exposed to polluted air. In order to avoid the risk of various health issues, people rely on air purifiers now-a-days. If you are also planning to buy one, you need to be aware about some common myths about air purifiers –

Myth: Air purification unit removes the need to dusting forever.

It is the most general misinterpretation about air purifier. Many people think that this device can literally pick up the dust off furniture and carpet, etc. and they never need to do dusting. But, this is not true. Even if you have a modern device to clean the air, you should use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

Myth: People with asthma and other allergies can get thorough solution of the problem with a purifier.
Many doctors recommend asthma patients to use air filter system to make the environment better for their situation, but it is not a complete solution or only remedy for asthma patients. To make a home free of all allergies, it is important to pay heed on regular cleaning and humidity level inside the home. It is also essential to control growth of molds.
Myth: Air purifier unit with HEPA filter is the best choice.

It is not necessary. Even a HEPA filter may vary in size and excellence. There are many factors, including Design, technology, quality of filter and warrantee, etc. that need to be considered while choosing a purifier.

Myth: People with dust mite allergies should buy an air purification unit.

It’s true! You should buy a branded an air purification unit if you are suffering from dust mite allergies. You can also buy dust mite covers for your bed because dust mite assembles in temperate and damp surroundings.

Myth: Air purifiers remove odors along with dust, germs and toxic gases.

It depends on the quality of the filters. But, to get an inclusive solution and better health, it is advised to select a branded device that can eliminate bad odors, germs, toxic gases and even tinier particles of dust.

Myth: If you have air purifier unit, you should not open your windows.

It’s not true. Many people don’t allow outdoor air inside, but this is not a good habit. Every house needs a specific amount of fresh air exchange regularly. You need to open the windows everyday for some time.

Myth: The speed of air purifier does not matter.

It is a common misunderstanding of people. Many people run the device at low speed to avoid the noise of fan. But, actually they shrink the square footage a device can effectively cover up. Doing so is like controlling the capability of your device. You can reduce the speed during the night, but it must be run at high speed for a few hours at least in a day.

Can an air purifier actually help with asthma?

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People with asthma always strive to discover various new ways to eliminate the particles in the air that worsen their situation, and air purifier system looks like a good way out of the problem. Most physicians recommend asthma patients use an air purifier at their home, office or in the car, etc. However, many studies have shown that it is not necessary and depends on the quality of air purifier though many companies advertise that their devices are able to reduce asthma systems by controlling airborne pollutants. While, it is true to a level, studies showed that some devices have limited outcomes.

Put your level best to control airborne allergens

Many researches showed that having a good quality air purification system to a home with kids suffering from asthma generates a better environment on the whole. Nevertheless, it does not totally alleviate asthma symptoms exclusively. By controlling dust sources and with proper cleaning, you can get good results for your family. Basically, the fact is dust miles and dander incites by sitting on furniture, walking across a carpet or let fall on a mattress cannot be removed from the room until they get in touch with the purifier.

It is advised to control the sources of dust mites and germs need to be wiped out from the indoor before the filter can make a remarkable difference. Elements like shedding pets, outdoor dust access, smoke, and mold buildup must be dealt with care. The air purifier can control harmful elements to a level, but for a comprehensive solution, you need to put your level best to control the possibilities of asthma attacks.

Opt for a right air purification unit

The airborne particulates responsible for asthma symptoms are not filtered through the air purifier because they are too tiny. So, when your main concern is asthma, you need to invest in a strong and the first-rate air purification system that can control even most minute dust particles from every corner of the home. Apart from dust, it is must be able to control allergens, germs and Bactria, etc. from the air effectively.  Some purifiers emit ozone, claiming that short term or extensive coverage of ozone gas can actually boost the asthma symptoms because it is has toxicological attributes that limit and slow down lung function, even in healthy people.

Air Living Purifier is a top-notch device that works amazingly to reduce the asthma symptoms. Opt for it to reduce the chances of asthma attacks and make a difference. Remember, you need to pay heed on the sources of airborne allergens to get maximum benefits.

Ozone effect

Long Term Health Benefits of Air Purifier

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The majority of people takes the health somewhat for granted. Nevertheless, long-term health can be obtained by regularly passing up health risks. You can consider it like an investment that should be made as early as possible to get great benefits in later stages of life.

Air quality is one of the important factors associated with our health. At the present time, the pollution level is increasing with every passing minute. The difficult aspect about air pollution is that so much of what is injurious to us is barely discernible with our noses. Your body can’t actually tell you when the air you inhale is infected. Our bodies are exposed to various harmful pollutants, including toxins, germs and chemicals, etc. and it can cause a damaging effect and can show the way to various serious health problems. If consistency is there, the chances of getting ill may increase even more.

The consistent exposure to inhaled pollutants that are conveyed by various sources in your home such as carpet, furniture, Ac filters and more can influence your health very badly. In order to avoid such risk and get good health, you need fresh and clean air and that too consistently. You can buy an air purifier to get clean air to breathe in and get amazing health benefits for long terms.

Don’t invest in a wrong product, opt for the best one

All air purifiers are not same and don’t offer the same performance and benefits. You can check a wide collection of purifier devices in the market, but some of them are totally rubbish. You need to understand what you are going to buy. Make sure that you are getting maximum worth against your investment.

Most devices just remove dust from the air and not good for anything else. They are made with some filters to control a few elements only. They may reduce some allergen, but do not have the capability to diminish various other hazardous elements, including, bacteria, gases, and virus, etc.

Branded air purifiers have the inbuilt equipment to remove some stubborn containment such as carbon, electrostatic and other substances. Some companies claim to clean the indoor air completely, but don’t accept them as true. Make a proper research to understand the fact.

Some purifiers have a thin sheet with carbon dust on it. Such devices can’t remove carbon from the air. The filter must be able to take away even tiny particles of dust and other toxins.

Don’t choose cheap quality filter system, but invest in a top-notch purifier to get ultimate benefits.

Determine your requirements

Do you want to get rid of dust, molds and unpleasant odor or want to remove toxic chemicals to avoid allergies, heart issues and lung cancer, etc.? Determine your needs first and make sure what you want from an air purifier.

As far as long term health is concerned, you need a genuine, excellent air purifier that works on a latest technology to remove all types of containments from air in the best possible manner. Air Living Purifier can offer you expected results consistently for long term health benefits.


High blood pressure and indoor air quality!

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People who have high blood pressure and are trying to lower it should pay attention on the amount of pollution in the air they inhale along with the quantity of salt in their food.  According to a study, the blood pressure issue increases simultaneously with air pollution intensity.

Toxic waste and poor-quality air may influence the nervous system that manages blood pressure; which would also denote it may perhaps enhance the possibilities of heart attack and other cardiac issues.

Researchers calculated blood pressure in adults in alliance with the deliberation of air impurities during the study and found that an increased number of people were hospitalized for heart related problems. Deliberations of particulates in the air and to a slight amount, sulfur dioxide, were connected with a rise in blood pressure. The systolic pressure, the higher number in a blood pressure evaluation, calculates pressure when the heart deals. The conclusions of various studies are available in the Journal of the American Public Health Association.

Air pollution can persuade body temperature, barometric pressure and humidity, etc. that directly have an impact on blood pressure. Basically, toxic elements that enter into the body through the air can provoke the lungs or can stimulate the body to release substances that influence heart functions.

Regular cleaning, AC cleaning, proper ventilation and plants can reduce the level of impurities of indoor air. But, to get pure, safe and dirt-free air, it is must have a cutting-edge air purifier at your place. A device with avant-garde technique can remove all the harmful substances from the air and can offer clean and pollutant free air to breathe in.

However, opting for any random air purifier is not a wise decision at all; you need Alpine Air Purifier to have maximum benefits. It is a top-quality air purifier that is designed to remove all possible impurities from the air and to create a pleasing and soothing environment in the home. In addition to dirt, Toxics, germs and bacteria, the air purifier eliminates bad odor from home. It works 24*7 and small enough to fit in any corner.

Invest in an Alpine Air Purifier to give a better, safer and cleaner atmosphere to your family and reduce the possibility of increased blood pressure, heart problems, allergies and various other health issues. Let the air purifier work for your comfort and health throughout the day to avail great benefits.

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