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Alpine Air Purifiers vs Knock-off Air Purifiers

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

This article is written to inform you and customers about unauthorized sales of Living Air products over the internet from scammers.  Before you buy any Living Air Purifier, make sure that the unit has a valid manufacturer’s serial number attached to it to prove it is in fact a branded product.  Scammers who often sell “Living Air” air purifiers remove or don’t have the serial numbers which automatically voids any type of warranty issued with the product.  This puts our customers at a major risk!  If you want to buy a Living Air purifier, call the dealer or seller and ask if their products have a valid serial number attached to it to confirm the legitimacy of the unit.  Also, we recommend asking the dealer for the manufacturer’s number to double check with them that everything matches.

Here is a list of some fraudulent websites that have been subject to selling unauthorized, illegitimate Living Air Purifiers.  These websites or businesses are not associated with Alpine Air Technologies is any way, and they are never authorized to sell out products for resale.  They are a completely different premises that we are not related to, and our company’s vision, values, and goals are completely different than these companies.  We’re doing this for you!– is an unauthorized online re-seller of Alpine products.  They claim they are authorized to sell the products, however this is completely false.  They are ran by a single seller named Alex, and he removes the serial numbers from its products, immediately voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.  They are also known for having old products and reselling them at a higher price, scamming customers.  They also do not provide refunds at times even though they have a money-back guarantee policy.  Complaints have been called in to Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles, CA.– units sold by Better Living are inferior in quality and imitate Living Lightning’s products such as Alpine Fresh Air and Classic LA-3500 v2.0 air purifiers.  They used to sell these knock-offs on eBay under the account name “Oregon Collectibles”, after being suspended for “questionable practices”.  They still sell their air purifiers through a new company website and through other sellers on eBay.  Reports we have received indicate a poor customer service department and a lack of support after the initial purchase of a product.– This is the same company as in an attempt to get away from the scrutiny he previously received and lower costs.  Ironically, in an attempt to form a new product, these current products look even more similar to Alpine Living Air air purifiers.  It should be noted that on their website, if you look at the pictures of their air purifiers, they have no company logo on the front of their purifier at all under the front grill.  Unless a unit has the Alpine Living Lightning logo on it, it is not an Alpine Living Lightning air purifier, rather a knock off version of it.  If you have accidentally bought from this knockoff company, we do offer a special trade in program.  We have had many of customers complain to us about this company, so we beg you to be careful with these guys.– another unauthorized dealer of which we recently made note of thanks to our watchers we have online.  They resell refurbished or outdated products as if they are new.  They sell products such as the BreezeAT air purifier, Fresh Air Spectrum room air purifier, Eagle 5000 commercial living air purifier, and Ozone Blaster commercial living air purifier, all which have been out of date in production.  They also provide a warranty they claim, however customers reported to us that they do not provide it once you have initially made a purchase.  Most old Ecoquest and Living Air purifiers are not available today, and are old, hence they will not last more than a couple of months.

We sincerely apologize if you have fell victim to any of these businesses selling knock-off products to you.  Please visit our support section and tell us you story so we can share it to other future customers.  We want to build a safe environment for our customers, and it starts with the customers always.

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