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The Best Air Purifiers at Alpine Air Purifier Technologies

Posted by admin on June 7, 2019 in Air Purification with No Comments

If you have any smells or odors in your home that will not go away, an air purifier may be the solution for you. This air purifier’s five stage filtration system works to eliminate smoke, odors, gases and airborne debris that are unwanted. If you fear that your home be ridden with germs or bacteria It will also kill germs and bacteria to make sure your home is clean by utilizing its ozone sanitation feature. It also comes equipped with UV light and photo-catalytic filter that works in conjunction with the ozone sanitation feature to ensure that airborne bacteria are killed. UV uses light strong enough at a certain wavelength, so that the bacteria will break down under the UV light. This way if the bacteria is broken down it will not be able to function or reproduce anymore which will prevent further growth of bacteria. With a sanitize feature and UV light, this will maximize the efficiency of the air purifier to clean the air while also being quiet in operation. The passive filter systems also include a HEPA grade filter and black carbon pre-filter to further filter the air and keep the internals of the unit dust free.


Feature: Stainless Steel Parts

  • Benefit: Much less corrosion, prolonging the air purifier’s lifespan. Better performance over time.

Feature: Solid wood durable cabinet

  • Benefit: Will not come apart easily if accidentally hit or dropped, and will not degrade in quality over time. Offers additional protection for the internal assembly

Feature: Five stage filtration system including two active methods of filtration and three passive methods

  • Benefit: The unit will work to not only filter the air that flows through it, but the negative ion and ozone production will actively seek our airborne particulates to help purify the air around the unit before it even passes through it.


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