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How to claim the Living Lightning Air Electrostatic filter

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Did you know that if you purchased an Alpine Living Air purifier from us on our website, you are qualified to get a bonus gift!  This gift is a custom-specific made electrostatic filter for you air purifier from us to you – free of any charge!  This is a great deal for you to capitalize on as this is one of the best complimentary filters that go along with Alpine Living Air purifiers.  Let’s look at some great quality features that come with this product.

The custom made filter can replace you generic household/office air conditioning/heating filter, bringing you fresher and cleaner air, in a more efficient and effective manner.  The special electrostatic filter is proven to last longer than generic filters ensuring that you won’t have to replace it any time soon.  The filter is also reusable and washable.  All you have to do is clean it in order for it to have a long-lasting and effective lifetime in operating.  This unique air filter removes, at minimum, 94 percent of the air pollutants and chemicals in your indoor atmosphere and also prevents these harmful bacteria from entering and invading your occupying area.  In addition, this filter is special in that it will prevent outdoor chemicals from coming inside your home as well.  You won’t have to worry about the heavy pollution outdoors from entering your home.  Another plus with this filter is that when you turn the heater on in your area, the electrostatic filter will prevent pollutants accumulating within the ducts from entering.

In order to receive your custom filter, you must measure your air conditioner’s original filter first, and then email us the measurements in inches – length by width.  Every filter is a different size, so it’s important we know the exact measurements.  Once we have the information down, we log it into our system and ship the filter out to you, free of charge (We make sure only one per customer is allowed).  If you have some trouble measuring your conditioner’s filter some common sizes are 12 by 24, 14 by 25, 15 by 20, 16 by 20, 16 by 25, and 20 by 20.  These aren’t the only sizes, so don’t panic if these aren’t one of your sizes.  We custom make these filters, so we can make any size.

Be sure to measure the correct lengths and widths as we only allow one per customer.  Once the filter is made, we cannot re-size it in any way.  If you do unfortunately need an exchange, it will cost the standard prize of a filter of $69.95.  A majority of the time, the correct size is printed on the filter itself, so you should be able to easily tell.  You can also contact us if you need assistance in measuring – we’d love to help.

Once again, there is only one free filter per air purifier.  However, you can get 25% off ($17.49) a regular filter price from $69.95 for any quantity of additional filters you want.  That makes it $52.46 for each additional electrostatic filter, with shipping costs included.

So what are you waiting for?  Do you want the best and newest filter for your Alpine Living Air purifier?  Order yours today at!


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