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What are some Common Application Problems with Air Purifiers?

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

So you’ve just purchased your new air purifier and you are excited to use it to finally get you the fresh quality are you’ve long-desired.  Upon setting up and turning on your air purifier, you wonder if you’re doing everything right to ensure the machine works correctly and as efficient as possible, and you aren’t sure if you’re doing everything in the best interest of you and your home.  Setting up your air purifier is a crucial step in sanitizing your home effectively, and you must place it in the correct area and surrounding environment.  Then, your air purifier will be entirely effective in cleaning your indoor air.  Here are some common problems that we have listed for you and may address your issue.

So you’ve placed your unit in the correct environment, but you’re not seeing the results that you want.  This is a result of most likely, an improper placement of your machine making there a lack of effective air movement.  Another common issue is a strong ozone odor smell that lingers in the air after your air purifier is done sanitizing a room.  Again, this is a result of improperly placing your unit in your home making there a lack of ozone.  Additionally, there may be a strong amount of ozone remaining in the air.  This is a result of an improper purifier control setting and lack of air flow.  Customers have also reported quite often, a visual haze of smoke or particulate remains in the air.  This is because a lack of ionization or no air movement.

As you can see all of these problems arise from the issue of placing your air purifier in the correct setting when turning it on.  Each air purifier is unique so we recommend using your owner’s manual for your distinct air purifier.  Simply refer to the step-by-step instructions of your owner’s manual to read and learn about information about proper placement of the machine and proper control settings.  For general instruction, you should close all doors and windows in your room that you are using your unit in.  These ensures that there will be a good air floor in the room, without disturbance.  Also, we recommend using the air purifier on for a whole day, or more if needed, without entering the room.  Additionally, we recommend placing the unit in the middle of the room, or in the middle of an area you want to concentrate on.  An air purifier running in one room will not improve the quality of air in another room.  You need to use it in each room desired to sanitize.  Visit our FAQ page for additional help at!

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