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Did you know that these things could contaminate your indoor air?

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Did you know that the air in your home may be even dirtier and more polluted with contaminants than the outside air?  This is the case for many people, and they go a whole lifetime without even knowing that they were negatively impacting their own health and repertory systems.  A lot of things – that may affect the air indoors – are common; such things can be pollen, dust, pollution, etc.  However where can these germs and bacteria come from?  There are many things that bring in these contaminants indoors.

Firewood is one of the most common things that contaminate your indoor air.  Everyone loves to stay warm during cold winter nights, have a cup of hot chocolate, and watch holiday movies.  But the firewood one uses may harm you and your indoor environment with molding contaminants.  The smoke and pollution caused by the burning of the firewood would also lead to breathing issues for some.

Another common contaminant is old storage items that you bring you after a period of time.  For example, Christmas decorations often are very dusty and dirty after being stored away for nearly 11 months of the year.  Dust accumulates and builds mold sometimes.  As you unpack and place these items around your home, you’re as well spreading the germs that come with it as well.

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Air-scent deodorizers.  Such can be air fresheners, believe it or not!  You may think that your air freshener may be doing you a favor by providing a great smelling home, however it just gives a sense of smell for your home, it doesn’t sanitize the air.  The odors released sometimes can cause irritation and breathing issues for some.  Candles can also cause your air to be contaminated and dirty, affecting your clear breathing.  Many people actually report having less nasal irritation after removing candles from their homes.

Pets and house guests also bring germs and pollutants into your indoor home.  Guests come from all over the place at times, having been outdoors, with other pets, or any other area that has had dirty air, they will be bringing their dirty clothes with them, thus affecting your indoor air quality.  Pets, similarly, bring pollutants and allergens at times into your home, after being outdoors for a while as well.  Pets can actually absorb pollen and other dust particles onto their furry coats as well, and once they’re in a around the home, you will as well be exposed to the negative contaminants.

So you’ve realize that you can no longer go another day with these common things contaminating your air?  Keep in mind, these are only a few things that can bring bacteria and pollutants into your indoor air!  There’s a huge list of things that contaminate your air, and you must be proactive about it if you want to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle.  In order to accomplish this, you should invest in an air purifier!  They clean and sanitize the air in your home with many great benefits that will prolong your life.  They have been scientifically proven to work, as they release negative ions and ozone into your atmosphere, getting rid of all the negative contaminants.  Visit Alpine Air Technologies to learn more and buy the best air purifiers in the market today.  You will finally live the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!

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