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Don’t Buy Alpine Living Air Purifiers on eBay

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Alpine Living Air Purifiers are solely sold on our website at  Never will you find an Alpine product that will be brand new, for resale claiming it comes with warranty and a valid serial number.  Again, Alpine’s products are strictly, ONLY sold on our website.  That being said, a large, unfortunate group of our customers have been targets of eBay scammers who resell our products claiming they are new, or even sell imitation units of our brand claiming they are exactly the same thing.  This is a huge misunderstanding for our customers, and we want to promote awareness in that buying from eBay in particular, (as well as other websites) is something we don’t want you to fall into doing.

Living Air dealers are, in fact, prohibited to resell any products on other websites, including eBay.  If the seller on eBay claims that he or she is an authorized eBay seller of the Living Air product, is a complete lie.  It doesn’t matter what type of air purifier it is, how old it may be, the condition of it, or whether it is new or not, all purifiers sold on eBay are knock-off units.  And for your own knowledge, as a buyer, you don’t know anything about the past history of the product, and there is no way to verify any claims the dealer is making about what he is selling.  This is a major concern to Alpine, and a major reason why we don’t offer warranty to any units sold on eBay.  If the eBay seller says it offers warranty, it is a private warranty of his own, not of Alpine.

Of the units being sold on eBay which are imitation units or refurbished, we have seen many of the Living Lightning Alpine Fresh Air and Classic LA-3500 v2.0 units on many occasions.  Please do not fall into this trap the eBay buyers are trying to scam you in.  They know exactly what they are doing, with the knowledge of our policy, and they want to scam you.  You may be buying at a cheaper price, but in fact you will be spending a lot more money when it comes to replacing parts or buying a brand new air purifier as a whole once your eBay bought one breaks.

If you have any stories related to eBay, or any other websites similar to eBay claiming to sell Living Air products or imitation units, please contact us on our support page and write us your story so we can share it with other customers.  We strive to make a safe, trustworthy environment for our customers so that they can buy with confidence.    Below is a picture of a real Alpine Living Lightning air purifier with the logo clearly visible on the front under the grill.


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