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Why is there film on my windows after using my air purifier?

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Many times users of air purifiers complain that the use of the air purifier in their home has somehow caused film on their windows within their home/sanitizing area. This is a misconception actually. The film on the windows does not mean that the air purifier you have used is malfunctioning, and this is very rare to occur. Rather the reason why film on your windows accumulate is because upon using you purifier, you tend to close the windows and doors for sanitation, and in doing so, film results on your windows. You must allow of sufficient air flow and circulation inside your sanitizing area. Opening the windows more often creating a breeze, or even running your ceiling fan close to where the air purifier is will help disburse the ions and present them from accumulating in just one particular area in your home. Furthermore, you can also try to move the air purifier to a different area in your home with better air flow if the previous area didn’t allow for sufficient air flow and circulation. These few steps should take care of the window issue you are dealing with and you should see improvement within a week. If you placed a whole house air purifier in one small room as opposed to a whole area which is open like a living room, it’s possible that the ions accumulated at a rapid pace because of the lack of air flow in the particular area. This is a common mistake users make when trying to sanitize one room. If you do need to sanitize one room, again, turn on the fan, open doors and windows, or even turn on the air conditioning/heating system to avoid having film accumulate on your windows. Visit Alpine Air Technologies to check out some of the most efficient air purifiers in the market today. Don’t wait while sales last!

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