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How do I know if the Radio Frequency Ionizer is working on my Air Purifier?

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

The most effective way to determine whether the Radio Frequency (RF) ionizer is working or not on your air purifier is to look around your environment in which you use it in. Like Radio waves, you cannot see the ions that your RF releases into the atmosphere with your naked eye. However, they are traveling throughout your whole inside air environment, being able to eliminate and reduce dust, pollen, smoke, animal dander, chemicals, pollution, etc. Remember, these ions have the ability to travel through walls, ceilings, floors, and anything else that isn’t metal. These negative ions being released by your unit bond with air pollutant in a two-step process, making the ions heavier, and eventually they will fall to the surface due to the force of gravity.

Some positive signs you may see that will show you your RF and negative ions release are working is that you will sense clean indoor air, as well as see dust and dander built up on surfaces of you floor or objects in the room. This shows that the two step process is, in fact, working and doing what it is supposed to do. This is because these pollutants are coming down from the air with the force of gravity (like we just mentioned), rather than just floating in the air and being stuck there. Reduction of allergies, sinus problems, and other symptoms which could be related to indoor air pollution is also a sure sign that your RF is working up to speed. If you notice the opposite, that the air is a little thick and heavy, while you aren’t able to breathe as clearly as before, and you notice not as much dust accumulation on surfaces within your room, your RF is most likely not working up to speed.

If this is the case, visit our repair page or give us a call- we will be more than happy to assist our customers.



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