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Replacing an Air Purifier you bought from eBay

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Purchasing an air purifier from eBay can be very dangerous and misleading if you’re hoping to get an authentic air purifier that will last you longer than a couple years. Many dealers and sellers sell these knock-off brand air purifiers that mimic the real air purifiers, tricking customers and taking away their money. Many of these eBay sellers claim they offer warranty for example, giving consumers confidence in their products. However, according to eBay policy, there is no covered warranty for products bought and sold on the platform. These imitation units last for a short amount of time, usually ending up with an unhappy customer. Please visit our consumer warning websites page where you will see various web sites we have provided and caught first hand from our employees or customers themselves notifying us. If you come across one of these websites, please contact us, we would love to put information out there that will help our customers shop with confidence.

If you bought one of these air purifiers from eBay or any other website, or if you have an air purifier that needs to be replaced, take advantage of our trade-in program we offer, which is the best option for you considering the situation. With our program, you can trade in your current air purifier for a brand new technologically advanced air purifier and obtain an additional $100 off instantly, thus lowering the price of any new machine to the bare minimum. We cover the shipping to US and Canada, and there are no hidden expenses or catches. Your newly purchased Alpine air purifier is guaranteed to be genuine and will be preregistered for 3-years parts and labor warranty even before it is shipped to you. You can place your trade in order at your own convenience directly via our website in just 3 steps outlined on our trade-in page. If you have any other questions, please call us for additional assistance.

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