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Fresh Air LA 3500 v 2 0 Living Lightning Air Purifier

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How to Effectively Clean an Area with your Alpine Air Purifier

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Trouble-shooting your ‘on’ button on your Air Purifier

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How to Effectively Clean an Area with your Alpine Air Purifier

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Safety Cleaning Your Alpine Air Purifier

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Alpine Air Purifier Sanitizing an Area Quickly with an Air Purifier

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Golden Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Let’s face it: we spend most of our lives indoors. But have you ever thought about the quality of the air you breathe? In reality, air contains dust, dampness, and objectionable odors. But most people will rarely recognize when the air is not good.

If you don’t address the root cause of the problem, you can experience short-term effects like irritation of the eyes and throat, shortness of breath, headaches, sinus congestion, among others. This brings us to the question, how can you improve indoor air quality?

1.  Clean The Air Ducts

With time, the air ducts in your HVAC unit can attract mold, dust, bacteria, dead insects, and all kind of debris. Such contaminants can spread in your home or office causing air-borne infections. If you don’t address the problem area, the debris can spread a bad odor. Besides, the contaminants can affect the nasal passage and trigger respiratory infections.

If you’ve been sneezing in your home, you should blame the air ducts. When you don’t clean them, it means that the dust will linger in circulation. And this can be catastrophic if you have a family member who suffers from allergies.

Cleaning the air ducts of your HVAC unit is not a task that you should assign to a professional. With the right tools, you can do the job without additional help. You need a furnace filter, vacuum, gloves, brush, and a power drill.

To start with, you should remove the air duct and cover the supply vents. After that, you should set the thermostat on. This will help to move the dust as you clean the unit. Then, you should tap the duct to loosen the dust – this will also break the deposits.

Now you can begin sweeping the unit with the vacuum. Finally, you should use a microfiber cloth to reach for dust as its being pushed out.

If you want to improve indoor air quality, you should clean the air ducts once a month.

2.  Don’t Forget To Dust The House

We all struggle with dust in our homes. Sometimes we clean, only for it to creep back. And because dust is made of intrusive elements, it can increase the risk of illnesses and allergies. In severe cases, it can lead to asthma and hay fever.

How do you dust? You can start by removing all the stuff on the furniture. This is better than picking an item and dusting it.

The cloth you use for dusting also matters. Most cleaning experts recommend a microfiber cloth that can hold all the dust particles. If you use traditional dusters, you could leave residue just like spray cleaners. And the last thing you want is to use a duster only for the debris to settle back on your furniture.

After dusting the furniture, you should clean the area around them with a vacuum cleaner. You should also pay attention to the bottom of the furniture. If dust irritates your allergies, you should wear a mask.

A quality vacuum cleaner can be a powerful force against pollen, pet hair, and any dust that can irritate your respiratory system. According to home cleaning experts, a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will eliminate 99% of particles.

Don’t forget to change your beddings regularly as this will keep the dust mites at bay. If you’re a pet lover, make sure you clean the coat regularly and vacuum the floor and carpets.

3.  Control The Humidity Levels At Home

We all know that proper humidity level is vital for our health. But if it becomes too high, certain germs will thrive. A general rule of thumb is to maintain the humidity levels above 30% but below 50%. So, what should you do when the humidity levels are too low?

Low humidity levels can cause dry skin and make you susceptible to respiratory illness. One way to remedy this problem is to use a humidifier.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a cold or warm mist humidifier. The cold units have a wick that absorbs water, while the latter uses a heating element before absorbing water. If you’re looking for easy-to-use units, you should go for a portable model.

By the way, in rare cases you might experience no mist coming out of your humidifier, or it might be leaking water. Don’t worry, just check the humidifier troubleshooting guide.

4.  Increase Ventilation

Proper ventilation allows clean air to get in the house to eliminate harmful pollutants. Even in cold months, you should turn on the attic fans and open the windows. While this may look like an old-fashion style, opening doors and windows can double the ventilation rates.

If you live close to a busy road, you should avoid opening the windows during rush hours. You can do that once a week to allow fresh air in and keep it rotating.

Another strategy is turning on the HVAC units to pump the air in all rooms. Because they suck the air with exhaust systems, you’ll experience a lower concentration of viruses in the house.

If a family member suffers from allergies, you should open the doors and windows when the pollen is at its lowest (late at night or after sunrise).

5.  Buy Indoor Plants To Freshen The Air

Certain household pollutants like snake plants, lilies, Chinese evergreen, English Ivy, Spider plant, weeping fig, and Golden Pathos can help to purify indoor air. More specifically, they minimize the effects of pollutants like carbon monoxide, ammonia, and formaldehyde.

While these plants may require different environmental conditions, they are easy to care for. If you buy the plant online, be sure to read the tag to understand the best environmental conditions. But there’s a caveat to this – indoor plants can promote mold growth and affects humidity levels.

To combat this problem, you should allow the water to drain into a tray. Of course, you may want to cover the topsoil with aquarium gravel or Spanish moss.

6.  Bonus Tip: Use An Air Purifier

An air purifier offers an effective way to tackle stale indoor air quality such as the Classic LA-3500. You should place the units in commonly used rooms and other strategic areas.

While an air purifier won’t ventilate the room, it will help improve air quality by removing air pollution. These units can be helpful during the hay season. Keep in mind the best models are programmable and can release negative ions to neutralize bacteria and viruses in the air.

If you want to improve indoor air quality, you should make the above golden tips part of your cleaning routine.

Need an air purifier?

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If you are considering getting an air purifier, you should know how to differentiate a good one from a bad one, as well as consider certain key aspects that will make the difference.

But before continuing let’s solve some common questions, like, what exactly does an air purifier do? or who needs an air purifier?

An air purifier, as the name implies, purifies the air in your environment.

They do this through different processes, depending on the model or brand, some of the most efficient methods are ozone generators, the HEPA filter, and UV light.

Ozone-generating air purifiers are often more used in more industrial settings such as businesses or restaurants, although they can also be used at home.

The air purifiers, by UV light, guarantee the complete elimination of viruses and bacteria, however, they do not help much to eliminate odors or dust.

On the other hand, air purifiers with a HEPA filter guarantee the elimination of viruses, bacteria, and germs as well as the elimination of odors, smoke, and some chemicals.

Who should consider get an air purifier?

Anyone living in a city with a large number of vehicles or factories should consider get an air purifier, as high CO2 concentrations can cause problems in the long-term such as, headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, crying eyes and some respiratory problems.

However, those who should definitely consider having an air purifier are those with a chronic respiratory disease or who are prone to allergies.

Especially if we are talking about seniors or children.

They are also recommended for people who live with pets inside the house or in homes where a member of the family smokes.

From the first day you get an air purifier, you can feel how the quality of the air around you improve dramatically.

In addition, with the arrival of Covid-19, an air purifier can bring great benefits to offices or rooms where several people gather. Especially if the room does not have proper air ventilation. Thanks to these devices, the possibility of contagion can be reduced, as long as hand washing, use of masks, and distancing are also considered.

Now, if you have reached this point of the article you will surely be thinking,

But which air purifier should I consider?

As we already mentioned, a good air purifier must have a good sanitation method.

Also make sure to see if the company offers you any guarantee or satisfaction policy, in this way you make sure that you are taking home a quality product without being afraid of risking your money.

Such is the case with the Classic LA-3500, the only air purifier elected 8 years in a row as the best air purifier in America, offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This air purifier uses the same technology that was used to remove dust and odors in the Pentagon after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The Classic LA-3500 guarantees you:

* Eliminate odors, smoke, cigarette smoke, as well as eliminate some gases.

* Guarantees 99.99% elimination of viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi and mold.

* Control dust and dander in the environment.

* Unlike many air purifiers, the Classic LA-3500 guarantees to operate quietly, allowing you and your family to sleep peacefully while enjoying fresh and pure air.

* The filter change is done quickly and easily; anyone can do it in less than 3 minutes.

* It Offers you 24/7 customer service

* Suits to your needs, it has a customizable control at the front so it can be easily adjusted to your environment.

With the Classic LA-3500 you can start feeling changes in your environment in the first 15 minutes.

For more information on how to acquire your air purifier visit:

I hope this information helps you to make a more conscious decision about which air purifier to choose, you may also consider take a look at our other models and see which one best suit your needs.

All of our models have been tested and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about.

Your health is not a luxury it is a necessity.

What is an air purifier for and which is a good air purifier for your home or office ?

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Common sense would say that the air outside the home is more polluted than the air inside. With the pollution of cars around the world and of the chimneys of the industries, it is normal to believe that the best way to protect yourself is at home, away from this type of threat to health. But the reality is not exactly like that. Inside our houses we are exposed to a greater amount of pollutants than outside. Inside the home we are exposed to various toxic chemical compounds, such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Bisphenol-A (BPA), per fluorinated compounds (PFCs), fluoropolymers, phthalates and even some heavy metals. All these compounds can be found in a variety of products of our daily life.

Not to mention mold, bacteria, viruses, animal hair, insect remains and all kinds of dirt you can imagine. You can find all these outside your home as well, the big difference is in the fact that, outside, dirt can be dispersed thanks to the wind, unlike what happens in closed environments. The vast majority of the air that you and your family breathe every day is not clean. Preventing allergic reactions such as the common sneezes and tears in the eyes, and especially the most serious situations of chronic diseases such as asthma or migraines is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

(The Fresh Air LA-3500 v.2.0 protects your family from air pollutants, visit for more details)

It is important to ensure the quality of the indoor air to which we are constantly subjected. Air purifiers are essential devices to have at home. These devices have the ability to eliminate possible pollutants in the air from a certain area of ​​your home or workplace. Removing pollutants from the air helps people who suffer from problems related to asthma or allergies by making them breathe easier. However, many purifiers that are sold in stores or on the internet, only take care of certain problems, ignoring others or in the worst case their effectiveness has not even been proven.

When choosing an air purifier make sure it uses some kind of proven technology. One of the most popular is the HEPA filter, which stands for ‘High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter’. It can be made of any type of material. Impurities are trapped in the filter itself, usually made of foam, cotton, fiberglass, and other synthetic fibers. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is another type of very effective technology when it comes to purifying or sanitizing. Studies show that UV rays have the ability to destroy airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Currently one of the best air purifiers in America is the Fresh Air LA-3500 v.2.0.

Since it is like a Swiss army knife from air purifiers.

This device is capable of :

*Eliminates smoke, odors, tobacco smoke, chemical gases.

*Sanitize feature kills mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses and most airborne germs.

*UVC light helps kill airborne germs as they pass through the unit.

*Reduces dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or any other pollutant.

*Removes odors from your home, office, car, boat, RV, etc.

*Instantly improves the quality of air indoors.

*Helps control additional dust and dander.

*Customizable to your environment using either the included remote, or the controls on the front.

*Quiet in operation.

*SmartAir™ Technology alerts you when normal maintenance or service is required. Easy maintenance takes less than 5 minutes.

You can find it at:

Under normal conditions, pollutants in the air in a home should not be harmful to your health, however, when people have problems related to allergies and other respiratory problems, especially children and seniors, they can see their problems aggravated, so air purifiers in these circumstances are invaluable.


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How to Improve the Quality of Your Indoor Air- Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

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An average number of people often believe that the outer part of your home is the only affected spot when it comes to air pollution. From ozone, smog, or haze, the outside of your home is indeed affected. However, it doesn’t mean that the indoor space is exempted from air pollutants.

The truth is. The indoor airs such as in your offices, homes, and other establishments can even be more polluted than the outside air. Some of the harmful contaminants and pollutants that pollute your indoor air include volatile chemicals, bacteria, in-house dust and dirt, and more. And these pollutants and particles can cause a great harm to your overall health.

So, how do you improve the quality of your indoor air? How do you prevent grave health issues resulting from these pollutants and particles? Purify your indoor air with Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier.

How Does Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier Work?

The Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier has revolutionized and transformed the entire air purification industry overnight.

Ideal for an average home, the Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is highly effective and efficient, yet affordable. This air purifier has proven to the whole world that you do not need to open your windows or heat your home before you can be comfortable. With Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier, the complex problems that could be brought to your home by odors, bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, and other pollutants can be completely eliminated.

When you purchase our Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier, you’ll get to enjoy an air purifier that works quietly and efficiently, eliminating the presence of environmental pollutants in your home, thus providing you and your family with clean, pollutant-free indoor air.

Without any doubt, purchasing Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is a one-time investment you could make for the benefit of you and your family.

Order for your 100% risk-free Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier now.

Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

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Do you suffer from allergies? Or you’ve been experiencing breathing problems for a long while?

Alpine Air Purifiers such as the latest Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is the only air purifier you need to clean your indoor atmosphere. While it detoxifies your indoor space, it also helps eliminate any airborne pollutants and particles that could pose potential threats to your health. Ultimately, Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier leaves your indoor air fresh and pleasant enough to become breathable for you and other members of your household.

Combat Poor Air Quality with Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

As the air becomes stale, the contaminants and pollutants such as dirt, dust, dander’s, smoke, and chemicals tend to increase in numbers. This further increases your chances of getting respiratory allergies.


FrehAir LA-3500

Another factor that contributes to the quality of your indoor air is the odors. Of course, the nature of odor makes it linger for a long time, thus increasing to every part of your indoor space as more are added from cleaning, cooking, pets, and natural human emission. If you’ve been cleaning your home for a long time and you still discover the presence of these odors, the best is to purchase Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier.

Purchase Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

Alpine Air is fresh and absolutely easy to use. Apart from that, this air purifier is highly effective and brings about the utmost convenience you need. With its incredible features targeted towards increasing the quality of your indoor air, it is sufficient to say that Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier represents modern innovation in air purification.

The new Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is amazing in its speed and accuracy, replicating the exact pattern Mother Nature use to purify the indoor space leaving a fresh and clean indoor space. As part of maintaining your indoor air quality, Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier incorporates unique and innovative technologies to generate negative ions. And this is exactly the same pattern used by nature to cleanse the air from dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles. Apart from attracting negative ions, Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier also produces activated oxygen, which helps in quick, efficient, and effective removal of odor and other harmful substances such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and more.

Of course, nobody will do this better than Mother Nature herself. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is commendable.

Why You Need Alpine Air Purifier Freshness in Your Indoor Space

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Being sealed in your home during the chillier months of the year might bring you some cozy feelings. However, if you’re one of those who are conversant with indoor allergies, or you’ve got some problem relating to your respiratory system, winter is a season of the year that can exacerbate such problems.

Two of the most popular agents that can increase the level of allergy in your indoor space are the stale indoor airs and the heating systems. For instance, during the latter part of winter or early spring, the atmosphere gets too chilly, and you won’t be able to open the windows to pull out the musty air. While you wait till the warmer weather comes in to replace winter, it’s crucial to be sensitive to some of the respiratory issues that could be galvanizing in your surroundings.

But the truth is. Most of these allergies could result in a wide range of respiratory issues. And you won’t even notice. There isn’t anything to alert you about these potential problems. You’ll only start experiencing the symptoms of allergies such as asthma, sleepiness, and more.

These are mostly caused by the trapping of allergens in the indoor space during winter since there is no airflow from the outside part of your home.

If you want to prevent allergens and respiratory issues in your home, the only available option is to invest in an air purifier. And our Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 is here to purify your indoor space and eliminate these harmful pollutants.

Purchase Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier Today


Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400


Beautiful and compact, Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier is specifically designed to provide round-the-clock protection against indoor air pollution for you and your family.

Specifically designed to cover an area of about 2,400 square feet, Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier offers a unique solution to complex problems that may arise from the presence of contaminants and pollutants like odors, smoke, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew from your indoor environment.

If you’re looking for a true solution to your indoor air purification issues, silent thunder is the right solution for you.

Purchase Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier now

Alpine Air Purifier Auto Companion LA-150 v 2.0 and Travel Kit

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Does your job require you to be out on the road most of your day? Is your commute to work painfully long? Do you get stuck in traffic all day? For most people, the daily commute to work can be agonizing, but can it also be unhealthy? The answer, in short, is yes! The article, “How sitting in traffic jams can harm your health” by Yvette Brazier of states that “Pollution that gathers inside cars in traffic jams and at red traffic lights is far higher than that found in cars that are moving” (par. 1). This increased pollution can lead to heart diseases, lung cancer, strokes, and asthma. So, is there any solution? Allow us to introduce the Auto Companion LA-150 v.2.0 and the Travel Kit! This car air purifier is perfect for cars, mini-vans, vans, trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor cabs, and even small boats! With this product you can control pollution entering from outside or within. This product comes portable, and even small enough to fit inside your pocket. With the All-in-One Alpine Travel Kit, you get two amazing units that give you the ultimate ability of always being prepared and flexible for any situation in travel or work. Easily plug it in to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter power outlet and get instant mountain quality fresh air with peace of mind! Perfect for the average hard-working trucker who deals with traffic on a daily basis, or the busy traveler who is in a part of the world where pollution is higher than other places. Using this product results in noticeable benefits such as: reduction in headaches, sinus problems, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Order now!

Product Specifications

  • Electrical:
    • 12 Volt, Plugs into the cigarette lighter adaptor
    • No operating cost
  • Mechanical:
    • Purified Air Flow: 100 feet/min
    • Particle effectiveness: As small as .01 micron
    • 4.5 inches; Diameter: 0.9 inches
  • Activated Oxygen Sanitizer
    • N/A, this unit does not generate Ozone
  • Ion Generation:
    • Ion density at 2 ft: 800,000 ions/cubic centimeter
  • Warranty:
    • 1-Year repair/replacement warranty
  • Coverage:
    • 20-150 Square Feet


  • Brazier, Yvette. “How sitting in traffic jams can harm your health.” Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 29 Aug. 2016. Web.
    6 Aug. 2019. <>

Alpine Air Purifier Alpine Living LA-1500 v 2.0

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The Alpine Living LA-1500 v 2.0 is the best purifier for someone who is looking for cleaner air in smaller areas. This product can be used as a whole house purifier but truly shines in more compact homes or rooms.  This is because of the simple and thorough controls in the front which can be used to control the power and range. It features a double prong stainless steel negative ionizer positioned in front of the fan which releases trillions of ions for much quicker air particulate reduction. This works to eliminate smoke, odors, tobacco smoke, and chemical gases. In addition to this, this product also has stainless steel parts which prolong the product’s lifespan and avoids corrosion. Another feature includes a separate activated ozone control which releases ozone (O3) into the room and due to the instability of O3, it will oxidize and kill any mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria or virus particle. This product will work with or without this feature and the user has total control over its use and function. The ozone function is best used in more extreme cases but gives a very deep clean in any case overall. This product is also very convenient with the only maintenance needed is the cleaning of ozone plates on a semi-monthly basis depending on the usage of the ozone feature. This purifier is quiet in operation and instantly improves the quality of air indoors; in addition, it reduces dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or other related pollutants. Overall, this purifier is perfect for personal use because of the tested technology, customizable power levels, price, power, and secondary benefits such as healthier living.

Product specifications:

  • Electrical:
    • 120 volts, 60 hz AC line operation
    • 30 watts power consumption
    • 24-30 KV, 20-30 Khz ion pulsator
  • Mechanical:
    • Variable speed 400 CFM free air delivery fan
    • Height = 11.75” Width = 8” depth = 9.75”
    • Weight = 15 pounds
  • Activated Oxygen sanitizer:
    • Output = 260 mg of O3 per hour with O3 plate installed
  • Ion Generation:
    • Pulsating negative/positive ion field generator re-establishes ion levels
    • DC negative ion generation
  • Warranty
    • 3-year parts and labor industry-best warranty

Getting the most out of your Alpine Living Classic LA-3500

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So you’ve finally purchased and received your very own Alpine Living Classic LA-3500. Congratulations! Today we will go over how to get the most out of your purchase.

The importance of maintaining your Alpine products

We have had customers from over a decade ago tell us how their Alpine products are still running as magnificently as when they first purchased it. Every one of those customers has one thing that they all do in common; they properly maintain their product. It doesn’t take very long and is very easy to do, but many customers don’t do it. Those customers usually run into various issues with their machine. Issues such as the ozone plates not properly generating ozone, the machine making weird noises, and the machine just not running as well as it is intended to. Today we will go over the basic techniques as well as some other important tips or tricks to ensure your product will run optimally for the next decade or two.

I want to know the tips and tricks for my Alpine Classic LA-3500!

We recommend monthly cleaning. To clean your LA-3500, turn off your machine and unplug it from the outlet. Unscrew the two screws on the back of your machine. Carefully set aside the backing as well as the two additional filters when you remove the backing. Remove the two ozone plates and carefully set those aside also. If you have a can of compressed air, use that to remove any dust caught inside the machine. If you don’t have one, use a dry cloth to remove any dust that you can. We highly recommend that you get a can of compressed air to fully remove any and all dust from your machine. After you’ve ensured that all the dust is gone, it is time to clean the ozone plates. Take an old used toothbrush and soak it under warm water. Use the toothbrush to carefully scrub the metal parts of the ozone plate as well as the non-metal part if it is also dirty. If the dirt doesn’t come off the metal part after scrubbing with warm water, you can mix a small amount of hand soap into the water before scrubbing again. Always remember to be gentle while cleaning your machine and to always handle every part with extreme care. When done, let the ozone plates dry before inserting them back into your LA-3500. Put the two filters back in the way they came and screw the backing onto the machine again.

What if there are still problems?

Cleaning and maintaining your LA-3500 will extend the life of the product, but it will not solve every issue. Sometimes the ozone plates get too worn down to continue providing you with the cleanest air possible. We recommend that you switch ozone plates every 6 months to a year, depending on how often you run your 3500. If you follow the above steps and clean monthly, you should be able to extend the life of your plates to at least a year if not longer. However, don’t take too long to replace the plates because you will notice that your machine isn’t cleaning the air as well as it used to. Stop by the Alpine store to pick up some new plates for your machine when you need them!

Click HERE to stop by the Alpine store to pick up new plates, shop for your very own LA-3500, or just to ask any general questions.


Alpine Air Purifier Travel Kit – now Travel Allergy Free, Wherever or Whenever!

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Now you can travel allergy free with Alpine Air Technologies’ new Travel Kit air purifier! To learn more about this great offer please visit:!

The Untrustworthy eBay Seller you shouldn’t Buy from

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So you’ve purchased you air purifier via eBay because the price was cheaper and you thought you would get your bang for your buck. Now, your unit doesn’t work, nor the seller who sold you it doesn’t reply to your calls. This is the typical untrustworthy eBay seller. Don’t worry, you are not alone! We’ve had many reports and notifications about untrustworthy eBay sellers who claim they manufacture and sell genuine Alpine products, when they’re actually selling customers knock-off imitation models which serve nowhere near the efficiency of real Alpine Living Lightning air purifiers serve. And this is exactly why we are writing, to inform our customers so they can be aware if in case they ever encounter such a situation.

eBay sellers aren’t the only untrustworthy sellers we have had reports about either. There are a few more third party sellers which also claim they sell real Alpine Living Lightning products, however they’re only trying to lure customers for their own profits. Please visit our consumer warning page where you can see how customers in the past have been tricked by various websites’ sellers in the past for purchasing our units. These third party companies, like eBay for example, do not provide any sort of warranty and most likely, they’re lying to you if they claim they do! Only our company offers such warranty programs as we have the real Alpine Living Lightning air purifiers which won’t break down soon after purchase like imitating units. The units can be cheaper, however you will just have to buy cheaper units more frequent. You would be investing in quantity instead of quality, and for your respiratory health, this spells a recipe for disaster.

Instead, of constantly buying imitation products every year, take advantage of our trade-in program and invest in a quality Aline air purifier! With this program, you will trade in your generic or imitation unit for a new technologically advanced Alpine air purifier for a great discounted price as we give you $100 dollars for your trade-in no matter what kind, or what year it may be! As long as it is working. With a 3 year parts and labor warranty and a great discounted price, we truly offer the best deal for our customers because we want you guys to be fully satisfied. We even professionally test every single one of our products before and ensure our customers receive only tested products. Please visit today to learn more about your new air purifier!


Air Purifier Congestion

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Cleaning and Maintaining your Air Purifier’s Ozone Plates Alpine Air Purifier

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