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How to Improve the Quality of Your Indoor Air- Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

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An average number of people often believe that the outer part of your home is the only affected spot when it comes to air pollution. From ozone, smog, or haze, the outside of your home is indeed affected. However, it doesn’t mean that the indoor space is exempted from air pollutants.

The truth is. The indoor airs such as in your offices, homes, and other establishments can even be more polluted than the outside air. Some of the harmful contaminants and pollutants that pollute your indoor air include volatile chemicals, bacteria, in-house dust and dirt, and more. And these pollutants and particles can cause a great harm to your overall health.

So, how do you improve the quality of your indoor air? How do you prevent grave health issues resulting from these pollutants and particles? Purify your indoor air with Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier.

How Does Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier Work?

The Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier has revolutionized and transformed the entire air purification industry overnight.

Ideal for an average home, the Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is highly effective and efficient, yet affordable. This air purifier has proven to the whole world that you do not need to open your windows or heat your home before you can be comfortable. With Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier, the complex problems that could be brought to your home by odors, bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, and other pollutants can be completely eliminated.

When you purchase our Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier, you’ll get to enjoy an air purifier that works quietly and efficiently, eliminating the presence of environmental pollutants in your home, thus providing you and your family with clean, pollutant-free indoor air.

Without any doubt, purchasing Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is a one-time investment you could make for the benefit of you and your family.

Order for your 100% risk-free Alpine Fresh Air Classic LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier now.

Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

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Do you suffer from allergies? Or you’ve been experiencing breathing problems for a long while?

Alpine Air Purifiers such as the latest Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is the only air purifier you need to clean your indoor atmosphere. While it detoxifies your indoor space, it also helps eliminate any airborne pollutants and particles that could pose potential threats to your health. Ultimately, Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier leaves your indoor air fresh and pleasant enough to become breathable for you and other members of your household.

Combat Poor Air Quality with Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

As the air becomes stale, the contaminants and pollutants such as dirt, dust, dander’s, smoke, and chemicals tend to increase in numbers. This further increases your chances of getting respiratory allergies.


FrehAir LA-3500

Another factor that contributes to the quality of your indoor air is the odors. Of course, the nature of odor makes it linger for a long time, thus increasing to every part of your indoor space as more are added from cleaning, cooking, pets, and natural human emission. If you’ve been cleaning your home for a long time and you still discover the presence of these odors, the best is to purchase Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier.

Purchase Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier

Alpine Air is fresh and absolutely easy to use. Apart from that, this air purifier is highly effective and brings about the utmost convenience you need. With its incredible features targeted towards increasing the quality of your indoor air, it is sufficient to say that Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier represents modern innovation in air purification.

The new Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is amazing in its speed and accuracy, replicating the exact pattern Mother Nature use to purify the indoor space leaving a fresh and clean indoor space. As part of maintaining your indoor air quality, Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier incorporates unique and innovative technologies to generate negative ions. And this is exactly the same pattern used by nature to cleanse the air from dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles. Apart from attracting negative ions, Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier also produces activated oxygen, which helps in quick, efficient, and effective removal of odor and other harmful substances such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and more.

Of course, nobody will do this better than Mother Nature herself. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of Alpine Air Purifier Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 Air Purifier is commendable.

Why You Need Alpine Air Purifier Freshness in Your Indoor Space

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Being sealed in your home during the chillier months of the year might bring you some cozy feelings. However, if you’re one of those who are conversant with indoor allergies, or you’ve got some problem relating to your respiratory system, winter is a season of the year that can exacerbate such problems.

Two of the most popular agents that can increase the level of allergy in your indoor space are the stale indoor airs and the heating systems. For instance, during the latter part of winter or early spring, the atmosphere gets too chilly, and you won’t be able to open the windows to pull out the musty air. While you wait till the warmer weather comes in to replace winter, it’s crucial to be sensitive to some of the respiratory issues that could be galvanizing in your surroundings.

But the truth is. Most of these allergies could result in a wide range of respiratory issues. And you won’t even notice. There isn’t anything to alert you about these potential problems. You’ll only start experiencing the symptoms of allergies such as asthma, sleepiness, and more.

These are mostly caused by the trapping of allergens in the indoor space during winter since there is no airflow from the outside part of your home.

If you want to prevent allergens and respiratory issues in your home, the only available option is to invest in an air purifier. And our Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 is here to purify your indoor space and eliminate these harmful pollutants.

Purchase Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier Today


Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400


Beautiful and compact, Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier is specifically designed to provide round-the-clock protection against indoor air pollution for you and your family.

Specifically designed to cover an area of about 2,400 square feet, Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier offers a unique solution to complex problems that may arise from the presence of contaminants and pollutants like odors, smoke, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew from your indoor environment.

If you’re looking for a true solution to your indoor air purification issues, silent thunder is the right solution for you.

Purchase Alpine Air Purifier Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Air Purifier now

Alpine Air Purifier Auto Companion LA-150 v 2.0 and Travel Kit

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your job require you to be out on the road most of your day? Is your commute to
work painfully long? Do you get stuck in traffic all day? For most people, the
daily commute to work can be agonizing, but can it also be unhealthy? The
answer, in short, is yes! The article, “How sitting in traffic jams can harm
your health” by Yvette Brazier of
states that “Pollution that gathers inside cars in traffic jams and at red
traffic lights is far higher than that found in cars that are moving” (par. 1).
This increased pollution can lead to heart diseases, lung cancer, strokes, and
asthma. So, is there any solution? Allow us to introduce the Auto
Companion LA-150 v.2.0
and the Travel
! This car
air purifier
is perfect for cars, mini-vans, vans, trucks,
18-wheelers, tractor cabs, and even small boats! With this product you can
control pollution entering from outside or within. This product comes portable,
and even small enough to fit inside your pocket. With the All-in-One
Alpine Travel Kit
, you get two amazing units that give you the
ultimate ability of always being prepared and flexible for any situation in
travel or work. Easily plug it in to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter power outlet
and get instant mountain quality fresh air with peace of mind! Perfect for the
average hard-working trucker who deals with traffic on a daily basis, or the
busy traveler who is in a part of the world where pollution is higher than
other places. Using this product results in noticeable benefits such as:
reduction in headaches, sinus problems, allergies, and other respiratory
problems. Order


  • Electrical:
    • 12 Volt, Plugs into the cigarette
      lighter adaptor
    • No operating cost
  • Mechanical:
    • Purified Air Flow: 100 feet/min
    • Particle effectiveness: As small as
      .01 micron
    • 4.5 inches; Diameter: 0.9 inches
  • Activated
    Oxygen Sanitizer

    • N/A, this unit does not generate
  • Ion

    • Ion density at 2 ft: 800,000
      ions/cubic centimeter
  • Warranty:
    • 1-Year repair/replacement warranty
  • Coverage:
    • 20-150 Square Feet


  • Brazier,
    Yvette. “How sitting in traffic jams can harm your health.” Medical
    News Today
    . MediLexicon, Intl., 29 Aug. 2016. Web.
    6 Aug. 2019. <>

Alpine Air Purifier Alpine Living LA-1500 v 2.0

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Living LA-1500 v 2.0
is the best purifier for someone who is looking
for cleaner air in smaller areas. This product can be used as a whole house
purifier but truly shines in more compact homes or rooms.  This is because of the simple and thorough
controls in the front which can be used to control the power and range. It
features a double prong stainless steel negative ionizer positioned in front of
the fan which releases trillions of ions for much quicker air particulate
reduction. This works to eliminate smoke, odors, tobacco smoke, and chemical
gases. In addition to this, this product also has stainless steel parts which prolong
the product’s lifespan and avoids corrosion. Another feature includes a
separate activated ozone control which releases ozone (O3) into the room and
due to the instability of O3, it will oxidize and kill any mold, mildew, fungi,
bacteria or virus particle. This product
will work with or without this feature and the user has total control over its
use and function. The ozone function is best used in more extreme cases but
gives a very deep clean in any case overall. This product is also very
convenient with the only maintenance needed is the cleaning of ozone plates on
a semi-monthly basis depending on the usage of the ozone feature. This purifier
is quiet in operation and instantly improves the quality of air indoors; in
addition, it reduces dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or other related
pollutants. Overall, this purifier is perfect for personal use because of the
tested technology, customizable power levels, price, power, and secondary
benefits such as healthier living.


  • Electrical:
    • 120
      volts, 60 hz AC line operation
    • 30
      watts power consumption
    • 24-30
      KV, 20-30 Khz ion pulsator
  • Mechanical:
    • Variable
      speed 400 CFM free air delivery fan
    • Height
      = 11.75” Width = 8” depth = 9.75”
    • Weight
      = 15 pounds
  • Activated
    Oxygen sanitizer:

    • Output
      = 260 mg of O3 per hour with O3 plate installed
  • Ion

    • Pulsating
      negative/positive ion field generator re-establishes ion levels
    • DC
      negative ion generation
  • Warranty
    • 3-year
      parts and labor industry-best warranty

Getting the most out of your Alpine Living Classic LA-3500

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So you’ve finally purchased and received your very own Alpine Living Classic LA-3500. Congratulations! Today we will go over how to get the most out of your purchase.

The importance of maintaining your Alpine products

We have had customers from over a decade ago tell us how their Alpine products are still running as magnificently as when they first purchased it. Every one of those customers has one thing that they all do in common; they properly maintain their product. It doesn’t take very long and is very easy to do, but many customers don’t do it. Those customers usually run into various issues with their machine. Issues such as the ozone plates not properly generating ozone, the machine making weird noises, and the machine just not running as well as it is intended to. Today we will go over the basic techniques as well as some other important tips or tricks to ensure your product will run optimally for the next decade or two.

I want to know the tips and tricks for my Alpine Classic LA-3500!

We recommend monthly cleaning. To clean your LA-3500, turn off your machine and unplug it from the outlet. Unscrew the two screws on the back of your machine. Carefully set aside the backing as well as the two additional filters when you remove the backing. Remove the two ozone plates and carefully set those aside also. If you have a can of compressed air, use that to remove any dust caught inside the machine. If you don’t have one, use a dry cloth to remove any dust that you can. We highly recommend that you get a can of compressed air to fully remove any and all dust from your machine. After you’ve ensured that all the dust is gone, it is time to clean the ozone plates. Take an old used toothbrush and soak it under warm water. Use the toothbrush to carefully scrub the metal parts of the ozone plate as well as the non-metal part if it is also dirty. If the dirt doesn’t come off the metal part after scrubbing with warm water, you can mix a small amount of hand soap into the water before scrubbing again. Always remember to be gentle while cleaning your machine and to always handle every part with extreme care. When done, let the ozone plates dry before inserting them back into your LA-3500. Put the two filters back in the way they came and screw the backing onto the machine again.

What if there are still problems?

Cleaning and maintaining your LA-3500 will extend the life of the product, but it will not solve every issue. Sometimes the ozone plates get too worn down to continue providing you with the cleanest air possible. We recommend that you switch ozone plates every 6 months to a year, depending on how often you run your 3500. If you follow the above steps and clean monthly, you should be able to extend the life of your plates to at least a year if not longer. However, don’t take too long to replace the plates because you will notice that your machine isn’t cleaning the air as well as it used to. Stop by the Alpine store to pick up some new plates for your machine when you need them!

Click HERE to stop by the Alpine store to pick up new plates, shop for your very own LA-3500, or just to ask any general questions.


Alpine Air Purifier Travel Kit – now Travel Allergy Free, Wherever or Whenever!

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Now you can travel allergy free with Alpine Air Technologies’ new Travel Kit air purifier! To learn more about this great offer please visit:!

The Untrustworthy eBay Seller you shouldn’t Buy from

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So you’ve purchased you air purifier via eBay because the price was cheaper and you thought you would get your bang for your buck. Now, your unit doesn’t work, nor the seller who sold you it doesn’t reply to your calls. This is the typical untrustworthy eBay seller. Don’t worry, you are not alone! We’ve had many reports and notifications about untrustworthy eBay sellers who claim they manufacture and sell genuine Alpine products, when they’re actually selling customers knock-off imitation models which serve nowhere near the efficiency of real Alpine Living Lightning air purifiers serve. And this is exactly why we are writing, to inform our customers so they can be aware if in case they ever encounter such a situation.

eBay sellers aren’t the only untrustworthy sellers we have had reports about either. There are a few more third party sellers which also claim they sell real Alpine Living Lightning products, however they’re only trying to lure customers for their own profits. Please visit our consumer warning page where you can see how customers in the past have been tricked by various websites’ sellers in the past for purchasing our units. These third party companies, like eBay for example, do not provide any sort of warranty and most likely, they’re lying to you if they claim they do! Only our company offers such warranty programs as we have the real Alpine Living Lightning air purifiers which won’t break down soon after purchase like imitating units. The units can be cheaper, however you will just have to buy cheaper units more frequent. You would be investing in quantity instead of quality, and for your respiratory health, this spells a recipe for disaster.

Instead, of constantly buying imitation products every year, take advantage of our trade-in program and invest in a quality Aline air purifier! With this program, you will trade in your generic or imitation unit for a new technologically advanced Alpine air purifier for a great discounted price as we give you $100 dollars for your trade-in no matter what kind, or what year it may be! As long as it is working. With a 3 year parts and labor warranty and a great discounted price, we truly offer the best deal for our customers because we want you guys to be fully satisfied. We even professionally test every single one of our products before and ensure our customers receive only tested products. Please visit today to learn more about your new air purifier!


Air Purifier Congestion

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Cleaning and Maintaining your Air Purifier’s Ozone Plates Alpine Air Purifier

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Is my Fan Blade Working Efficiently in my New Air Purifier?

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The following are guidelines to tighten your fan blade for the following new air purifier models: LA-2000 to Classic LA-3500 (Model #: E300/RH02; 300/RH02; 300/H02; 300/UH02; HL2PRO; ZL-3500/UV)


Do you think the performance of your unit is being effected by a faulty fan blade? Before you secure your loose fan blade, dismantling your unit is mandatory. It shouldn’t take longer than about 15 minutes as it’s quite easy to remove the chassis from the cabinet. First, unscrew the two knobs on the front side of the unit. This would be the 03/Sanitizer and Fan/UV left and rights knobs which both have a small screw attaching them to the unit. Locate the tiny circular opening within each of the knobs to access the screws and unscrew each.

Now, on a hard surface, place the unit upside down and unscrew the bottom two bolts. Then, flip the unit back to its upright position (and on a hard surface still), and you should have easy access to the chassis (mechanism) of the unit. Remove it. Once you’ve moved the chassis, remove the metal protection bar by unscrewing and disconnecting it. Now, you should have easy access to the fan blade!

The blade should be positioned in the middle of the fan motor shaft itself, which is almost half way from the fan motor body and shaft. It shouldn’t be too close to the fan motor body nor in the very front of the fan motor shaft because it may risk touching the two metal prongs of the negative ionizer. Again, it should be placed in the middle of the fan motor shaft, which is an inch away from each end of the fan motor. Fasten the metal clamp of the fan blade by using pliers carefully. Do not maneuver the fan blade drastically and try to keep the fan blade on at all times when securing it. The metal clamp should be right in the middle of the fan blade over its opening (through which the fan motor shaft fits).

Now, reassemble the metal bar in front of the fan blade (and, if applicable, screw in the green ground wire connecting to the metal bar). Place the chassis mechanism fully back into the cabinet and reassemble the unit by following the instructions in reverse (secure the top, then bottom surfaces). Now, plug in your unit and turn it on as you monitor it the next couple of days. Please visit if you have further questions!

How to Replace the Fan Motor in your Alpine Air Purifier

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Before you begin to dismantle your unit, make sure your unit has been turned off and is unplugged! Removing the fan motor from your XL15 purifier should be easy to follow along as it involves a process of removing parts from the front and rear of the unit (hence, giving access to the fan motor). If performed correctly, the process shouldn’t take longer than 15-30 minutes!

Starting with the front of the unit, first remove the two knobs for the ozone (purifier) and fan by sliding them off (pull them towards you). Next, remove the front grill by unscrewing its screws. Then, remove the fan motor’s fan blade (pull it towards you again). Once you’ve done these three steps, you’re ready to move onto the disassembly of the back of your unit!

From the rear of the unit, start by removing the lint screen filter, then remove the ozone plate(s). After, flip the unit carefully so that it is resting on its top and remove the four screws located at each corner. Flip the unit back to standing on its bottom. Now, you want to locate 3 separate red wires all coming from the unit’s chassis. Two of the three red wires should be connected to the fan motor while the other one connects to the needlepoint ionizer located right above the fan motor. Carefully disconnect all three of these wires. Once you remove these wires, you’re ready to gain access to the fan motor!

Carefully remove the chassis from the cabinet. Once you locate the fan motor, locate the fan motor bracket (it should be connected to the fan motor with two long connecting screws). Unscrew these two screws using pliers if necessary (if your unit is old or has accumulated rust). If there is no way to unscrew the screws with a screwdriver or plier, you will have to use cutters to cut and break the screws so that you can remove your fan motor. Each new air purifier you’ve purchased should come with two extra screws, so don’t worry if you must!

Now remove the old fan motor and carefully pay attention to the way it is positioned and located (as you will be placing the new fan motor the exact same way). Then, place the new motor in and screw the two original screws (or new if you stripped them) so that the fan motor and the fan motor bracket are securely connected again. After, put the chassis back into place in the cabinet to ensure the two front metal pieces on which the knobs fit go through the two holes on the front of the cabinet. With the chassis inside the cabinet, reconnect the three red wires back to where they were originally. Two wires should go to the new fan motor and one wire to the needlepoint ionizer (it doesn’t matter which wire goes where, they’re all the same). If you have difficulty connected the third wire to the needlepoint ionizer, try to reach into the chassis from the front of your unit and connect the wire as the needlepoint ionizer is much closer to the front of the unit than the back. Now, you can secure your unit!

Flip the machine upside down and fasten the four screws that hold the chassis to the cabinet. Then, after making sure the chassis was placed in the right position so that it could fit the two knobs, reconnect the two knobs in the front. Then reconnect the fan blade to the fan motor carefully and gently. Once this is secure, place the fan grill, ozone plate(s), and then the lint screen filter back the same way you took them off. Now you’re ready to start using your air purifier once again!

If your unit still has issues, it’s more than likely something is not connected well (red wires maybe) or there is a bigger problem within the unit (electrical). If this is the case, we highly recommend our unique and special trade-in program since old XL15 air purifiers are no longer repairable. We actually recommend this program even if your XL15 unit it working simply because its technology is out of date and you aren’t getting the best quality air! Instead of replacing your blade, you’re better off replacing the entire unit! You could replace the fan blade, however you’re more than likely to encounter the same problem again as well as additional wear and tear issues. The newer and identical model to the XL15 is the Classic LA-3500 v2.0 which is more powerful and provides for quick and efficient air pollution control and reduction. Protection against corrosion, more powerful ionization, more sanitizing power, enhanced protection, and improved filtration are all benefits that come with the new and improved version of the XL15! In fact any of our newer models are better than the XL15 version, chiefly because greater efficient square foot coverage. Please take a visit to!

Locating your ZL3 or HMA-300/CHO Fresh Air Purifier’s Fuse Compartment

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Do you have an Alpine model ZL3 or HMA-300/CHO Fresh Air Purifier? Do you need help to locate the fuse compartment for cleaning or replacement purposes? Well, Alpine is gladly here to help! Whether it’s time to replace your fuse on your air purifier or simply just clean the interior of your Alpine air purifier, it’s important to know where the fuse is located because eventually you will have to do both tasks. We actually recommend you periodically check your fuse compartment every couple of months as well as clean the interior of your air purifier every three months.

The fuse compartment can be found on the back side of your air purifier. You actually don’t have to remove the back of the machine to access the fuse, so before you begin please don’t jump to removing the back, otherwise you will find yourself wasting unnecessary time. The compartment is located where the power cord plugs in. If you have trouble locating it, refer to your unit’s user manual for further assistance. Looking exactly where the power cord plugs in on the back of your machine, the fuse cabinet is located inside that plastic material. In your user manual, you should see a picture of the fuse on the plastic material (if you need help). If you want to remove the fuse (or even replace it), simply pull the fuse out by unlocking the fuse cabinet with a flat head screwdriver. Replace the original fuse with the correct new fuse. It’s important you make sure the fuse is a 1.5 AMP 250V Fast Acting fuse! It can be found at any local home goods store such as Home Depot or Radio Shack for a few bucks. After making sure everything is once again connected, use a different power outlet to plug your unit into to ensure you your unit works.

Please visit to see what limited special offers we have and our unique trade-in program!

Alpine Air Technologies Air Purifier 

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Alpine Living Air Purifiers – alpine air purifier, living air purifier, ecoquest air purifier.

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Air Purifier Ozone Smell

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Servicing/Replacing an Air Purifier with Alpine Air Purifier

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Where can I Buy Parts for my Air Purifier?

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Are you wondering where to buy parts for your air purifier? Do you need to replace something that you can’t find in other stores? Chances are, your air purifier is outdated and the parts for it are no longer distributed for sale because there are better air purifiers available now which work ten times better. Fixing your air purifier with a part may solve the issue temporarily, but you shouldn’t be surprised if your air purifier has ensuing issues in the near future. These air purifiers aren’t meant to last 10 plus years, and it’s time to invest in a new air purifier. Local dealers will not have older parts, so again, save your time from going! Fortunately, if you do have a newer air purifier, parts and replacements are most of the time available for your unit. On our parts page, we have old and new parts available for all our models. Simply just scroll up and down the page and navigate yourself until you find your model and part. If the part isn’t available, that means that you must ship in your unit to us because our qualified technician must replace the part as it’s dangerous and very confusing to do so. You can find ozone plates, filters, batteries, filters, and much more on our parts page, all for the best cost in the market today.

If you do have an older air purifier, we recommend replacing the unit as a whole as you will most likely have to continually replace parts on your old unit. Fortunately, we have a special trade-in program where you give us your current unit (of whatever condition it is – old, rusty, dirty, etc. – as long as it’s working) and we give you $100 towards a purchase of your new air purifier which is already discounted at a marked price! We ship the unit to you for free and offer a free 3 year parts and labor warranty! So there really is no catch, what are you waiting for? Go to today to get your air purifier!


Replacing your Ozone Plates on your HMA-250 Air Purifier

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Do you have the model# HMA-250 air purifier, or any other old purifier, that needs some servicing and replacement of parts? Is it getting rusty, ineffective, and problematic? Have you thought about the newer technology and science behind up-to-date air purifiers and their effectiveness? Well, if these thoughts are running through your head, you’ve reached the right place!

For the HMA-250 unit, a commercial air purifier manufactured in the early 1990’s, the main purpose is to sanitize air. Unlike today’s air purifiers, they didn’t feature an ionization process of removal for pollutants in the air. Hence, this unit isn’t actually meant for residential daily operation. The “right side only” caption means that only the right side of the air purifier can fit ozone plates, and not any universal ozone plate. In addition to the plates, all other parts of this model are no longer available as of many years ago. This is simply because the demand of this unit, as well as other older units, has significantly diminished as everyone has switched to newer models. Newer models are behind efficient technology that today’s scientists approve of and admire as they are safer, more effective, quieter, more powerful, and much more.

If you were looking to replace a certain part on your old air purifier, we highly recommend taking advantage, instead, of our special trade in program offered for a limited time. This program basically cuts your cost in half for a brand new, top-quality, alpine air purifier, with free shipping all just for trading in your current air purifier (no matter what condition it’s in). Your new air purifier is shipped to you for free, and comes with a three-year parts and labor warranty, so there really is no catch. You may as well invest in a reliable and durable air purifier now than repair and service your current unit, and then have to only do the same thing in another few months. Visit today to get yourself your air purifier!

Alpine Air Purifier

Alpine Air Purifier