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Don’t Buy Alpine Living Air Purifiers on eBay

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Alpine Living Air Purifiers are solely sold on our website at  Never will you find an Alpine product that will be brand new, for resale claiming it comes with warranty and a valid serial number.  Again, Alpine’s products are strictly, ONLY sold on our website.  That being said, a large, unfortunate group of our customers have been targets of eBay scammers who resell our products claiming they are new, or even sell imitation units of our brand claiming they are exactly the same thing.  This is a huge misunderstanding for our customers, and we want to promote awareness in that buying from eBay in particular, (as well as other websites) is something we don’t want you to fall into doing.

Living Air dealers are, in fact, prohibited to resell any products on other websites, including eBay.  If the seller on eBay claims that he or she is an authorized eBay seller of the Living Air product, is a complete lie.  It doesn’t matter what type of air purifier it is, how old it may be, the condition of it, or whether it is new or not, all purifiers sold on eBay are knock-off units.  And for your own knowledge, as a buyer, you don’t know anything about the past history of the product, and there is no way to verify any claims the dealer is making about what he is selling.  This is a major concern to Alpine, and a major reason why we don’t offer warranty to any units sold on eBay.  If the eBay seller says it offers warranty, it is a private warranty of his own, not of Alpine.

Of the units being sold on eBay which are imitation units or refurbished, we have seen many of the Living Lightning Alpine Fresh Air and Classic LA-3500 v2.0 units on many occasions.  Please do not fall into this trap the eBay buyers are trying to scam you in.  They know exactly what they are doing, with the knowledge of our policy, and they want to scam you.  You may be buying at a cheaper price, but in fact you will be spending a lot more money when it comes to replacing parts or buying a brand new air purifier as a whole once your eBay bought one breaks.

If you have any stories related to eBay, or any other websites similar to eBay claiming to sell Living Air products or imitation units, please contact us on our support page and write us your story so we can share it with other customers.  We strive to make a safe, trustworthy environment for our customers so that they can buy with confidence.    Below is a picture of a real Alpine Living Lightning air purifier with the logo clearly visible on the front under the grill.


What are some Common Application Problems with Air Purifiers?

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So you’ve just purchased your new air purifier and you are excited to use it to finally get you the fresh quality are you’ve long-desired.  Upon setting up and turning on your air purifier, you wonder if you’re doing everything right to ensure the machine works correctly and as efficient as possible, and you aren’t sure if you’re doing everything in the best interest of you and your home.  Setting up your air purifier is a crucial step in sanitizing your home effectively, and you must place it in the correct area and surrounding environment.  Then, your air purifier will be entirely effective in cleaning your indoor air.  Here are some common problems that we have listed for you and may address your issue.

So you’ve placed your unit in the correct environment, but you’re not seeing the results that you want.  This is a result of most likely, an improper placement of your machine making there a lack of effective air movement.  Another common issue is a strong ozone odor smell that lingers in the air after your air purifier is done sanitizing a room.  Again, this is a result of improperly placing your unit in your home making there a lack of ozone.  Additionally, there may be a strong amount of ozone remaining in the air.  This is a result of an improper purifier control setting and lack of air flow.  Customers have also reported quite often, a visual haze of smoke or particulate remains in the air.  This is because a lack of ionization or no air movement.

As you can see all of these problems arise from the issue of placing your air purifier in the correct setting when turning it on.  Each air purifier is unique so we recommend using your owner’s manual for your distinct air purifier.  Simply refer to the step-by-step instructions of your owner’s manual to read and learn about information about proper placement of the machine and proper control settings.  For general instruction, you should close all doors and windows in your room that you are using your unit in.  These ensures that there will be a good air floor in the room, without disturbance.  Also, we recommend using the air purifier on for a whole day, or more if needed, without entering the room.  Additionally, we recommend placing the unit in the middle of the room, or in the middle of an area you want to concentrate on.  An air purifier running in one room will not improve the quality of air in another room.  You need to use it in each room desired to sanitize.  Visit our FAQ page for additional help at!

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Dead Light Bulbs on my Air Purifier?

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So you have an air purifier and the indicator light bulb/bulbs have stopped working inside the unit, and you have no clue what this means, nor do you know if you should stop using your air purifier or not. Well, Alpine Air Technologies is here to help you, and you’ve came to the right place to deal with your air purifier’s issue.

First and foremost, you can disregard the indicator light bulb/bulbs within your unit, as long as your unit it working up to par. Often times, these light bulbs simply burn out over time due to your air purifier being old. The key here, to determine if any issues persist with the broken light bulb/bulbs don’t persist, is to observe the environment in which you are utilizing your air purifier in. Pay close attention to detail in where there is dust accumulation and isn’t. If you can observe some sense of clean and fresh air in your home, as well as notice dust accumulation on the surfaces in the room, chances are, your air purifier is working just fine. The dust tells us that your air purifier is picking and attracting all the dust and releasing it onto the surfaces of the floor and other objects around.

On the other hand, if you fail to sense any clean sort of fresh air, and don’t see much dust accumulation on the surfaces within the room, chances are your air purifier has an mechanical problem inside itself, which is why you’re seeing the light bulb/bulbs not working. In this case, you will have to take a visit to our repairs page of our website to see if your unit can be repaired, and if not, what the other available options are for you.

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Why is there film on my windows after using my air purifier?

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Many times users of air purifiers complain that the use of the air purifier in their home has somehow caused film on their windows within their home/sanitizing area. This is a misconception actually. The film on the windows does not mean that the air purifier you have used is malfunctioning, and this is very rare to occur. Rather the reason why film on your windows accumulate is because upon using you purifier, you tend to close the windows and doors for sanitation, and in doing so, film results on your windows. You must allow of sufficient air flow and circulation inside your sanitizing area. Opening the windows more often creating a breeze, or even running your ceiling fan close to where the air purifier is will help disburse the ions and present them from accumulating in just one particular area in your home. Furthermore, you can also try to move the air purifier to a different area in your home with better air flow if the previous area didn’t allow for sufficient air flow and circulation. These few steps should take care of the window issue you are dealing with and you should see improvement within a week. If you placed a whole house air purifier in one small room as opposed to a whole area which is open like a living room, it’s possible that the ions accumulated at a rapid pace because of the lack of air flow in the particular area. This is a common mistake users make when trying to sanitize one room. If you do need to sanitize one room, again, turn on the fan, open doors and windows, or even turn on the air conditioning/heating system to avoid having film accumulate on your windows. Visit Alpine Air Technologies to check out some of the most efficient air purifiers in the market today. Don’t wait while sales last!

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The Importance of Air Purifiers and Indoor Air Quality

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Air Purifiers keep people away from breathing problems like asthma and allergies because air purifiers help to improve the indoor air quality. Nowadays, due to the tight construction of today’s homes and buildings, and people are too busy to escape from their works to breath fresh air, so indoor air quality becomes really important for us. But indoor environment lacks the electrical nutrients of the air that we need. Air purifiers can remove airborne contaminates from the air we breath, including dust mite, pet hair, dander, mold, pollen. Air purifiers’ filters must be able to capture at least 90% of particles,  or 0.3 micrometer dust. Air purifiers can give urban residents the best solutions for fresh air due to those air purifiers are portable and energy saving. Our Alpine Air Technology is  here to give our best selections of air purifiers online, customers are welcome to our online store at

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Do you suffer from seasonal allergies

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It’s spring time and as much as you love the sun and flowers, you can’t stand having allergies. Are you one of those that suffer for months at a time and no matter what allergy medicines you take, you just can’t seem to get relief? It seems like your allergies occur where ever you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the office, the gym or at home, your eyes are watery, nose is running and you’re constantly sneezing.

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What’s causing your seasonal allergies? Believe it or not, one main culprit is pollen. If you didn’t know, pollen can actually come from trees, grasses, or other plants. You might have even noticed that anytime it’s windy outside, your allergies seem to be more active. Pollen is typically harmless to humans, in fact it’s what helps plants and trees reproduce. Usually the body will release antibodies to fight against the pollen that you end up breathing.

However, if you’re allergic to pollen, your body will automatically think it’s a threat. Histamine is released anytime your body responds to an allergic reaction. When this happens you’ll experience a swelling of tissue in your nose and your mucous production also increases, at the same time it causes you to itch.

Most people will take antihistamine medicines to help control their allergies. But what if you can help reduce the pollen in the environment you spend most of your time in? This is where the Alpine Single Room LA-500 V2.0 Living Lightning air purifier comes in handy. This air purifier is perfect for your office or in your bedroom. Think about it you can work in your office with clean air. You can sleep in your bedroom in peace and not having to worry about pollen invading your respiratory system while you sleep.

Why would you use the LA-500? The question should be, why wouldn’t you? The LA-500 eliminates smoke, odors, tobacco smoke, chemical gases. It kills mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria and viruses. But here’s the best part for allergy sufferers, It reduces dust, dust mites, pet dander, POLLEN and other pollutants that could cause allergies.  You won’t even notice the LA-500 because it runs so quite. But in reality, it’s busy purifying the air around you.



Time to Live in a Purified Life

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Indoor air is not as clean as we thought of. There are  so many unexpected things in our Indoor air, such as dust, dust mites, pet dander or pollen. Many people allergic to those invader, and many serious consequence may happen. Because of allergy, some people may have chest tightness or discomfort, difficulty breathing, cough, skin redness, itchiness and etc.

In regular air other than those visible invaders, so many invisible invaders also exist in our regular life. You can not see those mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses and airborne germs, but any of those could give you sickness.


Now days people spend tons of money of sickness, but now there is a way to help everyone of us saving those unnecessary spending. That is Fresh Air LA-3500 v.2.0. This machine provide some many unique features to keep us away from sickness.

  • Eliminates smoke, odors, tobacco smoke, chemical gases
  • Sanitize feature kills mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses and most airborne germs
  • Reduces dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or any other pollutant
  • Instantly improves the quality of air indoors
  • Help control additional dust and dander
  • Removes odors home, office, car, boat, RV

By using it, your house, office, car, boat, or RV will be changed to an safe environment. In addition to those features, This air purifier also make people’s life easier.

  • The Smart Air Technology alerts you when normal maintenance or service is required. Easy maintenance takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Its quiet operation will give your quiet and peaceful environment
  • You can also customize your environment using either the included remote, or the controls on the front

Fresh Air LA-3500 v.2.0 is easy to use, very effective, and super convenient. Every house should get one to keep our living environment clean and fresh.


Fully Clean Environment

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To make our living place clean, many advance technologies appearing in the market to clean our daily breathing air. Just for air purifiers, there are all kinds of methods used to purifier the air. These are the most common used technologies. Thermodynamic sterilization uses heat to sterilizes air at high temperatures. At 400 F high temperature, 99.99% of all microorganisms are destroyed. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation uses ultraviolet light near wavelength 2537 to kill microorganisms. Activated carbon captures odors and absorb large airborne and polluted particles. Polarized-Media electronic air cleaners. when the air pass through the central heating and cooling system, they become polarized. Those particles will join together and on a disposable low static polarized media pad with an activated charcoal center screen. Photo catalytic oxidation destroy air pollution by incorporating photon and ultraviolet energy activating a catalyst creating photon catalytic oxidation(PCO), when PCO enters in air, it will generate hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals and hydroxides to kill pollution. But all methods listed above have a common limitation. Not all the indoor air will go through the air purifier which mean large amount of indoor air will kept polluted as always. But i think Ionizer purifiers and Ozone generator can make sure all the indoor air get purified.


Ionizer purifiers clean air by generating negative ions and spread them into room, and those negative ions will gather all the pollution  descending to the nearby wall or floor. Ozone generators can generate Ozone to control indoor air pollution by interacting and destroy gases, chemicals, and microorganisms. In stead of letting air go through the air purifier, those two methods actually spread ions and Ozone into the whole room and clean every part of the room. The NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 air purifier can clean indoor air by generating Ion and Ozone, and also it is currently on sale.


How to Deal With Second Hand Smoking

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As everyone knows, smoking in general is bad for you.  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking cigarettes still persists to be the chief leading preventable cause of death and disease in America, taking away nearly 500,000 lives in the country alone every year and costing consumers nearly $300 billion per year.  The sad part is – this cause is preventable, yet Americans still prefer to smoke and kill themselves by smoking as a mere choice.  Some people have a “you only live once” mentality, so that’s understandable as well.

Ozone effect

However, second hand smoking is just as dangerous as first hand smoking in terms of its negative effects on your health.   Of those near 500,000 deaths a year 41,000 have been from second hand smoking, believe it or not.  Yes, 41,000 people each year, in America alone, don’t smoke and yet forfeit the undeserving cost of smoking in losing their lives.  Whether it may be a family home where you’re family member chooses to smoke in the house, or even at work, your co-workers smoke as well, you are stuck in a position where you cannot leave the impacted area of smoking vicinity because remaining put is your only option.  What should you do then if you don’t want these negative effects to happen to you?  Don’t you want to live a smoke free life?

Well one option would be to relocate from an office or house where you’re exposed to smoke.  However, for many, this wouldn’t be a feasible option.  Instead, you can use air purifiers!  Air purifying technology has been scientifically proven to get rid of smoke as well as other polluting particles that may be contaminating your air (such as pollen, dust, bacteria, etc.).  Alpine Air Technologies offers a variety of great air purifying products that instantly make a noticeable difference in the quality of air around you.  It oxygenates and sanitizes the air with a two step process of releasing positive and negative ions as well as ozone, removing the smoke or other bacteria-like particles.  Alpine is one of the top quality air purifiers in the industry today and prides itself of benefits over its competitors (such as effectiveness, durable, silent work mode, square feet coverage, etc.).

No one deserves to pay the price of second hand smoking.  If you want to get rid of the second hand smoke in your life and live a healthier and longer life, you should seriously consider Alpine’s products.  They will change the way you live and let you live a smoke free, clean air lifestyle you’ve always desired.


Did you know that these things could contaminate your indoor air?

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Did you know that the air in your home may be even dirtier and more polluted with contaminants than the outside air?  This is the case for many people, and they go a whole lifetime without even knowing that they were negatively impacting their own health and repertory systems.  A lot of things – that may affect the air indoors – are common; such things can be pollen, dust, pollution, etc.  However where can these germs and bacteria come from?  There are many things that bring in these contaminants indoors.

Firewood is one of the most common things that contaminate your indoor air.  Everyone loves to stay warm during cold winter nights, have a cup of hot chocolate, and watch holiday movies.  But the firewood one uses may harm you and your indoor environment with molding contaminants.  The smoke and pollution caused by the burning of the firewood would also lead to breathing issues for some.

Another common contaminant is old storage items that you bring you after a period of time.  For example, Christmas decorations often are very dusty and dirty after being stored away for nearly 11 months of the year.  Dust accumulates and builds mold sometimes.  As you unpack and place these items around your home, you’re as well spreading the germs that come with it as well.

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Air-scent deodorizers.  Such can be air fresheners, believe it or not!  You may think that your air freshener may be doing you a favor by providing a great smelling home, however it just gives a sense of smell for your home, it doesn’t sanitize the air.  The odors released sometimes can cause irritation and breathing issues for some.  Candles can also cause your air to be contaminated and dirty, affecting your clear breathing.  Many people actually report having less nasal irritation after removing candles from their homes.

Pets and house guests also bring germs and pollutants into your indoor home.  Guests come from all over the place at times, having been outdoors, with other pets, or any other area that has had dirty air, they will be bringing their dirty clothes with them, thus affecting your indoor air quality.  Pets, similarly, bring pollutants and allergens at times into your home, after being outdoors for a while as well.  Pets can actually absorb pollen and other dust particles onto their furry coats as well, and once they’re in a around the home, you will as well be exposed to the negative contaminants.

So you’ve realize that you can no longer go another day with these common things contaminating your air?  Keep in mind, these are only a few things that can bring bacteria and pollutants into your indoor air!  There’s a huge list of things that contaminate your air, and you must be proactive about it if you want to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle.  In order to accomplish this, you should invest in an air purifier!  They clean and sanitize the air in your home with many great benefits that will prolong your life.  They have been scientifically proven to work, as they release negative ions and ozone into your atmosphere, getting rid of all the negative contaminants.  Visit Alpine Air Technologies to learn more and buy the best air purifiers in the market today.  You will finally live the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!

5 Common Chemical Indoor Pollutants

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Did you know that science has discovered 350 air pollutants to this day?  Here is an article of some of the most common chemical gases and some of the health problems they may cause.  Learn how are the symptoms and signs of air pollution, and what you can do to remove it from your indoor air.  Health risks are extremely serious with indoor air pollution and contamination, doctors an experts report – so please be careful in reading this article, and learn how you should combat against it!

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  1. Ammonia: Ammonia sources from tobacco smoke and cleaning supplies most commonly.  Some associated health issues with ammonia are eye and skin irritation, headaches, nose bleeds, or sinus problems.
  2. Benzene: It is caused by things such paint, new carpet and drapes, and upholstery.  Some health problems that it can cause are headaches, eye and skin itchiness, exhaustion, and cancer.
  3. Benzopyrene: Benzopyrene can be caused by tobacco smoke often leading to asthma attacks, eye and skin irritation, sinus problems, emphysema, and lung cancer.
  4. Chloroform: This results from paint, new drapes, upholstery, and new carpeting.  Some health symptoms are headaches, asthma attacks, head dizziness, and eye or skin irritation.
  5. Formaldehyde: This pollutant comes from tobacco smoke, plywood cabinets, furniture, particle board flooring and furniture, office dividers, new carpet and drapes, wallpaper, and paneling.  Associated health symptoms are headaches, cancer, gynecological problems, depression, memory loss, breathing problems, fatigue, drowsiness, and eye or skin irritation.
  6. Hydrocarbons: Roots from tobacco smoke, gas burners, and furnaces.  Health problems that result from this are headaches, eye and skin irritation, and respiratory irritation.
  7. Trichloroethylene: Trichloroethylene comes from paint, glue, furniture, and wallpaper.  Health symptoms are headaches, eye and skin irritation, and respiratory irritation.
  8. Xylene: This pollutant comes from paint, new drapers, cleaning supplies, and new carpeting.  Health problems associated with this are headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

So there you have some common chemical gases that can cause all sorts of terrible health conditions and problems.  Are you affected by any of these?  Do you have any of these health issues already?  If not, do you want to prevent it from ever occurring?   Well the way to solve the issue of indoor air pollution to combat it with air purifiers.  Air purifiers effectively combat and remove these negative chemical gases as well as the other 342 other air pollutants.  Visit Alpine Air Technologies to learn and buy the best branded air purifying retailer in the market today.  Just look at their great customer reviews online on their website, and once you invest in one of these purifiers, you won’t be disappointed.  You will notice the quality of air you breathe is new, fresh, clear, and enjoyable.  

Why Air Purifiers are Necessary for Homes in Close Proximity to West Coast Wildfires

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Making history, the wildfires on the west coast this year have been nothing but traumatizing for home owners, families, firefighters, nature, animals, the environment, and many other groups of people. With the drought affecting major areas in the west coast, rain has not been as abundant as in the past, and temperatures have been soaring for the past recent years.  Unfortunately, major states such as Washington, California, Idaho, and Oregon have been affected the most.  In Washington alone, 590,000 acres of land have been burned down while 276,000 gallons of water have been used to combat against it.  In California, as of two weeks ago, there were 17 wildfires being battled and treated by more than 12,000 firefighters.  Help is on the way from other states such as Minnesota, Wyoming, and Colorado.  Idaho alone has 17 wildfires as well.  The fires are spreading rapidly having negative effects on the environment and the quality of air people are breathing as smoke and pollution emerge as a primary concern for the public.

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Washington State Department of Health has issued a warning that “People are encouraged to remain indoors to avoid breathing smoky air, which can cause coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath in healthy people.”  The smoke outside is something all affected people should be avoiding as many people have asthma, allergies, and are sensitive to a chemical consumed air environment.  However, the department failed to mention that the quality of air indoor for these local residents will be just as bad as the air outdoors.

Did you know that indoor air pollution is a top 5 environmental health risk issued by  Indoor air pollution is bad itself, but for these western states affected by wildfires, the indoor air of almost every home is being contaminated with smoke, pollution, and other toxic chemicals.  With air cooling and heating systems, gaps in windows and doors, chemicals being brought in by home owner’s clothes, and the ease of air traveling in and out of homes, the air inside homes will be just as bad as the air outside.  The safest place to stay is, without doubt, your home.  However, the air in these homes needs to be treated, just as the wildfires outdoors are being treated.

To treat the air in your home, experts recommend that you should use an air purifier to sanitize and oxygenate the air.  Air purifiers have been scientifically proven to combat against air, and kill 99 percent of bacteria such as pollution, smoke, mold, chemicals, allergens, and much more.  With the two step release process, the top quality air purifiers release negative ions and ozone, efficiently eliminating almost all contaminants.  It’s extremely important that you invest in the right air purifier, not just a generic branded one – which would result in little to no improvement in the quality of your indoor air.

We recommend using an Alpine air purifier, as they are one of the best air purifiers available in the market today.  Alpine air purifiers combat effectively against smoke and pollution as one of their main functions, in addition to fighting against other chemicals.  They are super friendly, offer great warranty and customer support, and their machines have been a customer favorite for recent years.

Investing in an air purifier is the most beneficial thing you can do if you are affected by the wildfires on the west coast.  Preventing health issues from arising now will pay off as you will be breathing pure, fresh quality air inside your home, making it the safest place to stay away from the smoke and pollution outdoors.


Alpine Air Purifiers vs Knock-off Air Purifiers

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This article is written to inform you and customers about unauthorized sales of Living Air products over the internet from scammers.  Before you buy any Living Air Purifier, make sure that the unit has a valid manufacturer’s serial number attached to it to prove it is in fact a branded product.  Scammers who often sell “Living Air” air purifiers remove or don’t have the serial numbers which automatically voids any type of warranty issued with the product.  This puts our customers at a major risk!  If you want to buy a Living Air purifier, call the dealer or seller and ask if their products have a valid serial number attached to it to confirm the legitimacy of the unit.  Also, we recommend asking the dealer for the manufacturer’s number to double check with them that everything matches.

Here is a list of some fraudulent websites that have been subject to selling unauthorized, illegitimate Living Air Purifiers.  These websites or businesses are not associated with Alpine Air Technologies is any way, and they are never authorized to sell out products for resale.  They are a completely different premises that we are not related to, and our company’s vision, values, and goals are completely different than these companies.  We’re doing this for you!– is an unauthorized online re-seller of Alpine products.  They claim they are authorized to sell the products, however this is completely false.  They are ran by a single seller named Alex, and he removes the serial numbers from its products, immediately voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.  They are also known for having old products and reselling them at a higher price, scamming customers.  They also do not provide refunds at times even though they have a money-back guarantee policy.  Complaints have been called in to Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles, CA.– units sold by Better Living are inferior in quality and imitate Living Lightning’s products such as Alpine Fresh Air and Classic LA-3500 v2.0 air purifiers.  They used to sell these knock-offs on eBay under the account name “Oregon Collectibles”, after being suspended for “questionable practices”.  They still sell their air purifiers through a new company website and through other sellers on eBay.  Reports we have received indicate a poor customer service department and a lack of support after the initial purchase of a product.– This is the same company as in an attempt to get away from the scrutiny he previously received and lower costs.  Ironically, in an attempt to form a new product, these current products look even more similar to Alpine Living Air air purifiers.  It should be noted that on their website, if you look at the pictures of their air purifiers, they have no company logo on the front of their purifier at all under the front grill.  Unless a unit has the Alpine Living Lightning logo on it, it is not an Alpine Living Lightning air purifier, rather a knock off version of it.  If you have accidentally bought from this knockoff company, we do offer a special trade in program.  We have had many of customers complain to us about this company, so we beg you to be careful with these guys.– another unauthorized dealer of which we recently made note of thanks to our watchers we have online.  They resell refurbished or outdated products as if they are new.  They sell products such as the BreezeAT air purifier, Fresh Air Spectrum room air purifier, Eagle 5000 commercial living air purifier, and Ozone Blaster commercial living air purifier, all which have been out of date in production.  They also provide a warranty they claim, however customers reported to us that they do not provide it once you have initially made a purchase.  Most old Ecoquest and Living Air purifiers are not available today, and are old, hence they will not last more than a couple of months.

We sincerely apologize if you have fell victim to any of these businesses selling knock-off products to you.  Please visit our support section and tell us you story so we can share it to other future customers.  We want to build a safe environment for our customers, and it starts with the customers always.

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Should I always smell Ozone from my air purifier?

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Many consumers of air purifiers wonder if it’s OK that they don’t smell ozone from their air purifier all the time. Based from our knowledge and over 10 years of experience in the air purification industry, it’s completely normal for everyone to not sense. In fact, it’s completely normal to not ever smell the ozone when it’s operating in your home/desired area. The purpose of your air purifier is not to produce ozone smell for you, but to reduce and remove airborne contaminants and bacteria in the air and break them down. At the normal Ozone setting, it’s more than likely that you will just barely sense the ozone smell when you first enter your home from an outside area. Upon a few minutes of being within your home, you will notice the smell vanish as your senses adapt to the smell and become used to it.

You don’t have to smell the ozone constantly and just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean the unit isn’t working properly. For example, take the ozone which is outdoors every day. Do you consistently smell the ozone every hour you spend outdoors? Of course not, but it’s certainly there along with every ray of sunshine that comes down to Earth. You may sense it in large quantity after a storm, but then it does its job and quickly dissipates to the point where you can’t smell it anymore. The same concept takes place in your home – as long as the household odors are gone and you have clean air to breathe easily, that’s all you’re essentially looking for. This shows that you have the correct ozone setting actually and not that you’re purifier isn’t working. In fact if you constantly smell ozone, this is the exact opposite of what should be, and tells you that you have a higher than necessary ozone setting. In this case adjust the fan to your comfort level (maybe low or medium), and set the O3 ozone level to a level where you do not sense any ozone as well as household odors. It may take some fine tuning and time to reach this ideal ozone output level, however you air purifier will take care of the job for you!

Visit Alpine Air Technologies today to purchase your new air purifier! There are some great deals currently we don’t want you to miss out on.

Ozone effect

Replacing an Air Purifier you bought from eBay

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Purchasing an air purifier from eBay can be very dangerous and misleading if you’re hoping to get an authentic air purifier that will last you longer than a couple years. Many dealers and sellers sell these knock-off brand air purifiers that mimic the real air purifiers, tricking customers and taking away their money. Many of these eBay sellers claim they offer warranty for example, giving consumers confidence in their products. However, according to eBay policy, there is no covered warranty for products bought and sold on the platform. These imitation units last for a short amount of time, usually ending up with an unhappy customer. Please visit our consumer warning websites page where you will see various web sites we have provided and caught first hand from our employees or customers themselves notifying us. If you come across one of these websites, please contact us, we would love to put information out there that will help our customers shop with confidence.

If you bought one of these air purifiers from eBay or any other website, or if you have an air purifier that needs to be replaced, take advantage of our trade-in program we offer, which is the best option for you considering the situation. With our program, you can trade in your current air purifier for a brand new technologically advanced air purifier and obtain an additional $100 off instantly, thus lowering the price of any new machine to the bare minimum. We cover the shipping to US and Canada, and there are no hidden expenses or catches. Your newly purchased Alpine air purifier is guaranteed to be genuine and will be preregistered for 3-years parts and labor warranty even before it is shipped to you. You can place your trade in order at your own convenience directly via our website in just 3 steps outlined on our trade-in page. If you have any other questions, please call us for additional assistance.

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What every man cave needs: Clean Air

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Every man dreams of having a “Man-Cave.” If you’re not sure what a man cave is, basically it’s a room set a aside for a man can enjoy a nice cold beer, listen to music, work on his hobbies and etc. Basically it’s like going to a place where you can hang out, but at your own home. Most man caves have a refrigerator full of beer and snacks, a television, some sort of game such as pinball or an arcade and of course, a couch or recliner chairs.

When men hang out in their man caves, they may occasionally smoke a nice cigar or a pipe while drinking beer and hanging out. This can be a fun and enjoyable time, but the problem is, all that smoke can make a room smell musty and down right gross. Sure opening the doors or windows can help get rid of the smell. But what every man cave needs is an air purifier to eliminate the smoke from the air completely.

This is where the Atlas NA Flare LA-2700 v.2.0 Living Lightning Alpine Air comes in handy. This air purifier was designed to ELIMINATE smoke, odors, tobacco smoke and other chemical gases. It also helps to kill mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Helps to reduce dust, dust mites, pet dander and pollen. Removes odors from your MAN-CAVE, home, office and even your car/RV or boat! Once you plug it in and turn it on, it will instantly improve the quality of air indoors.

The LA-2700 is a small unit, no bigger than a shoe box and it works quietly to purify your air. You can place your purifier anywhere in your man cave and it won’t be in the way. In fact, you can smoke right next to it and by the time you puff out your smoke, the unit will have had cleaned the air and purified it.


Are Air Filters Actually Bad For You? Try Air Purifiers

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There you are, in your kitchen cooking up some lunch on a nice, hot summer day, enjoying yourself.  However, one thing is bothering you – you have a stuffy nose and have difficulty breathing clearly.  You’re sneezing and have that itchy sensation in your nose.  The air in your house may have been contaminated with dust, pollen, germs, bacteria, viruses, as well as other allergic pollen.  So you go to the store to purchase a generic branded air filter, hoping that you will be able to once again safely breathe the air in your house without distressing about the negative contaminants.  By nighttime, you have assembled the air filter and it actively runs throughout the night.

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The subsequent day you notice a slight difference of change in the quality of air however your stuffy nose is still lingering around somewhat.  You want to give the air filter more time to fully take effect to cleanse all the air in your home, so you decide to give it some more time.  As the days go by, you wait patiently for the filter to remove the negative contaminants, hoping your quality of breathing and stuffy nose improve.  However, the exact opposite takes place.  Your conditions become worse, you barely can breathe, and you start wondering whether the air filter was malfunctioning, and whether or not you should return it.

Shockingly, there’s nothing wrong with the air filter’s functionality – all of its parts are working perfectly fine.  However, the problem is the way all air filters are built and the logic in how they “purify” air (when they actually don’t…they actually make it worse).  The point that should be noted here is that air filters try to solve the negative symptoms of air contamination and not the issue itself.  Air filters can only cleanse the air that passes through its close vicinity, not the air that’s across the room from or in different rooms.  If you have multiple air filters in every room of your home, maybe, the air will be cleaner, if you’re lucky.  Another issue found with air filters is that the filters get dirty awfully quickly and replacing them often can be quite expensive.  The air that then comes in to a contaminated air filter can be worse for your health as dirty air comes in, and even dirtier air comes out.  Most people change their air filters on a periodic schedule, every season or every month, which is most of the time ineffective as the filters get dirty quickly.  What then, can solve this problem?

Air purifiers!  In my opinion, you should make note of the Filter-less Alpine Air Living Purifier is one of the top air purifiers in the industry.  Needless to say, you would only need one of these in the entire home up to 5,000 square feet!

NA Flare LA- 2700 v2.0 – Living Lighting™ Air Purifier


     With the air purifiers, negative and positive ions, as well as ozone particles, are released throughout a given area and effectively combat against and remove these pollutant particles.  In other words, the negative and positive ions are sent throughout a home, penetrating through walls, floors, and ceilings, unlike an air filter.  They then bond with the pollutants in the atmosphere, making them heavy in weight to the point where they drop to the ground.  Finally, ozone is released at a low level to oxidize the remaining leftovers, leaving the home clean with a revitalized and sanitized atmosphere.  This easy flowing process of air purifiers has perks of little maintenance, nothing to replace, and a hands free process of cleansing.

Are you in need of an air purifier?  Do you want to live a healthy, prolonged lifestyle with pollutant free air?  Find many different Alpine Air Purifiers to start living a healthier lifestyle, not only for yourself, but your whole family as well.  Visit to learn more about one of the best air purifying products in the market today.

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Why Every Smoker Needs an Air Purifier

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Whether you’re a heavy smoker, a light smoker, or even if someone in your household is a smoker, you’re exposed to negative particles and pollutants that originate from the smoke and impact your health in negative ways that you would be surprised about.  Smoking releases pollution into the air, thus causing breathing problems for some people.  Some common breathing problems that people have reported from being exposed to smoke are asthma and nose congestion, as well as other side effects.  These can take a huge toll over time on your health as you’re being exposed to these negative pollutants over a long period of time, resulting in deaths and illness such as heart attacks and other heart/respiration issues.

We all know, smoking is bad for you to begin with, causing all sorts of health problems.  However even when you are not smoking, the smoke around you from when you smoked before negatively impacts your health constantly as the air in your surrounding environment is polluted with its remnants.  You could even be a tobacco free user, however your housemate smokes, and you will still be affected.   It’s scary because this can cause serious health problems to you, and sometimes you have no control over whether or not those around you smoke or not.  Even if you are a smoker, and you try to keep away from smoking constantly, you will always be exposed to the negative particles because they are always lingering around you after you smoke.  In essence, you’re being affected at all times, thus deterring your health at a faster rate than you would think of.

EnvrioQuest International Air Purifiers


One solution to prevent these negative effects and side effects of smoking are to give up smoking in general, however this is difficult for many, studies have shown.  Some people give it up for a short amount of time, maybe one or two weeks, however they continue to smoke as they ease their way back to their original bad habits.  Even over the counter products have shown to not be effective, further leaving consumers to suffer further in hopelessness.  So what should you do?

My friends, I’m here to tell you today that you are not helpless any longer.  The solution to your problem is using air purifiers.  Air purifiers have the ability to clean, sanitize, and oxygenate the indoor air around you, thus giving you the best air quality you can breathe, even if you’re a smoker!  The good thing is (I guess it’s not good that you’re a smoker but,) you can smoke and not suffer the full amount of consequences from smoking.  Purifying the air is the first step in changing your life and living a healthier lifestyle.  The next step is to give up smoking all in one, however we know this is easier said than done.

Need some assistance in finding the right air purifier for you?  Alpine Air Technologies is one of the best brands in air purifying products today, and have top quality products with affordable prices that competitors such as HEPA filters and other knock-offs cannot beat.  Alpine’s air purifiers come in a variety of products you can choose from, so that you get the one that’s exactly fit for you and your home.  Backed by scientific theories and tests by leading experts, Alpine’s purifiers effectively combat the dirty indoor air in your home by releasing negative ions and ozone, resulting in great quality air, essential for living a healthy lifestyle.  Once you buy one of their purifiers, you will notice the clear difference in quality of air almost instantly.  Remove allergies, asthma, cols, smoke, pollen, mold, bacteria, and more with Living Lightning Alpine purifiers.  Follow the link on the picture below to start living a healthy life!


How Often you Should Vacuum when you have an Air Purifier

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So you have an air purifier and you’re wondering how often you should vacuum your place in order to keep the floor and air clean and sanitized.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.


During the first couple of weeks of using your air purifier, you should vacuum at the minimum of once a week.  However we recommend vacuuming two to three times a week in the beginning use of your air purifier.  If you live in a heavily polluted environment, you probably should vacuum more often.  It’s true, that, in the beginning use of your air purifier, you will get big portions of air pollutants to fall down from the air onto your floor.  This is because you have all the airborne pollution in your home from the time before that you never had an air purifier.  In other words, your air is very dirty after not being sanitized for a very long period of time so this large portion of air pollutants will fall to the floor in beginning use.  It’s common that you will find large amounts of dust and particles on your hard floor or carpet so don’t be surprised if this happens.  It’s a good signing, meaning that your air purifier is working great, cleaning the air and removing all the contaminants, causing them to descend down to the ground.

Alpine Air Technologies/Enviroquest International Air Purifiers

Once this intense cleaning period is over, you will not have to suffer the pain of vacuuming three times a week and the leftover dust on your floor.  You will see the quantity of dust on your floor to decrease, meaning you wouldn’t have to vacuum as often.  This is because the air will be a lot more clean now, meaning not as many pollutants will be falling to the ground.  You’re home will be pollutant free, and the air purifier will maintain this level of cleanliness for the time going forward.  You can safely start vacuuming back to your normal routine.  However, if you ever notice that there are large amounts of remnants on the floor again, you should definitely vacuum more.  This simply could be because a change in location, season, or more pollutants coming in and out of your home.  Remember, the job of your air purifier is to first clean the air free of any pollutants, then maintain this steady level of hygiene to unsure you have great quality air.

Some of the best air purifiers you can purchase today are from Alpine Air Technologies.  They offer the best quality air purifiers that will oxygenate and sanitize your air with the superb up-to-date technology.  Offered at a great price, you won’t be disappointed with your air purifier if you buy from Alpine.  They come with three year warranties and best of all, they offer a variety of different Alpine air purifiers so that you can select from so that you have the best type of air purifier for your type of home.  Check it out ASAP, your pollution free home is awaiting you!


What separates Alpine from the rest?

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Allergies, pollution, or even a desire to just live a healthier lifestyle and breathe fresh, pure, clean air are some of the reasons why you may be thinking of buying an air purifier for you home.  Air purifiers have been scientifically proven to sanitize and clean the indoor atmosphere of your home in an effective and efficient manner.  With the two step sanitizing process, you should invest in the Alpine Air Purifier, one of the best scientifically proven air purifiers available in the market today.  The branded air purifier, no matter which Alpine air purifier you buy, is guaranteed to remove 99% of all mold, bacteria, dust, pollen, allergens, pollution, and chemicals in your home.  Alpine is a unique brand as they offer many of complimentary and assistance related tools when you purchase a unit from them.  They also have had some recent competitors who try to brand their product and copy their logo and sell it themselves, claiming they are the same as Alpine.  At the end of the day, the last thing we want is for you to think you bought the best Alpine air purifier when you really bought a knock off, and you’re upset.

Alpine Air Purifier

What separates Alpine from other brands and other knock off copying brands?  Alpine air purifiers are assembled and checked to see if they function correctly after they are manufactured and before they are shipped out to the customer.  This ensures the customer is buying a product that is not defected in any way, shape, or form.  Additionally, Alpine has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support.  If a customer ever has an inquiry or question, even at the middle of the night, Alpine is there to help.  It’s a great tool that sets them apart from other competitors because it shows they genuinely care about the customer and want their customers to be fully satisfied and happy with their service and products.  In addition, all new alpine products that are purchased come with a three year warranty covering any parts that are malfunctioning.  If there is any problem ever, you can always ship the product or part back to Alpine, and they will send you a replacement shortly, in a time efficient manner.  It’s great because you don’t have to worry about being ripped off with a defective air purifier, something many of other companies scam their customers into doing.  Visit Alpine Air Purifier to check out their products and see what’s in store for you today!  Don’t wait, their products do sell out fast.