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Living Lighting™ Alpine IPC-4000

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Are you tired of that pungent smell in your living room that just won’t vanish? Where there’s smell, there could be harmful living organisms or chemical gases and these can be a serious health hazard for you and your family. But with the Living Lighting™ Alpine IPC-4000, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

The powerful and portable IPC-4000 is specifically designed to deliver the perfect germ-free indoor environment. It is equipped to sanitize any indoor environment by producing fresh air that is free of any harmful chemical gases or living organisms.

What’s more, with its the advanced technology, the IPC-4000 kills all types of living organisms including the toughest bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, and molds. This ensures the safest and healthiest living environment for you and your loved ones.

Especially potent against polluting agents, the Living Lighting™ Alpine IPC-4000 is ideal for cities with high pollution. Simply plug and play the most powerful air cleaner to instantly improve the quality of air around you and sanitize your home or office.

The IPC-4000 comes equipped with a highly detailed control panel that helps you regulate and customize its performance according to your needs. So whether you’re living on the outskirts of town or in a bustling metropolis, the Living Lighting™ Alpine guarantees you your very own healthy airspace!

Designed using high quality industrial material, the IPC-4000 is built to endure the toughest commercial use and still deliver the best results. It even gets rid of severe indoor odors or harmful chemical gases that just refuse to go away.

For optimum results, simply station the IPC-4000 near the source of the odor and regulate the coverage area using the front panel. Within hours, the IPC-4000 will eliminate all trace of foul stench chemical gases from your room, instantly improving the air quality around you.

The IPC-4000 surpasses all industry standards to deliver the cleanest and safest air that is free from bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds. With a clean and safe environment for you and your loved ones, you’re practically left with nothing to worry about!


Portable Air Purification for the Office

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We have come a long way from the early clunky models of air purification systems. Now we have the option to choose what kind of system to perfectly fit our needs. Some of us require an air purifier to cover an entire warehouse or an entire building. Others need one to cover a room or two rooms while some might need to cover just one small room. Alpine Air Technologies is here today to help you find an air purifier for your office area or for your personal area.

What should I be looking for in an air purifier to cover my office area?

When looking for an air purifier to cover your office area, you need to find one that is portable. A portable one allows you to move it around and to easily transport it. It is so important for your office purifier to be portable because you can have it with you wherever you go. You will never have to go without clean air if you have a portable office purifier. Another extremely important quality of an office air purifier is the amount of noise it makes while running. Your office one has to be silent because you cannot afford to bother other people as well as yourself. Your coworkers will be irritated if you bring in a noisy machine to work.

So I just need to find an air purifier that is compact and quiet?

Alpine Air Technologies does not recommend that you settle for any air purifier that is compact and quiet. Why not have an air purifier that is compact, quiet, and powerful enough to completely destroy any pollutants in the air? You are setting your standards too low if you just want any old purifier. You need an Alpine Air Technologies certified air purifier. Our LA-500 models are engineered specifically for single rooms and office areas with your needs in mind. Not only is it one of the most portable purifiers in our store, but it is also powerful enough to kill particles as small as 1 micron. It sits at less than 4 pounds and is less than 1.5 feet tall so you can take it with you anywhere you go and store it anywhere you want.

WOW! The LA-500 sounds like a great deal!

It is. You will not regret your purchase. An ultra-portable and compact air purifier capable of destroying any and all air pollutants while quietly running in the background; the Alpine Air Technologies LA-500 is everything you have been looking for.

Stop by the Alpine Air Technologies website HERE to purchase your LA-500 or if you need any further assistance in finding an air purifier!

Air Purifier Congestion

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Healthy and Long Term Benefits Of Air Purifier

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Air purifiers are becoming popular day by day. Installation of air purifiers in modern houses and homes is no more surprising. Big homes and modern homes are usually located in cleaned area, but use of air purifiers are needed to those areas especially where the air is the pollutant. Air purifiers have many advantages some of them are: its reasonable price, beautiful designs, allergens particles are removed through it and effect of fresh air can be felt in surrounding.

Remedy to seasonal allergy

Allergens are not only summer season or winter season, but it is also found throughout the year, in the form of pollen particles, pet dander, and dust particles. Use of air purifiers is almost compulsory to those who are suffering from seasonal allergies. To counter mold allergies or dust allergies its installation at home is a considerable point.

The presence of harmful contaminants makes the process of breathing very difficult, reducing level of allergens in surrounding will promote pleasant and healthy environment. Other than pollutant particles in the air, some artificial pollution is added to air through smoking, etc. living and breathing in that polluted air will surely damage the health and respiratory system of an individual.

Necessity to all season

In winter trend is closing all the windows and doors of home and offices, which do not let fresh air enter indoor area. In summer season when people do open all the windows and doors then polluted air do enter your house. Short solution to get rid of polluted air is the use of air purifiers in houses and offices. Install air purifier device to your workplace and at living place, and change the unhealthy air into healthy one.

Air purifiers in context of success

Environment contaminants and pollution produces dust allergy and respirational diseases. Bad odor in the environment does not let you work and concentrate freely. To maintain pleasant environment with your clients, with your guests and to have successful business meetings, installing air purifier devices is the best idea.

Inviting guests at your place has its cost regarding polluting air, think if one of your friends is smoking in your living room you can’t stop him, if other of your friend is eating zinger burger over there, you cannot stop him even saying they you don’t like burgers smell. Suddenly, other of your friend does enter in the same room with his pet, what to do in that case, as you are sensitive to all these things.

To have significant improvement in the environment, you can’t spray your perfume or some air freshener, because of great sensitivity towards fragrances. Obviously at that time air purifier is the only option you will be looking for. Air purifiers come in a wide variety, in which designs, sizes, fragrance selection is only at your disposal.

Selecting air purifiers

An air purifier is not magic, yes but it has some magical effects. It purifies air up to 99.93%; its e-filter enhances its cleansing air function. Always go for a supplier, who offers guarantee in their services, have large variety of products and packing which is environmental friendly. Select a supplier; do purchase air purifier for yourself and your family health concerns. Enjoy the pure and fresh air with air purifiers.

Check out the air purifier selections at


Why Air Purifiers are Necessary for Homes in Close Proximity to West Coast Wildfires

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Making history, the wildfires on the west coast this year have been nothing but traumatizing for home owners, families, firefighters, nature, animals, the environment, and many other groups of people. With the drought affecting major areas in the west coast, rain has not been as abundant as in the past, and temperatures have been soaring for the past recent years.  Unfortunately, major states such as Washington, California, Idaho, and Oregon have been affected the most.  In Washington alone, 590,000 acres of land have been burned down while 276,000 gallons of water have been used to combat against it.  In California, as of two weeks ago, there were 17 wildfires being battled and treated by more than 12,000 firefighters.  Help is on the way from other states such as Minnesota, Wyoming, and Colorado.  Idaho alone has 17 wildfires as well.  The fires are spreading rapidly having negative effects on the environment and the quality of air people are breathing as smoke and pollution emerge as a primary concern for the public.  wildfire  Washington State Department of Health has issued a warning that “People are encouraged to remain indoors to avoid breathing smoky air, which can cause coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath in healthy people.”  The smoke outside is something all affected people should be avoiding as many people have asthma, allergies, and are sensitive to a chemical consumed air environment.  However, the department failed to mention that the quality of air indoor for these local residents will be just as bad as the air outdoors.  Did you know that indoor air pollution is a top 5 environmental health risk issued by  Indoor air pollution is bad itself, but for these western states affected by wildfires, the indoor air of almost every home is being contaminated with smoke, pollution, and other toxic chemicals.  With air cooling and heating systems, gaps in windows and doors, chemicals being brought in by home owner’s clothes, and the ease of air traveling in and out of homes, the air inside homes will be just as bad as the air outside.  The safest place to stay is, without doubt, your home.  However, the air in these homes needs to be treated, just as the wildfires outdoors are being treated.  To treat the air in your home, experts recommend that you should use an air purifier to sanitize and oxygenate the air.  Air purifiers have been scientifically proven to combat against air, and kill 99 percent of bacteria such as pollution, smoke, mold, chemicals, allergens, and much more.  With the two step release process, the top quality air purifiers release negative ions and ozone, efficiently eliminating almost all contaminants.  It’s extremely important that you invest in the right air purifier, not just a generic branded one – which would result in little to no improvement in the quality of your indoor air.  We recommend using an Alpine air purifier, as they are one of the best air purifiers available in the market today.  Alpine air purifiers combat effectively against smoke and pollution as one of their main functions, in addition to fighting against other chemicals.  They are super friendly, offer great warranty and customer support, and their machines have been a customer favorite for recent years.  E300A   Investing in an air purifier is the most beneficial thing you can do if you are affected by the wildfires on the west coast.  Preventing health issues from arising now will pay off as you will be breathing pure, fresh quality air inside your home, making it the safest place to stay away from the smoke and pollution outdoors.


Alpine Air Purifier

Is the air you breath in your home clean?

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What if I told you that the air in your home can be as polluted as the air outside, would you believe me? In fact the air in your home can be worse due to bacteria, pet dander, dust, mold, viruses and mildew. So while you’re sitting in your living room watching TV, you could be breathing in all those contaminants in to your lungs. Those pollutants could be making you sick or prevent you from fully recovering from a respiratory illness.

So what do you do about the air pollution in your home? Purify the air you breathe by using the Fresh Air LA-2400 v2.0 Living Lightning Alpine Air Purifier. How does the LA-2400 work? Let’s list some of it’s benefits and features:

  • Benefit: Releases TRILLIONS of ions for much quicker air particulate reduction. Will not corrode over time.
  • Separate activated oxygen control
  • High intensity GERMICIDAL UV light with photo-catalytic filter which provides additional protection and preventative measure against germs, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and etc.
  • Improved washable HEPA filter.

When you put into place your new LA-2400 in your home or office, you’ll start to immediately breath in a difference in air quality. This is a perfect unit if you’ve got smokers or pets in the home since it can eliminate smoke and pet dander. Not only does this help purify the air you breath, but it KILLS airborne pollutants such as mildew, mold, fungi, bacteria and even viruses.

One of the best parts of the LA-2400 is how quite it is. You won’t hear a loud fan or anything like that. Don’t let it’s lack of sound fool you, it’s working at 100% the whole time to rid the air in your home of harmful pollutants.




Be Aware Air Pollution

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Humans can not live without air, but now we do not just breath air, much more things existing in that mystery world. Those things including mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, viruses, airborne germs, dust, dust mites, pet dander and pollen can easily damage human’s body.  The effect could be as small as allergy from pet dander, but it also could something big like lung cancer from chemical pollution. According to American Lung Association, in US still many people got health problems because of breathing too much dirty air. The air pollution is getting worse day by day, nowadays people drive cars everyday, and then all the car exhaust is generated everyday. All those factories have sulfur dioxide emission which could produce small particles by reaction with other materials in the air. Those particles can go to a human’s lung and cause serious disease. Especially for children, they need a environment fulfilled with clean air, because children are still developing their lungs. Once their lungs get damaged, the effect could be permanent. They may have to deal with health problems through their entire life.

In order to improve the quality of the air, we can use air purifier to eliminate the particles and viruses. This is one of the solutions to keep our living environment clean, and to keep everyone having a healthy body. The air purifier can be used either in small or large areas to purify indoor air. You can check out the latest air purifier technologies from Alpine Living Lighting.


Ozone effect

Why Allergies Occur

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Allergies have become one of the most important health problems for all of us.  Nowadays allergies are being reported and noticed more. An allergic response is produced by allergen, which are the proteins in pollen, and people are sensitive to pollen. Usually pollen allergies are developed slowly, and it is often first caused by connecting with viral infection. Once the pollen allergies is triggered, every time when you are exposed to the allergen, your immune system will react with all kinds of affects, such as runny nose or asthma symptoms. Also the amount of exposure matters. For people with allergies, they can handle some exposure, but with large exposure the immune system will be triggered to attack.

There are several reasons for why people get allergies. The genetics and the environment are part of the answer, but according to Immunologist Judah Denburg, if you “put wrong genetic makeup into the wrong environment, you will get this explosive mixture that leads to allergies and asthma”. So it is really hard to cure allergies, the best treatment for allergy is to prevent exposure to allergens.

Are you suffering from allergies, sniffling and sneezing all day long? If you are plagued by allergies or asthma, you may consider purchasing an air purifier, which can remove dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens from the air, making it easier for allergy sufferers to breathe. You can find many different selections of air purifiers at AlpineAirTechnologies.


Alpine E300A

Alpine E300A

Are Air Purifiers Safe for my Pet?

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You bought an air purifier in order to effectively sanitize and oxygenate the air at home.  Air purifiers have long been a trusted product in the market today to remove various pollutants and bacteria from the air.  However you wonder if they are safe for your pets you have at home or not?  Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, whatever animal you have, this article provides the answer for all animals and their exposure to air purifiers.Animals, just as humans, need to experience fresh and clean air.  Their health depends on the fresh air they breathe, the cleaner the better.  You just bought an air purifier for your home; however you are a little worried.  Will the air purifier affect my pets in any harmful way?  The answer to this is no!  Animals are just like human beings when it comes to breathing great quality air and living with healthy respiration.  They prefer to breathe the good quality air of your home, just as you hope to do.

Where can you get one of these air purifiers?  One of the top quality air purifiers available in today’s market are Alpine air purifiers.  Their purifiers have many technological advances in their purification process and many modes you may adjust your air purifier to.  They are a great company with friendly staff and expertise on air purifiers if you ever needed assistance.  The purifiers can be set accordingly to your environment that you live in, and you won’t be disappointed with its output in your home.  You will notice a difference almost instantly upon use, as will your animals love to breathe great quality air!  You can visit to learn more about the best air purifiers in the market today.

Alpine Air Purifier

Alpine Air Purifier

The Most Effective Way To Clean your Air Purifier

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Alpine air purifiers must be routinely cleaned and checked up on to make sure they are running to their full potential and correctly working effectively.  You should be performing these check-ups at least once a month on your air purifier.  The more you maintain and ensure your air purifier is working effectively, the longer the lifespan for it as well.


Every 30 days, make sure you wash the ceramic ozone plates in warm water with recommended clear/lemon ammonia added.  If you do add the ammonia, add 1 teaspoon with 1 cup of water.  If you do not have this, it’s OK.  Then you want to soak the ozone plates in the warm water solution for 2-3 minutes.  Remove any leftover residue by lightly scrubbing the metal screen on each side of the plates with a toothbrush or soft brush-like material.  Allow for the plates to dry fully before reinserting them back into the unit.  You do not want to insert damp and moist plates back into the unit which may result in damaging your unit.

If your air purifier has a back carbon filter on the back of it, it is recommended that you clean it at the same time as the ozone plates.  You can use a can of compressed air that can be bought from any local Home Depot or office supplies store to spray the dust off the filter.  It is recommended that this is done every 3 months about.  You should also replace the back filter at least once a year and replace the ozone plates at least once every 3 years.  If you notice the ozone output has decrease or the plate is arching/producing a weird sound, you shouldn’t wait to replace the plates as well.  You can order these plates or other replacement parts like back filters on our parts page found on our website.

Additionally, you can use the compressed air to effectively remove any dust inside the unit once every couple of months, or whenever you feel necessary.  You can also easily unscrew and remove the front grill of the air purifier and use compressed air to clean the fan motor, the fan blade, or the surrounding areas as needed as well.

For additional information for specific maintenance instructions applicable to your model, please refer to the user guide for you air purifier.  Please know that the user guides for old, out of circulation air purifiers are no longer available and you can just follow these general maintenance instructions safely.  Visit Alpine’s FAQ page if you have more questions about how to clean, replace, maintain, or general topics on your air purifier.

Alpine Air Purifier

How to claim the Living Lightning Air Electrostatic filter

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Did you know that if you purchased an Alpine Living Air purifier from us on our website, you are qualified to get a bonus gift!  This gift is a custom-specific made electrostatic filter for you air purifier from us to you – free of any charge!  This is a great deal for you to capitalize on as this is one of the best complimentary filters that go along with Alpine Living Air purifiers.  Let’s look at some great quality features that come with this product.

The custom made filter can replace you generic household/office air conditioning/heating filter, bringing you fresher and cleaner air, in a more efficient and effective manner.  The special electrostatic filter is proven to last longer than generic filters ensuring that you won’t have to replace it any time soon.  The filter is also reusable and washable.  All you have to do is clean it in order for it to have a long-lasting and effective lifetime in operating.  This unique air filter removes, at minimum, 94 percent of the air pollutants and chemicals in your indoor atmosphere and also prevents these harmful bacteria from entering and invading your occupying area.  In addition, this filter is special in that it will prevent outdoor chemicals from coming inside your home as well.  You won’t have to worry about the heavy pollution outdoors from entering your home.  Another plus with this filter is that when you turn the heater on in your area, the electrostatic filter will prevent pollutants accumulating within the ducts from entering.

In order to receive your custom filter, you must measure your air conditioner’s original filter first, and then email us the measurements in inches – length by width.  Every filter is a different size, so it’s important we know the exact measurements.  Once we have the information down, we log it into our system and ship the filter out to you, free of charge (We make sure only one per customer is allowed).  If you have some trouble measuring your conditioner’s filter some common sizes are 12 by 24, 14 by 25, 15 by 20, 16 by 20, 16 by 25, and 20 by 20.  These aren’t the only sizes, so don’t panic if these aren’t one of your sizes.  We custom make these filters, so we can make any size.

Be sure to measure the correct lengths and widths as we only allow one per customer.  Once the filter is made, we cannot re-size it in any way.  If you do unfortunately need an exchange, it will cost the standard prize of a filter of $69.95.  A majority of the time, the correct size is printed on the filter itself, so you should be able to easily tell.  You can also contact us if you need assistance in measuring – we’d love to help.

Once again, there is only one free filter per air purifier.  However, you can get 25% off ($17.49) a regular filter price from $69.95 for any quantity of additional filters you want.  That makes it $52.46 for each additional electrostatic filter, with shipping costs included.

So what are you waiting for?  Do you want the best and newest filter for your Alpine Living Air purifier?  Order yours today at!


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How do I know if the Radio Frequency Ionizer is working on my Air Purifier?

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The most effective way to determine whether the Radio Frequency (RF) ionizer is working or not on your air purifier is to look around your environment in which you use it in. Like Radio waves, you cannot see the ions that your RF releases into the atmosphere with your naked eye. However, they are traveling throughout your whole inside air environment, being able to eliminate and reduce dust, pollen, smoke, animal dander, chemicals, pollution, etc. Remember, these ions have the ability to travel through walls, ceilings, floors, and anything else that isn’t metal. These negative ions being released by your unit bond with air pollutant in a two-step process, making the ions heavier, and eventually they will fall to the surface due to the force of gravity.

Some positive signs you may see that will show you your RF and negative ions release are working is that you will sense clean indoor air, as well as see dust and dander built up on surfaces of you floor or objects in the room. This shows that the two step process is, in fact, working and doing what it is supposed to do. This is because these pollutants are coming down from the air with the force of gravity (like we just mentioned), rather than just floating in the air and being stuck there. Reduction of allergies, sinus problems, and other symptoms which could be related to indoor air pollution is also a sure sign that your RF is working up to speed. If you notice the opposite, that the air is a little thick and heavy, while you aren’t able to breathe as clearly as before, and you notice not as much dust accumulation on surfaces within your room, your RF is most likely not working up to speed.

If this is the case, visit our repair page or give us a call- we will be more than happy to assist our customers.



Indoor Air Purification: How to Live Healthily with Cleaner Air

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Indoor air quality is related directly to our daily life and health, because poor indoor air quality might cause various health issues, such as allergies, asthma, running nose, even lung diseases. Those air contaminants include dust mite, pollen, mold, allergens, pet dander, and so on. They come from various places,such as fireplaces, backyards, carpets, pets, even from A/C system. How do you keep your life away from those air contaminants?


Air purifiers are efficient solutions for indoor air quality’s problems. Air purifiers can trap 90% dust particles including dust mite, tobacco smoke, pet dander. Air purifiers include several different types models. There are Hepa air purifiers, UV  light air purifier, ozone generator air purifiers, ionizer air purifiers. Let me give you some details of those air purifiers. For instance, the Hepa air purifier is good for removing small particles with 0.3 micrometer dust and it even removes 99% air contaminants. The UV light air purifier is to kill bacteria in the air because Ultraviolet light is also used for sterilization, and disinfection. Using UV radiation is as same as sunlight to kill unwanted microorganisms. The Ozone generator air purifier is made to sterilize rooms by producing ozone gas. Ozone is a natural gas from the air, and it is also being used by scientists to remove certain chemical or biological contaminants, which we can find in polluted air like carbon monoxide, lead, sulfur dioxide etc.

All above air purifiers could be selected by different group of people. For instance, housewives might choose ionizer or ozone air purifier to refresh indoor air and to remove kitchens’ odor. People who smoke might choose ozone generator air purifier to clean cigarette smoke. Pet owners would pick ozone or UV light air purifier because they want to get rid of pet dander and pet’s odor. The air purifier gives you a peace of mind about indoor air quality, so you don’t need to spend so much of your time and energy to clean the house. Furthermore, the air purifier keeps you away from those air contaminants.

In conclusion, a good air purifier is necessary for you to live in a healthy life. It doesn’t matter which air air purifier you choose, what it matters is that you make a smart investment for your health.

For more information, please visit us at:

An air purifier that guarantees that it will work

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In the times we’re in, if a company says they “guarantee” something, then they better make sure that they stand behind their product in quality and confidence in it’s performance. If they don’t their reputation could be easily ruined by people talking negatively about the product through social media and word by mouth.

So when Alpine Air Technologies said they “Guaranteed” that the Living Lightning Alpine IPC-4000 Industrial Power Air Cleaner to DESTROY “mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi, viruses, foul-smelling odors, chemical gases and other harmful indoor pollutants.” Naturally we were skeptical. But it got is thinking, If the the IPC-4000 is the commercial version of their smaller air purifiers, then they must have done quite a bit of research and testing in order for this to be guaranteed to work. Besides the technology in the IPC-4000 is designed to work in commercial settings. In addition it does carry a  3 year/parts and labor warranty, which happens to be the best in the market. That right there should bring peace of mind to anyone looking to get an indoor air purifier for their business.ipc-4000

Indoor Air Pollution

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Air pollution is one of the major thread to our society, people are scared because of the atmosphere are polluted with some many unknown materials. To avoid air pollution, some people may prefer staying at home, but the reality is the indoor air is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Many things in your house or office you can not see from outside could cause air pollution. for instance, cooking and heating appliances can generate many chemicals and gases. paints, varnishes, and air freshers also not just decorate your house meanwhile also bring toxins to that place. Based on statistic most people spend almost 90% of their lives indoors. It could be working in the office for the whole day, studying all day long in school, and also taking care of families at home. As we can see, large percent of our daily life are exposed into an very dangerous environment. To bring each one of us a better health and a cleaner fresher air, so it is necessary to have a machine to clean our indoor air. Air Purifier will get what you want and bring fresh and clean air back to you.


To have an air purifier fits into a small area such as your bedroom, guest room, home office room or college dorm, Alpine Single Room LA-500 v2.0 is the best choice. This unit only weighs 4 pounds, 17″ high, and 6″ in width, but it good enough to cover 20 to 500 square feet are. Tobacco smoke, chemical gases, mold, polluted particles, germ, and bacteria will be eliminated once the room is protected by this air purifier. As a concern on electric usage, this machine also is energy efficient. By turn it on for 24 hours, the electricity bill will only shows pennies for its usage.

The Importance of Air Quality

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Air pollution is a huge threat to everyone’s health. For example, the major cause of asthma is air pollution, and asthma kills more than 3000 people every year in the United States. Based on the Centers for Disease Control, asthma keeps kids out of school, more than 10 million lost school days each year and sidelines them from physical activity.  According to the American College of Cardiology, air pollution not only causes respiratory disease but also cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, and most of deaths are from chronic disease. All those illnesses mostly are caused by the particles in the air, which are the cause for air pollution.

Alpine Air Purifier

Particulate matter, particles found in the air, usually are named PM. People can not see PM with diameter greater than 2.5 microns, and PM with diameter smaller than 2.5 microns is called PM2.5. PM2.5 can remain in the air for days and up to weeks. It can penetrate deep into our lung, collecting in tiny air sacs where oxygen enters the bloodstream. Health problems begin when the body starts to react to these foreign invaders.

Coughing and wheezing are two of the mild problems associated with exposure in small particulate matter. Air pollution can also cause or worsen serious illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, cardiovascular diseases and even preterm birth for pregnant women. Exposure to small particulate matter is associated with a significant rise in the number of premature deaths from respiratory and heart disease.

Air Purifier is a common way to improve indoor air condition. The Alpine Living Lightning air purifier can remove all those particulate matter by using advanced technologies, Ion Generators and Ozone Generators. You can find out more information about those air purifiers Alpineairtechnologies

Fresh Air LA-3500 V 2.0 Alpine Air Purifier

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This is a high end technology air purifier with ozone, UV light function . It’s built with stainless steel frame inside, releasing trillion of ions for much quicker air particulate reduction. It might work with or without ozone and allow the O3 sanitization to be easily turned ON and OFF at will. Fresh air LA-3500 air purifier has been proved to be a high quality indoor air purifier.For instance, unlike other air purifier, its stainless steel frame prevents it from corrosion for a long term. It has a solid wooden cabinet that keeps bacteria away better than a plastic cabinet does, because wooden cabinet is able to keep air purifier in good shape during a long term compared to the plastic cabinet. It also has stainless steel inside frame that won’t corrode from ozone production. Fresh Air LA-3500 is able to release 1.8 million ions per hour, and cover up to 3500 square foot area. It also has a UV light function, which helps to kill airborne germs as they pass through the unit. We keep our high standard quality for our air purifier, so we have three years warranty for this air purifier. We also test each of our air purifiers before we ship them to our customers. After you purchase our LA-3500 V2,0 Hepa air purifier, it’s always easy to maintain this air purifier less than five minutes. All you need to do is to wash the Hepa filter with water and to put the filter back in after dry out. Alpine LA-3500V 2.0 air purifier will improve air quality, and allow you and your family to breath fresh air.

For more information, please visit us at: Alpine Air Technologies/EnviroQuest International

Using the Timer Clock on an Alpine Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 Air Purifier

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Did you know that there is an optional, built-in feature that comes with the Alpine Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 Air Purifier?  It is just one of the many new technological features in Alpine’s air purifiers, which makes the brand one of the most innovative, efficient, an dynamic air purifiers available in today’s current market.  Most generic air purifiers release a constant amount of ozone during operational use however Alpine Air Technologies is changing the norms.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however some people are a bit more sensitive to ozone, and controlling the ozone output on air purifier never seemed so beneficiary and useful before.  Instead of the machine automatically controlling the steady level of ozone output, you can finally manually control the machine timer clock so that you can control the ozone output.  How does it work?


The timer has the option to be set to a one-time operation for the whole day.  In other words, the timer clock programs itself to have specific times during the day to turn on and off according to the user’s guide and preferences.  Take for example you go to work every day.  You could have the purifier turn on when you’re home in the morning, then turned off once you leave, then turned on again once you come back home- all in one instant with the timer clock.  This could also result in saving energy and money from your electricity bills.  With the on/off feature of the Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 model, you can even completely turn off the ozone output of the purifier while all other tasks of the machine are active (ionization, UV sanitizing, etc.).

Everyone’s preferences is different, so be sure to try both methods of use to make sure you’re utilizing your air purifier to the best of your benefit!  Buy Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 Alpine air purifier here!  Check out other air purifiers as well on Alpine to make sure you have the right air purifier for you.

How to replace the Fan Motor on my new Air Purifier for LA-2000 and Classic LA-3500 Models

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Do you need some assistance in replacing your fan motor for you Alpine air purifier?  Here is an article that can provide some guidance for you in replacing the fan motor for the LA-2000 and Classic LA-3500 models for the E300/RH02, 300/RH02, 300/H02, 300/UH02, HL2PRO, and ZL-3500/UV model numbers.  If you need more assistance, please refer to our FAQ page where you can find many general questions about using, replacing, fixing, cleaning, and other general topics.


Let’s get started.

  1. First, you want to make sure the unit has been unplugged and the power is switched to OFF.
  2. Next, you have to dismantle the front panel grill by loosening the four screws fixing the grill of the front panel.  Once removed, you can safely remove the grill.
  3. Dismantle the knobs by loosening the screws by fixing the knobs with a flat-headed screwdriver.  Once the screws are loosened, you can remove the knobs safely.
  4. Remove the Hepa filter by loosening the two screws on the back which attack the Hepa filter to the cabinet/housing.  You should be able to remove the Hepa filter, the photo catalytic metallic filter and the ozone plates.  Note: depending on your model, your model will or won’t have all of these parts.
  5. Dismantle the housing by carefully flipping the air purifier upside down on a gentle, hard surface.  Loosen and remove the two bottom screws.  Now safely remove the housing.
  6. Remove the front metal bar by removing the two screws holding the front metal bar in place.
  7. Remove the fan blade by cautiously pulling the fan blade towards you gently rocking it side to side, so that when it is pulled out, it won’t hit the two ionizer prongs in front of it.
  8. Dismantle the support bar by loosening the four screws which are fixing the support bars.  Safely remove the support bar.
  9. Loosen the wires by cutting the bundling strings.
  10. Remove the fan wire by fining the wire connected to the fan motor on the PCB panel board.  The slot with the plug is named “fun”.
  11. Finally, remove the fan motor using a screw driver to remove the screws from the motor.  Use pliers to hold the bolts in place while you’re unscrewing the screw.

You should now be able to completely remove the fan motor and replace it with a new fan motor.  In order to put the air purifier back together, follow the steps in reverse order.

Alpine Air Purifier

Don’t Buy Alpine Living Air Purifiers on eBay

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Alpine Living Air Purifiers are solely sold on our website at  Never will you find an Alpine product that will be brand new, for resale claiming it comes with warranty and a valid serial number.  Again, Alpine’s products are strictly, ONLY sold on our website.  That being said, a large, unfortunate group of our customers have been targets of eBay scammers who resell our products claiming they are new, or even sell imitation units of our brand claiming they are exactly the same thing.  This is a huge misunderstanding for our customers, and we want to promote awareness in that buying from eBay in particular, (as well as other websites) is something we don’t want you to fall into doing.

Living Air dealers are, in fact, prohibited to resell any products on other websites, including eBay.  If the seller on eBay claims that he or she is an authorized eBay seller of the Living Air product, is a complete lie.  It doesn’t matter what type of air purifier it is, how old it may be, the condition of it, or whether it is new or not, all purifiers sold on eBay are knock-off units.  And for your own knowledge, as a buyer, you don’t know anything about the past history of the product, and there is no way to verify any claims the dealer is making about what he is selling.  This is a major concern to Alpine, and a major reason why we don’t offer warranty to any units sold on eBay.  If the eBay seller says it offers warranty, it is a private warranty of his own, not of Alpine.

Of the units being sold on eBay which are imitation units or refurbished, we have seen many of the Living Lightning Alpine Fresh Air and Classic LA-3500 v2.0 units on many occasions.  Please do not fall into this trap the eBay buyers are trying to scam you in.  They know exactly what they are doing, with the knowledge of our policy, and they want to scam you.  You may be buying at a cheaper price, but in fact you will be spending a lot more money when it comes to replacing parts or buying a brand new air purifier as a whole once your eBay bought one breaks.

If you have any stories related to eBay, or any other websites similar to eBay claiming to sell Living Air products or imitation units, please contact us on our support page and write us your story so we can share it with other customers.  We strive to make a safe, trustworthy environment for our customers so that they can buy with confidence.    Below is a picture of a real Alpine Living Lightning air purifier with the logo clearly visible on the front under the grill.