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Using the Timer Clock on an Alpine Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 Air Purifier

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Did you know that there is an optional, built-in feature that comes with the Alpine Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 Air Purifier?  It is just one of the many new technological features in Alpine’s air purifiers, which makes the brand one of the most innovative, efficient, an dynamic air purifiers available in today’s current market.  Most generic air purifiers release a constant amount of ozone during operational use however Alpine Air Technologies is changing the norms.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however some people are a bit more sensitive to ozone, and controlling the ozone output on air purifier never seemed so beneficiary and useful before.  Instead of the machine automatically controlling the steady level of ozone output, you can finally manually control the machine timer clock so that you can control the ozone output.  How does it work?


The timer has the option to be set to a one-time operation for the whole day.  In other words, the timer clock programs itself to have specific times during the day to turn on and off according to the user’s guide and preferences.  Take for example you go to work every day.  You could have the purifier turn on when you’re home in the morning, then turned off once you leave, then turned on again once you come back home- all in one instant with the timer clock.  This could also result in saving energy and money from your electricity bills.  With the on/off feature of the Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 model, you can even completely turn off the ozone output of the purifier while all other tasks of the machine are active (ionization, UV sanitizing, etc.).

Everyone’s preferences is different, so be sure to try both methods of use to make sure you’re utilizing your air purifier to the best of your benefit!  Buy Fresh Air LA- 3500 v2.0 Alpine air purifier here!  Check out other air purifiers as well on Alpine to make sure you have the right air purifier for you.

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