Important Customer Protection

BEFORE purchasing any Living Air® Purifier, make sure the purifier has a valid manufacturer's serial# attached.

At the request of our customers and using the information they have provided, we have published the following to serve the online community and reduce risk of fraud for all consumers. The following web sites and/or businesses are in no way associated with our company and are not authorized by our company to sell/resell any of our technology. Their mostly inferior products cannot compare in quality to our technologically advanced air purifiers. In addition, these web businesses do not share our values. These are the common problems with these sellers that our customers have experienced and reported when dealing with them in the past:
Unauthorized online reseller of Alpine products. Contrary to what their web site claims, it is NOT an authorized online dealer/reseller! Ran by a single individual known to customers as Alex, removes Serial numbers from its products, which immediately voids manufacturer warranty. Carries older technology obtained from various sources and overprices it; solid reputation for poor customer service and lack thereof. Complaints called in by various customers to Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles, CA where this reseller is based. At times does not provide refunds when order cannot be fulfilled and/or denies product returns under their supposed money-back guarantee, among other issues.
Seller of Better Living™ air purifiers, an inferior quality imitation of Living Lightning® Alpine Fresh Air and Classic LA-3500 v2.0 air purifiers. Previously sold products strictly on eBay under an eBay seller ID "Oregon Collectables" and was recently suspended by eBay for questionable selling practices. Currently sells Better Living™ air purifiers through their new web site and other eBay sellers. Provides their own "product warranty". Our customer letters on file attest to poor customer service and lack of warranty support after the initial purchase.
To get away from scrutiny and to cut costs, the owner of Oregon, USA based has shut down that site and has since reopened under selling different units. Ironically, these new knockoff units are even easier to spot than their older Better Living™ brand predecessors. Look closely at the product images on their new web site, specifically the front of each unit just below the front grill. You will see these newer knockoff units don’t have ANY logo or trademarks on them whatsoever. Be careful and remember, unless the machine actually carries the Alpine Living Lightning® logo upfront, it is NOT an Alpine Living Lightning® air purifier and not one of our genuine units, rather a cheap imitation of it! So just because their site claims they sell Alpine air purifiers, it does not mean they do. If they claim otherwise, ask them where is "Alpine" seen on their unit? If you have already purchased one of their units by mistake, look at its front for the Alpine Living Lightning® logo on it, and should you see nothing there (empty spot) or ANYTHING else, you know what you got! Should you not be able to return it, we will help you offset your loss via our trade-in program. Be careful and don’t fall victim to this newest attempt and their advertising efforts offering “to good to be true” deals. We have an array of verifiable letters on file from real customers who have fallen victim to and their practices over the years. Don’t become one of them!
Another unauthorized dealer, which recently popped up on our radar due to high level of activity and reports from our "watchdog" group of customers. Sells refurbished and/or outdated technology as new, most of which has not been manufactured for years. Lures unsuspecting customers with images of non-existent ecoquest air purifier models, such as the BreezeAT air purifier; Fresh Air Spectrum room air purifier; Eagle 5000 commercial living air purifier, and Ozone Blaster commercial living air purifier, all of which have been out of production for many years now, phased out long ago! Claims the web site was "redesigned", when it fact it’s a new web site just recently built as we commonly see with the “here today, gone tomorrow” unauthorized dealers looking to unload their existing inventory for quick buck, or "squeeze" the unsuspecting consumer for as much as they can and run. Provides in-house "warranty", which is not backed by the company and is useless at best. As is, most older refurbished ecoquest and living air purifiers for which parts are not available (thus old/worn out parts have to be used to refurbish) do not last more than just a few months statistically. Refer to our Repairs page for more info, and do not risk your money purchasing from this unauthorized dealer and unverified source!
While eBay is a wonderful place to get a bargain, when it comes to air purifiers, watch out! Our dealers are prohibited from reselling our machines on other web sites, including eBay. If the eBay listing for Alpine living air machines says: "authorized (by Alpine or otherwise) eBay dealer", etc. it is NOT true! Again, our dealers are NOT authorized to sell on eBay. So you never know for sure who is selling; what model they're selling; if it's original or an imitation unit; how old this model is; if it's an outdated/out of production model; what condition the model is in; whether it's a new, demo, or refurbished unit, etc. In other words, you as a buyer don't really know anything about the machine and you have NO way to verify it beyond what the listing claims, which often is not what the product truly is. For these reasons, we do not warranty ANY Alpine air purifiers sold on eBay. Warranty (if any) that is offered by the eBay seller is their own warranty and not ours, which often means you're on your own, since eBay resellers do not honor the warranty when needed. Mostly, it's noted in their listing just to make a sale! Currently, a lot of the models being sold on eBay are inferior quality imitation of our Living Lightning® Alpine Fresh Air and Classic LA-3500 v2.0 air purifiers. Please be aware of this fact and do not risk your hard earned money. Otherwise, by saving a few dollars you may end up losing many hundreds in the process, as some of our customers who have previously bought on eBay unfortunately have already experienced for themselves! This also includes not receiving the product, falling victim to card fraud and other scams perpetrated by various unauthorized air purifier resellers through eBay, as it's quite easy to hide behind an eBay listing and even behind a good feedback rating that could easily be generated by selling other items on a side or using an ID of a reputable eBay seller in return for a percentage of illegitimate profits, etc.

We will continue expanding this list to include all sellers who do not share our values and/or do not live up to basic standards of selling online that all of our customers come to expect.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you fell victim to one of the above or any other web site, please share your story with us, so that we may continue to investigate and also share your story with others to help them avoid the same problems in the future. Your message will be posted in our upcoming Wall of Shame section, where we expose unscrupulous business practices in the indoor air purification industry and make consumers aware of shady sales practices so they can make intelligent decisions when choosing an indoor air purifier. Please visit our Support section and submit your story from there. Doing this will help many people in the market for air purifiers, and we thank you in advance!

For additional safety precautions you must know about before purchasing ANY Living Air® purifier, please now visit the About Us section.