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5 Common Chemical Indoor Pollutants

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Did you know that science has discovered 350 air pollutants to this day?  Here is an article of some of the most common chemical gases and some of the health problems they may cause.  Learn how are the symptoms and signs of air pollution, and what you can do to remove it from your indoor air.  Health risks are extremely serious with indoor air pollution and contamination, doctors an experts report – so please be careful in reading this article, and learn how you should combat against it!

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  1. Ammonia: Ammonia sources from tobacco smoke and cleaning supplies most commonly.  Some associated health issues with ammonia are eye and skin irritation, headaches, nose bleeds, or sinus problems.
  2. Benzene: It is caused by things such paint, new carpet and drapes, and upholstery.  Some health problems that it can cause are headaches, eye and skin itchiness, exhaustion, and cancer.
  3. Benzopyrene: Benzopyrene can be caused by tobacco smoke often leading to asthma attacks, eye and skin irritation, sinus problems, emphysema, and lung cancer.
  4. Chloroform: This results from paint, new drapes, upholstery, and new carpeting.  Some health symptoms are headaches, asthma attacks, head dizziness, and eye or skin irritation.
  5. Formaldehyde: This pollutant comes from tobacco smoke, plywood cabinets, furniture, particle board flooring and furniture, office dividers, new carpet and drapes, wallpaper, and paneling.  Associated health symptoms are headaches, cancer, gynecological problems, depression, memory loss, breathing problems, fatigue, drowsiness, and eye or skin irritation.
  6. Hydrocarbons: Roots from tobacco smoke, gas burners, and furnaces.  Health problems that result from this are headaches, eye and skin irritation, and respiratory irritation.
  7. Trichloroethylene: Trichloroethylene comes from paint, glue, furniture, and wallpaper.  Health symptoms are headaches, eye and skin irritation, and respiratory irritation.
  8. Xylene: This pollutant comes from paint, new drapers, cleaning supplies, and new carpeting.  Health problems associated with this are headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

So there you have some common chemical gases that can cause all sorts of terrible health conditions and problems.  Are you affected by any of these?  Do you have any of these health issues already?  If not, do you want to prevent it from ever occurring?   Well the way to solve the issue of indoor air pollution to combat it with air purifiers.  Air purifiers effectively combat and remove these negative chemical gases as well as the other 342 other air pollutants.  Visit Alpine Air Technologies to learn and buy the best branded air purifying retailer in the market today.  Just look at their great customer reviews online on their website, and once you invest in one of these purifiers, you won’t be disappointed.  You will notice the quality of air you breathe is new, fresh, clear, and enjoyable.  

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