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Why Every Smoker Needs an Air Purifier

Posted by admin on May 15, 2016 in Air Purification with No Comments

Whether you’re a heavy smoker, a light smoker, or even if someone in your household is a smoker, you’re exposed to negative particles and pollutants that originate from the smoke and impact your health in negative ways that you would be surprised about.  Smoking releases pollution into the air, thus causing breathing problems for some people.  Some common breathing problems that people have reported from being exposed to smoke are asthma and nose congestion, as well as other side effects.  These can take a huge toll over time on your health as you’re being exposed to these negative pollutants over a long period of time, resulting in deaths and illness such as heart attacks and other heart/respiration issues.

We all know, smoking is bad for you to begin with, causing all sorts of health problems.  However even when you are not smoking, the smoke around you from when you smoked before negatively impacts your health constantly as the air in your surrounding environment is polluted with its remnants.  You could even be a tobacco free user, however your housemate smokes, and you will still be affected.   It’s scary because this can cause serious health problems to you, and sometimes you have no control over whether or not those around you smoke or not.  Even if you are a smoker, and you try to keep away from smoking constantly, you will always be exposed to the negative particles because they are always lingering around you after you smoke.  In essence, you’re being affected at all times, thus deterring your health at a faster rate than you would think of.

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One solution to prevent these negative effects and side effects of smoking are to give up smoking in general, however this is difficult for many, studies have shown.  Some people give it up for a short amount of time, maybe one or two weeks, however they continue to smoke as they ease their way back to their original bad habits.  Even over the counter products have shown to not be effective, further leaving consumers to suffer further in hopelessness.  So what should you do?

My friends, I’m here to tell you today that you are not helpless any longer.  The solution to your problem is using air purifiers.  Air purifiers have the ability to clean, sanitize, and oxygenate the indoor air around you, thus giving you the best air quality you can breathe, even if you’re a smoker!  The good thing is (I guess it’s not good that you’re a smoker but,) you can smoke and not suffer the full amount of consequences from smoking.  Purifying the air is the first step in changing your life and living a healthier lifestyle.  The next step is to give up smoking all in one, however we know this is easier said than done.

Need some assistance in finding the right air purifier for you?  Alpine Air Technologies is one of the best brands in air purifying products today, and have top quality products with affordable prices that competitors such as HEPA filters and other knock-offs cannot beat.  Alpine’s air purifiers come in a variety of products you can choose from, so that you get the one that’s exactly fit for you and your home.  Backed by scientific theories and tests by leading experts, Alpine’s purifiers effectively combat the dirty indoor air in your home by releasing negative ions and ozone, resulting in great quality air, essential for living a healthy lifestyle.  Once you buy one of their purifiers, you will notice the clear difference in quality of air almost instantly.  Remove allergies, asthma, cols, smoke, pollen, mold, bacteria, and more with Living Lightning Alpine purifiers.  Follow the link on the picture below to start living a healthy life!


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