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Are Air Filters Actually Bad For You? Try Air Purifiers

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There you are, in your kitchen cooking up some lunch on a nice, hot summer day, enjoying yourself.  However, one thing is bothering you – you have a stuffy nose and have difficulty breathing clearly.  You’re sneezing and have that itchy sensation in your nose.  The air in your house may have been contaminated with dust, pollen, germs, bacteria, viruses, as well as other allergic pollen.  So you go to the store to purchase a generic branded air filter, hoping that you will be able to once again safely breathe the air in your house without distressing about the negative contaminants.  By nighttime, you have assembled the air filter and it actively runs throughout the night.

Alpine Air Purifier


The subsequent day you notice a slight difference of change in the quality of air however your stuffy nose is still lingering around somewhat.  You want to give the air filter more time to fully take effect to cleanse all the air in your home, so you decide to give it some more time.  As the days go by, you wait patiently for the filter to remove the negative contaminants, hoping your quality of breathing and stuffy nose improve.  However, the exact opposite takes place.  Your conditions become worse, you barely can breathe, and you start wondering whether the air filter was malfunctioning, and whether or not you should return it.

Shockingly, there’s nothing wrong with the air filter’s functionality – all of its parts are working perfectly fine.  However, the problem is the way all air filters are built and the logic in how they “purify” air (when they actually don’t…they actually make it worse).  The point that should be noted here is that air filters try to solve the negative symptoms of air contamination and not the issue itself.  Air filters can only cleanse the air that passes through its close vicinity, not the air that’s across the room from or in different rooms.  If you have multiple air filters in every room of your home, maybe, the air will be cleaner, if you’re lucky.  Another issue found with air filters is that the filters get dirty awfully quickly and replacing them often can be quite expensive.  The air that then comes in to a contaminated air filter can be worse for your health as dirty air comes in, and even dirtier air comes out.  Most people change their air filters on a periodic schedule, every season or every month, which is most of the time ineffective as the filters get dirty quickly.  What then, can solve this problem?

Air purifiers!  In my opinion, you should make note of the Filter-less Alpine Air Living Purifier is one of the top air purifiers in the industry.  Needless to say, you would only need one of these in the entire home up to 5,000 square feet!

NA Flare LA- 2700 v2.0 – Living Lighting™ Air Purifier


     With the air purifiers, negative and positive ions, as well as ozone particles, are released throughout a given area and effectively combat against and remove these pollutant particles.  In other words, the negative and positive ions are sent throughout a home, penetrating through walls, floors, and ceilings, unlike an air filter.  They then bond with the pollutants in the atmosphere, making them heavy in weight to the point where they drop to the ground.  Finally, ozone is released at a low level to oxidize the remaining leftovers, leaving the home clean with a revitalized and sanitized atmosphere.  This easy flowing process of air purifiers has perks of little maintenance, nothing to replace, and a hands free process of cleansing.

Are you in need of an air purifier?  Do you want to live a healthy, prolonged lifestyle with pollutant free air?  Find many different Alpine Air Purifiers to start living a healthier lifestyle, not only for yourself, but your whole family as well.  Visit to learn more about one of the best air purifying products in the market today.

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Why Every Smoker Needs an Air Purifier

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Whether you’re a heavy smoker, a light smoker, or even if someone in your household is a smoker, you’re exposed to negative particles and pollutants that originate from the smoke and impact your health in negative ways that you would be surprised about.  Smoking releases pollution into the air, thus causing breathing problems for some people.  Some common breathing problems that people have reported from being exposed to smoke are asthma and nose congestion, as well as other side effects.  These can take a huge toll over time on your health as you’re being exposed to these negative pollutants over a long period of time, resulting in deaths and illness such as heart attacks and other heart/respiration issues.

We all know, smoking is bad for you to begin with, causing all sorts of health problems.  However even when you are not smoking, the smoke around you from when you smoked before negatively impacts your health constantly as the air in your surrounding environment is polluted with its remnants.  You could even be a tobacco free user, however your housemate smokes, and you will still be affected.   It’s scary because this can cause serious health problems to you, and sometimes you have no control over whether or not those around you smoke or not.  Even if you are a smoker, and you try to keep away from smoking constantly, you will always be exposed to the negative particles because they are always lingering around you after you smoke.  In essence, you’re being affected at all times, thus deterring your health at a faster rate than you would think of.

EnvrioQuest International Air Purifiers


One solution to prevent these negative effects and side effects of smoking are to give up smoking in general, however this is difficult for many, studies have shown.  Some people give it up for a short amount of time, maybe one or two weeks, however they continue to smoke as they ease their way back to their original bad habits.  Even over the counter products have shown to not be effective, further leaving consumers to suffer further in hopelessness.  So what should you do?

My friends, I’m here to tell you today that you are not helpless any longer.  The solution to your problem is using air purifiers.  Air purifiers have the ability to clean, sanitize, and oxygenate the indoor air around you, thus giving you the best air quality you can breathe, even if you’re a smoker!  The good thing is (I guess it’s not good that you’re a smoker but,) you can smoke and not suffer the full amount of consequences from smoking.  Purifying the air is the first step in changing your life and living a healthier lifestyle.  The next step is to give up smoking all in one, however we know this is easier said than done.

Need some assistance in finding the right air purifier for you?  Alpine Air Technologies is one of the best brands in air purifying products today, and have top quality products with affordable prices that competitors such as HEPA filters and other knock-offs cannot beat.  Alpine’s air purifiers come in a variety of products you can choose from, so that you get the one that’s exactly fit for you and your home.  Backed by scientific theories and tests by leading experts, Alpine’s purifiers effectively combat the dirty indoor air in your home by releasing negative ions and ozone, resulting in great quality air, essential for living a healthy lifestyle.  Once you buy one of their purifiers, you will notice the clear difference in quality of air almost instantly.  Remove allergies, asthma, cols, smoke, pollen, mold, bacteria, and more with Living Lightning Alpine purifiers.  Follow the link on the picture below to start living a healthy life!


How Often you Should Vacuum when you have an Air Purifier

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So you have an air purifier and you’re wondering how often you should vacuum your place in order to keep the floor and air clean and sanitized.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.


During the first couple of weeks of using your air purifier, you should vacuum at the minimum of once a week.  However we recommend vacuuming two to three times a week in the beginning use of your air purifier.  If you live in a heavily polluted environment, you probably should vacuum more often.  It’s true, that, in the beginning use of your air purifier, you will get big portions of air pollutants to fall down from the air onto your floor.  This is because you have all the airborne pollution in your home from the time before that you never had an air purifier.  In other words, your air is very dirty after not being sanitized for a very long period of time so this large portion of air pollutants will fall to the floor in beginning use.  It’s common that you will find large amounts of dust and particles on your hard floor or carpet so don’t be surprised if this happens.  It’s a good signing, meaning that your air purifier is working great, cleaning the air and removing all the contaminants, causing them to descend down to the ground.

Alpine Air Technologies/Enviroquest International Air Purifiers

Once this intense cleaning period is over, you will not have to suffer the pain of vacuuming three times a week and the leftover dust on your floor.  You will see the quantity of dust on your floor to decrease, meaning you wouldn’t have to vacuum as often.  This is because the air will be a lot more clean now, meaning not as many pollutants will be falling to the ground.  You’re home will be pollutant free, and the air purifier will maintain this level of cleanliness for the time going forward.  You can safely start vacuuming back to your normal routine.  However, if you ever notice that there are large amounts of remnants on the floor again, you should definitely vacuum more.  This simply could be because a change in location, season, or more pollutants coming in and out of your home.  Remember, the job of your air purifier is to first clean the air free of any pollutants, then maintain this steady level of hygiene to unsure you have great quality air.

Some of the best air purifiers you can purchase today are from Alpine Air Technologies.  They offer the best quality air purifiers that will oxygenate and sanitize your air with the superb up-to-date technology.  Offered at a great price, you won’t be disappointed with your air purifier if you buy from Alpine.  They come with three year warranties and best of all, they offer a variety of different Alpine air purifiers so that you can select from so that you have the best type of air purifier for your type of home.  Check it out ASAP, your pollution free home is awaiting you!


What separates Alpine from the rest?

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Allergies, pollution, or even a desire to just live a healthier lifestyle and breathe fresh, pure, clean air are some of the reasons why you may be thinking of buying an air purifier for you home.  Air purifiers have been scientifically proven to sanitize and clean the indoor atmosphere of your home in an effective and efficient manner.  With the two step sanitizing process, you should invest in the Alpine Air Purifier, one of the best scientifically proven air purifiers available in the market today.  The branded air purifier, no matter which Alpine air purifier you buy, is guaranteed to remove 99% of all mold, bacteria, dust, pollen, allergens, pollution, and chemicals in your home.  Alpine is a unique brand as they offer many of complimentary and assistance related tools when you purchase a unit from them.  They also have had some recent competitors who try to brand their product and copy their logo and sell it themselves, claiming they are the same as Alpine.  At the end of the day, the last thing we want is for you to think you bought the best Alpine air purifier when you really bought a knock off, and you’re upset.

Alpine Air Purifier

What separates Alpine from other brands and other knock off copying brands?  Alpine air purifiers are assembled and checked to see if they function correctly after they are manufactured and before they are shipped out to the customer.  This ensures the customer is buying a product that is not defected in any way, shape, or form.  Additionally, Alpine has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support.  If a customer ever has an inquiry or question, even at the middle of the night, Alpine is there to help.  It’s a great tool that sets them apart from other competitors because it shows they genuinely care about the customer and want their customers to be fully satisfied and happy with their service and products.  In addition, all new alpine products that are purchased come with a three year warranty covering any parts that are malfunctioning.  If there is any problem ever, you can always ship the product or part back to Alpine, and they will send you a replacement shortly, in a time efficient manner.  It’s great because you don’t have to worry about being ripped off with a defective air purifier, something many of other companies scam their customers into doing.  Visit Alpine Air Purifier to check out their products and see what’s in store for you today!  Don’t wait, their products do sell out fast.

How do I wash the charcoal filter of XL-15 living air classic air purifier or the BreezeAT Living Air Purifier?

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Have you recently purchased the XL-15 Living air Classic air purifier from Alpine Air Technologies? What about the BreezeAT Living air purifier? Well, we would like to congratulate you on your recent purchase! These are some of the top air purifiers available in the market today and you won’t be disappointed with the performance of your unit! In order for your unit to efficiently remove all of the bacteria and dust particles in the two step sanitizing process of releasing negative ions and ozone, you must make sure all parts are functioning correctly and are maintained. You want to clean the air purifier thoroughly each month so that it is able to effectively combat the indoor air pollution in your home. For the XL-15 and BreezeAT air purifiers, you must maintain the black charcoal filter on the back of the units. For these models, we recommend cleaning this part of the unit every 30 days. The charcoal metal frame filter is washable and can also be washed monthly. However, just like the newer back carbon filter for the newer models, you can also hand vacuum them once a month, or use a can of compressed air to dust it. Then you can wash it every 3 months depending on the amount of pollution where the unit is placed in your home. Remember, you must clean your air purifier so that it can function fully and to its best capability! Not doing so will prevent fresh indoor air quality, and may also result in your air purifier breaking down.

Alpine Air Purifier

Checking that your Radio Ionizer is Working

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The most efficient way you can check to see if your Alpine Air Purifier’s radio ionizer is working or not is to check your surrounding environment for clues. It’s important to ensure your radio ionizer is working effectively at a high level because it is the source of the negative ion release which plays a crucial role in improving your indoor air quality. Similarly like radio waves, one cannot see the negative ions being released from the air purifier with a naked eye, even though they do in fact travel throughout the entire environment performing the task of reducing and eliminating dust, pollen, smoke, animal dander, bacteria, etc. These negative ions are capable of penetrating walls ceilings, floors, and anything else that is not metal. The main task for these ions is to bond with air pollutants, as mentioned above, in a process which makes them heavy to the point where they fall towards the ground due to the force of gravity.

Some clear signs you may notice in the very beginning of using your air purifier that ensure your radio ionizer are less dust and other particles floating in the air, as well as more dust settling on the furniture, floor, and carpet. This is again because, dust and other air pollutants are becoming heavy enough to fall downwards. Some other signs are a reduction in allergies, sinus problems, and other symptoms which could be attributed to indoor air pollution. If you do not notice any of these qualities and think your air purifier’s radio ionizer isn’t working to its full capability, visit out FAQ page or give us a call at our help desk.

Alpine’s Missions and Promises

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alpine-bannerAlpine Air Technology represents a very high quality of indoor air purification systems. We have been in air purification business for 25 years, and we have developed many products to reach a high quality of air purification standards. Our air purifier even can affect people with allergies and asthma so that they don’t suffer as much  indoors.

We not only care about the high quality of our products but we also care about our customers. Our mission is to improve your life, to provide best customer service, support, and product experience in the air purifier industry. Alpine Air Technology provides three years manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty, unlike some other air purifier vendors which don’t give their customers any service when their air purifiers are out of warranty. Sometimes customers don’t even hear back from their sellers after they pay for their air purifiers.

We promise our customers to provide them with excellent services and make sure to address customers’ issues on time. In majority of cases we don’t charge restocking fee, return penalty fee or have any hidden fee. All you need to do is to return your air purifier to us, and we take care of the rest of it. Not only that, we offer trade-in program for our customers, so customers may trade their old air purifiers for brand new ones.

For new Alpine customers, we would like to know about your needs and requests. We would like to offer our customers a free trial of our products to see which one of our air purifiers fits your need best. You can do a survey through our online education program at:

In conclusion, we have been in air purifier industry for more than 25 years and we care about our customers. Additionally, we have a very high standard of customer service just like the high quality of Alpine Air Purifier.

For more information, please visit us at:

What every cigar owner needs, an air purifier

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Do you enjoy smoking premium cigars? If you do, then you’re going to need something for your home in order to get rid of the smell of smoke. Smoking cigars can be a relaxing time that you enjoy by yourself or with friends. But the problem is the smell of smoke that lingers in the room after you’ve finished your stogie. Let’s face it, the smell of cigar smoke in any room can be off-putting for many. Rather than offend the rest of your family, start using a powerful and effective air purifier that works instantly to purify the air you breathe.



By simply plugging in the Alpine Living LA-1500 v.2.0 Living Lightning Alpine Air Purifier you can dramatically improve the quality of air in the room where you smoked your cigars. The LA-1500 v2.0 was designed to ELIMINATE…yes that’s right, ELIMINATE smoke, odors, tobacco smoke and chemical gases. This is machine doesn’t mask the smell of smoke, but it gets rid of it for good! In fact, it works so well that it actually KILLS mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

While it’s doing all that, it reduces dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and any other pollutants. It safely and effectively removes odors from your home, office, boat/RV, even your car. Yes, it’s true! If you’ve got a car that smells, put the LA-1500 v.2.0 inside, close the door, roll up the windows and in about 20 minutes the air quality will greatly improve.

Some may say, “is it working because I don’t smell anything?” Well, that’s the point. You’re not supposed to smell anything because the LA-1500 v.2.0 purifies your air to smell the way it should, fresh and pure. Remember, if you smoke premium cigars, get a premium air purifier like the Alpine Living LA-1500 v.2.0 Living Lightning Alpine Air Purifier.

Shopping Alpine Air Purifier Online

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Shopping on is a easy way to buy air purifiers, because there are two reasons for shopping online. The first reason is to save your time and energy; the second reason is to shop any place with internet.  First of all, online shopping is not like retail store shopping because you may stay at home to buy  anything you want. Now, our air purifier is online and you may choose as many as you want with just one click. You may register as our website member before buying any air purifier, because you will receive more discounts on our products as a member.

Secondly, you are able to shop anywhere you want, even you are not in the United States. You can shop online around world without leaving your home. Delivery time is quicker than you think. For domestic shipping, you might get your product  next day after you order online. For international day, it only takes three days to arrive to you.

To sum up, there are so many benefits to shop online at our website, please go to for more details.

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Do you know if you maintain an Air purifier unit properly, you can save greatly on maintenance costs? For example purchasing Replacement parts accessories such as filter and ozone plates. Maintenance of these items can help sustain the life cycle of the Air Purifier unit.


Ideally, it is important to clean an air purifier once every month depending on indoor air quality. If you do not have an air purifier manual, here are some step by step guidelines on How to clean an air purifier filter.

1. Unplug the Air purifier from the power outlet.

2. It is recommended to locate the air purifier filter first in other to know the part you need to disassemble.

3. Carefully disassemble the air purifier by Taking off the finger screws at the back of the unit. Pull out the filter after unscrewing, and then pull out the photo catalytic before reaching out for the ozone plates.

4. Use a damp cloth to wipe out the dust particles on the blade and the entire air purifier.

5. The ozone plates can be scrubbed with an old brush using soap and water. Basically, you can let soak the ozone plates for a minimum of 10 minutes depending on how dirty it is to make it easier for scrubbing.

6. After scrubbing the ozone plates, rinse thoroughly and let it air dry completely before putting it back.

7. For the filter, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean and a dry cloth to clean it after wards.

8. After cleaning the filter, allow to dry completely before reassembling the part back to the air purifier after 5 minutes.

9. Reassemble all air purifier parts properly.

10.Plug the air purifier to the power outlet

For more information, please visit

How to remove Cigarette smoke with our E303 Classic LA-3500 v 2.0 Living Lightening Alpine Air Purifier

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Do you know that Cigarette smoke produces sticky tar that can cause brown discoloration in living areas?

However, the brown discoloration caused by cigarette smoke can be easily removed from living areas with our Classic LA-3500 v 2.0 Living Lightening Alpine Air

Purifier. This air purifier has set a new standard for purification of indoor air. Before making a choice as to the perfect air purifier for smoke removal, you need to know that the core component of air purifier that can successfully get rid of smoke is HEPA Filter. Below are some of the benefits of using our HEPA filter such as

Classic LA-3500 v.2.0″ Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purifier to eliminate indoor air pollution caused by smoke; It is ideal for adverse environment with severe odors such as chain smokers, or major mold issues, etc. inside homes, basements, and attics. This air purifier also works great for any business establishment with high levels of air pollution (i.e. print shops, tire shops, body shops, nail & beauty salons, etc.) This extra KILLER sanitizing power is unique to this air purifier model.

This air purifier can easily accommodate and purifier larger home, place of business, or any other unoccupied area with its HEPA filters. Our Classic LA-3500 v.2.0″ Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purifier eliminates indoor air pollution or significantly improves your environment.


How to Use the Unit to eliminate smoke

1. Simply place this air purifier in any bedroom you occupy the most (we recommend the room where you sleep)

2. Plug the air purifier to the power outlet

3. Make sure all doors and windows are closed to ensure efficiency.

4. The machine works by oxidizing the molecules with its twin ceramic ozone plates which cause odors that contaminate indoor air and aggravate allergic

reactions by significantly reducing particles in the air like, tobacco smoke, paint fumes, fungi and mold.

5. Make sure the filters are not block to enable proper ventilation and purification of air.

NOTE: It is recommended to replace the HEPA filters after a period of time depending on usage.

For more information visit our website

Just How Dirty is the Air in your Home?

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The air in your home is clean – at least compared to the outside…right?  Wrong!  Little did you know that the air in our homes and indoors can sometimes be dirtier than the air outdoors.  With Americans spending 90 percent of their times indoors, you may be exposed to various bacteria, mold, dust mites, pollutants, allergens as well as other toxins in your home.  Dirty indoor air results from many things.  For example, when you your window and doors, air pollution from the outside easily flows inside your home.  The exhaust pollution from your car gets in from the garage every time you come home.  Even dead skin particles result in dust being accumulate in your home.  Allergies occur from allergens invading your home as well.  Even the cleaners you use in your home like vacuums may introduce even dirtier remnants in your house than they chemicals they were intended to clean originally.  Add having a pet, and more allergens and bacteria originate from them and accumulate.  These are just some of the things that may affect the indoor air quality in your home, making indoors almost just as dirty as the outdoor air pollution.

Serious health consequences can come from not having a clean indoor air quality environment.  Allergies occur, your lungs and respiratory system may be contaminated resulting in shorter life, and even asthma may come up at some point when you’re breathing such dirty air.  As these negative contaminants add up over time, the air quality becomes worse, and so will your life quality.  The air quality cannot be changed however it can be controlled and monitored.  How?

With Alpine Air Technologies Air Purifiers!  These are the best air purifiers in the industry today that sanitize and oxygenate the indoor air you breathe with a scientifically proven safe method of ionization and ozone release to combat the negative contaminants in your air space.  They have many products available for use, with many top quality features and special deals for their products.  Visit their products page here to learn more about each product and how you can effectively clean the air in your home and live a healthier lifestyle.  Being placed in an environment where you are exposed to bad air without choice is one thing.  However you can control the cleanliness of your air and be proactive about- if you don’t you’ll suffer the consequences!

Alpine Air Technologies

10 Pollution Statistics your Family and you need to Know

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Here are twelve statistics that you need to know about pollution and its negative effects.  Pollution is one of the top 5 environmental health risks issued by, and has been notoriously known for harming people’s health unsuspectingly.  Learn more about pollution and indoor air exposure, and after, learn what you can do to prevent it.

  1. 200,000 emergency visits to the doctor’s office each year has been reported by patients who experience exposure to cat saliva, animal dander, mold, and dust mites.
  2. Asthma causes health issues to nearly 12 million Americans a year. It’s the sole leading cause of hospital visits by youths.
  3. In Log Angeles, California, 6,000 natives reportedly lost their lives because of their exposure to indoor air pollutants, in a single year. New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia were the next leading states in the country.
  4. $13 billion a year in health care costs accumulate from allergies and asthma.
  5. According to the American College of Allergists, half of all illnesses are caused by contaminated indoor air.
  6. While people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, studies have shown that 90 percent of colds, flus, and other viral illnesses are caught indoors, while only 10 percent are actually caught outdoors.
  7. Roughly 40 percent of all buildings pose a serious health hazard coming from polluted indoor air.
  8. An average of 42,000 dust mites can be found in just one ounce of dust/dirt. 80 percent of the dust in the average home comes from dead skin from humans.
  9. If you gather all collected dust from just one year of living in a 1,500 sq. ft. building, it will weigh about 40 lbs.
  10. Studies show that, at times, air particles can be anywhere from 25-100 times higher indoors than outdoors.

So, what are you going to do about the dirty air that you have inside your home?  You should invest in an air purifier.  Air purifiers have been scientifically proven by science experts and doctors to reduce and remove indoor air contamination effectively.  They release negative ions and subsequently release ozone in a two step process to successfully combat against the negative particles you need to remove from your home to breathe healthy, clean air.  Visit Alpine Air Technologies to see the best selling air purifiers in the air purifying market today.  They come with the best parts, dimensions, user settings, built-in options, and a wide variety leading to high customer ratings and usage rates.  You can remove smoke, dust, mold, allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants with your Alpine Living Lightning Air Purifier.

How do I Determine how many mg/hr of Ozone is needed for a big Room?

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So you’ve purchased your Alpine Air Purifier and now you want to determine how much ozone is efficient and safe enough to sanitize your large area or environment.  Well, you have come to the right place.  Determining the specific amount of ozone is very important to effectively sanitizing your area.  With the correct amount, you are able to use only the amount you need – conserving energy and money, and you allow yourself to be in a safe environment with the correct amount of ozone – not too little, not too much.  Over the years, experts have formulated a general sequence of calculations to efficient determine how much mg/hr of ozone you need for a large room.

First, you want to calculate the number of square feet within the environment.  You multiply the length and width of the room to get your desired quantity.  You then want to calculate the cubic feet within the room space.  For this, you multiply the square feet (which you just calculated) by the height of the ceiling.  This derives the cubic feet.  Next, you want to calculate the mg/hr of ozone demand within the room.  To do this, you multiply the cubic feet (step 2) by the value 0.025.  This will give you the mg/hr demand in a heavily polluted environment.  For a lightly polluted environment, you multiply the cubic feet (step 2) by the value 0.01.  Lastly, you want to reference to product specification documents and information for mg/hr output of different individual purifiers and combine various products to meet the specific demand.  This will determine your ozone demand.  Visit to get your air purifier!

Error Codes For Model# ZL3 Fresh Alpine Air purifier

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So you purchased your air purifier from Alpine Air Technologies some time ago and you’ve been nothing but pleased with the functionality and effectiveness of the Model ZL3 Fresh Air Purifier. The air feels pure, clean, clear, fresh, and most importantly, you’re finally able to breathe normally again. However, after some time, it’s expected that your air purifier, not just of Alpine, but any air purifier, will run into some trouble in functioning at a high level over a long period of time. Repair and maintenance is required for your air purifier to be running up to speed always. Here, we will discuss 3 error codes you may have received on you ZL3 Fresh Air Purifier.

The First error code is E001. This means that the ozone plate needs to either be cleaned or replaced. You can visit out FAQ page to check whether or not you need to simply clean/replace the plate by following some quick guidelines recommend by our mechanical and repair team.

The second error code is E002. This means that the UV bulb needs to be replaced. After some time, the UV bulb will usually diet out due to battery lifespan. The bulb is routinely replaced by all users.

The third error code is E003, which means that the back carbon filter needs to be cleaned. Again, after some time, the carbon filter gets filled with bacteria and dust, and accumulation may prevent your unit from operating at full potential. It’s important you do not ignore this aspect of your unit as doing so will result in less efficient sensitization, or your unit may malfunction even.

To replace the ozone plate, UV bulb, or back carbon filter, please visit our parts page.

Will Medicare Reimburse me for my Air purifier?

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Silent Thunder LA 2400 V 2 0 Living Lightning Alpine Air Purifier

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Alpine Air Technologies Coupon Codes

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Some quick tips to improve your air purifier’s performance

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How to disassemble my air purifier in order to clean it thoroughly

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Upon purchasing your new air purifier from Alpine Air Purifier, you’ve been pleased with your product purchase as it has been working efficiently to sanitize an area. Alpine Air Purifiers are one of the best purifiers in the market today, however there’s a key to these units performing so well. That key: cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re wondering how to clean your air purifier and maintain its valid warranty status through Alpine Air Technologies, as long as you do not break any part (inside or outside) upon assembly and dis-assembly, your warranty will still be valid. In the event that you break something knowingly or not, it is your responsibility on maintaining your unit and its warranty. In order to not break anything we recommend a brief set of guidelines to follow when cleaning your unit.

First, you want to disassemble the front panel grill by loosening the four screws which hold it to the unit, then removing it. Loosen each screw once at a time evenly so that you don’t unscrew one screw more than the other at any given moment before removing the grill. Next, dismantle the two knobs controlling ionizer/fan/sanitizer on the front of the unit by using the same method. Loosen the screws which hold the knobs with a screwdriver evenly, followed by removing the knobs completely. Then, dismantle the housing. For this, you want to carefully flip the unit upside down and loosen and remove the two bottom screws. Remove the housing and set the unit in an upright position on a hard surface.

Finally, you can clean your air purifier after safely removing the necessary parts mentioned above. As the chassis is exposed and easily accessible, we strongly recommend using a compressed air can to blow away any dust or other particles which may have accumulated within the area or inside the cabinet. You can purchase one of these cans from any local hardware store such as Office Depot, Home Depot, etc. You can also use a dry cloth to wipe out some of the components, however be extra careful while cleaning the machine. After you have cleaned your desired parts, assemble the unit back by following the instructions in reverse.